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Vintage Video: Tears For Fears, ‘In My Mind’s Eye’ — watch out-of-print 1984 concert film

Tears For Fears

For this week’s Vintage Video, we again look to rescue a classic-period concert film from VHS obscurity, this time presenting, in full, the out-of-print Tears For Fears home video “In My Mind’s Eye: Live at Hammersmith Odeon,” filmed in London in December 1983 and released in 1984 before the band blew up with the release of Songs From the Big Chair the following year.

The performance, which, as you can see below, is supplemented with a dazzling array of early-’80s music-video visual effects, features 13 songs, including several that would later appears on Big Chair.

Check it out (via carlos huby).



Tracklist: Tears For Fears, “In My Mind’s Eye: Live at Hammersmith Odeon”

1. “Start of the Breakdown”
2. “Mothers Talk”
3. “Pale Shelter”
4. “The Working Hour”
5. “The Prisoner”
6. “Ideas as Opiates”
7. “Mad World”
8. “We Are Broken”
9. “Head over Heels”
10. “Suffer the Children”
11. “The Hurting”
12. “Memories Fade”
13. “Change”






  1. Nice. I wish they wouldn’t have forsaken their synths after ‘SFTBC’, it got boring.

  2. Great performance, I forgot how good some of the songs on their first album were!

  3. The Sci-Fi Fanatic

    Roland is one seriously talented Brit. Shame he’s been so quiet.

  4. Though I was in single-digits when this occurred, I remember this group well. Over the years, when they were “working” on STSOL (1987-89), it was always quizzical to me in retrospect that, in that interval, they didn’t release this concert as an album to tide over the fans who were waiting. They played so freakin’ well at only 21 (LIVE INSTRUMENTS, SYNTHS, AND PROGRAMMED BEATS/SOUNDS/TRACKS — WHAT MAKES THE ’80S SO ROCK! AND I LOVE THE ATARI/TRON EFFECTS ON THE FILM! YOU HAD TO BE THERE TO TOTALLY APPRECIATE IT) ! As good as their (somewhat acoustic, though still related to their earlier sound) 1989 album was (though slightly over-baked), am I the only one who thinks that their best sound and band unit was the one between 1983-85? I wish they’d tried to do another album w/ the same crew…it would’ve been great. I honestly wish they would do an album that combined their newer sound w/ their classic ’80s one.

    Oh, and as soon as I meet Mr. Manny Elias, I need to give him a great big hug in thanks of just these 2 albums alone. I love his drumming on “The Working Hour”, as well as everything else.

    I’m still waiting patiently for the mini-LP SHM-CD version of the 1985 classic SONGS FROM THE BIG CHAIR to be reprinted. My money’s waiting…

  5. Seems like they have a later SFTBC-era concert film that’s much better quality than this?

  6. Randy levens

    I have a m468 Tears for Fears in my mind’s eye for sale how much is it worth

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