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Alan Wilder wants to sell you the Mercedes he bought when he was in Depeche Mode

Alan Wilder

Two years after he sold a huge collection of Depeche Mode memorabilia — including platinum records, vintage musical equipment and his leather stage trousers — former bandmember Alan Wilder is now offering fans the chance to buy his wheels:  The musician today announced that he’s taking bids on his 1991 Mercedes 300SL convertible.

According to a post on his official site, Wilder says he’s “simplifying my life,” and he’s giving fans the first crack at the car, which has 72,824 miles and was purchased while he was still a member of Depeche Mode (presumably with some of that sweet, sweet Violator money).

Wilder writes:

“I find that I don’t use the car enough these days due to having a family and the space requirements that imposes. I bought the Merc back in 1991 when it was first released and had to remain on a waiting list for 6 months such was the excitement and demand for the (then) cutting edge model. I have looked after her meticulously over the years and just cannot stand to see her sitting in my garage not being used. The car has only ever been under my ownership, has a full service history, has never been in an accident and has performed immaculately since day one. The bodywork is in extremely good condition for the age, as is the interior with the soft top (which was replaced more recently). It also has a hard top, an enhanced audio system with subwoofer and various other extras.”

The car also is the same one from which Wilder witnessed an RAF military jet crash in Scotland in 1994, a life-shaking experience that inspired the song “Black Box” on Recoil’s Liquid album.

We’ve got a few photos posted below, but for full specs on the car, head over to recoil.co.uk.

Bids can be submitted at car@recoil.co.uk.


Alan Wilder's car


Alan Wilder's car


Alan Wilder's car






  1. Nice ride! I’ll buy it if he will agree to rejoin the band, or at least do some arrangements for them.

  2. It is the 24v model and the best 300 of that vintage. The base 300 is to slow for such a heavy car but this is the one to have.

  3. Scott Stalcup

    Hands up, who else has the chorus to “Everything Counts” stuck in their head at this story?

  4. Is he really that hard up for cash these days? Should have stayed with the band Al…

    • Yeah, ’cause it’s all about the money, right Ella? I’ll take his work over what DM has done since he left. If you think a man selling his car is more crass than half the stuff DM pulls with their endless box sets and collected CDs and $500 tickets… well, you & disagree.

  5. Anne Donovan

    back in the day it wasnt Alan Wilders car i would be after lmao

  6. While I can understand selling off a depreciating asset like a automobile, I’m surprised he sold off his platinum records. Was he that disenchanted with the band to completely get rid of any reference he had with DM?

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