Reunions, Video — July 3, 2013 at 5:26 pm

Watch 19 seconds of The Replacements rehearsing ‘Favorite Thing’ earlier today

The Replacements

A week after teasing fans with the first footage of The Replacements rehearsals now under way in Minneapolis — a mere 9 seconds of “Alex Chilton” shot from a different room through a half-open sliding-glass door — the ‘Mats today did a bit better, posting to Facebook 19 seconds of Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson ripping through “Favorite Thing.”

This time, you can actually see them, although it remains a mystery who else will be in the band when they perform three Riot Fest headlining slots in Toronto, Chicago and Denver this August and September.

The Riot Fest appearances will be the first ‘Mats performances in 22 years.

Check out the short clip below (and someone, tell ’em to flip the iPhone sideways):







  1. AWESOME! Even 19 seconds tell you it is definitely the ‘Mats, regardless of the mystery drummer.

    Hmm, Johnny Westerberg would be about 15 now…and that’d be like an old man compared to when Tommy joined the band! Maybe Dad is going to surprise us all by announcing that the sticks have been passed on to his wonderkid! Hey, if guys like Wolfgang Van Halen can pull it off, not to mention Tommy (again), the mystery might be solved! (Half joking, of course.)

    Will be listening to the ’91 Chicago show tomorrow to celebrate both the 4th and the reunion! Can’t hardly wait, guys!!!

  2. I love the music stand! Sounds good.

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