Echo & The Bunnymen

For this week’s installment of Vintage Video, we present this 30-minute live set by Echo & The Bunnymen that was filmed Aug. 26, 1982, at Sefton Park in Liverpool and aired on the BBC 2 series “Pop Carnival,” a performance that finds Ian McCulloch squarely between their second (1981’s Heaven Up Here) and third (1983’s Porcupine) albums.

Check out the full video — which captures six of the last seven songs of the band’s set that day — and setlist below, via joeyx666.



Setlist: Echo & The Bunnymen, “Pop Carnival” broadcast, Liverpool, 8/26/82

1. “Rescue”
2. “All My Colours (Zimbo)”
3. “The Back of Love”
4. “Heads Will Roll”
5. “Over The Wall”
6. “Do It Clean”






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