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Contest: Win Jane’s Addiction’s new ‘Live in NYC’ on double vinyl or Blu-ray

Jane's Addiction, 'Live in NYC'

Alt-rock legends Jane’s Addiction last month released Live in NYC, a multi-format document capturing 12 songs performed at the band’s July 25, 2011, concert at New York City’s Terminal 5 — and we’ve got one copy each of the new release on double-vinyl and Blu-ray to give away to two lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

TO ENTER: Drop a comment at the bottom of this post naming your favorite Jane’s Addiction song — and offer a few words as to why you think it’s so great. Plus, tell us whether you’d like to win the 2LP set or the Blu-ray. Oh, and if you’re viewing this on the Slicing Up Eyeballs app, you may e-mail your entry to

The contest is only open to those living in the United States and Canada.

RULES: We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EDT Friday, July 26. After that point, we’ll select two winners at random and contact them via e-mail. One entry per person.

Below, check out a trailer for the Blu-ray and the full tracklist.



Tracklist: Jane’s Addiction, Live in NYC

1. “Whores”
2. “Ain’t No Right”
3. “Just Because”
4. “Ted, Just Admit It…”
5. “Been Caught Stealing”
6. “Irresistible Force (Met The Immovable Object)”
7. “Up The Beach”
8. “Ocean Size”
9. “Three Days”
10. “Mountain Song”
11. “Stop!”
12. “Jane Says”




  1. Ocean size is the greatest song here. It’s so anthemic and is what rock and roll is all about. To see this show on blu ray would be dynamic!

  2. Mountain Song>Jane Says which are what JA was all about when we were all hungry hungry hungry in Hollywood back in the day. These two songs always take me back to the beginning…

  3. David Hill

    Ted just admit it

  4. ‘Three Days’ off of Ritual De Lo Habitual. Amazing, epic – incredible opening bass line.

  5. Fave song has got to be Jane Says. The reason being that they were playing live here in Calgary two summers ago at X-Fest and I was with my best friend and my brother and sister in law, kinda drunk, standing up near the stage with our arms around each other singing along with the band to this one. A truly great memory!

  6. Scott Jenkins

    Definitely has to be “Three Days” The studio version is amazing, to hear it live is life changing!

  7. three days! why?! have you ever seen perkins beat those fucking drums?! that’s why!

    vinyl, please.

  8. Scott Jenkins

    oh and Blu-ray please, if I’m that lucky…

  9. Mark Wallis

    Ocean Size, no question. It’s the song that got me into the band and it’s still my favorite. There’s just something magical about that song. It’s timeless. I’d love to have the LP set.

  10. Ocean Size – When it kicks in, you know you’re in for a wild ride through the experience that is the Nothing’s Shocking album. “3, 4!” It’s even better on vinyl. A 2 LP live set would be incredible.

  11. Whores- it’s a song about whores. Blue ray please :)

  12. Teresa Krupa

    Janes Says is my ring tone on my phone and whenever I hear it I smile. I love that song. Along with so many others by JA

  13. Tyler King

    I’d say that Ted, Just Admit It… is my favorite Jane’s song. The way that it just takes off and explodes halfway through gives me chills every time I heat it.

  14. Carlos Avina

    Loved the album… the bluray looks like a tight show. My fave song has always been Had A Dad… love the riffs and it reminds me of good times in the summer. ;)

  15. Mountain Song. It is just so primal. Every Jane fan has at one time or another yelled “COMING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN!!”
    Blu Ray, if you please.

  16. Three Days – end of – every one who disagrees has no ears – possibly the greatest song ever (it is more like 3 songs in one). If you don’t agree go away and listen to it on headphones in a dark room or with your eyes closed. TO BE PLAYED AT MAXIMUM VOLUME. Oh yeah, and I want the blu-ray please (I will admit Ocean Size and Ted should also make the top three)

  17. Summertime rolls – because, it does.

    Bluray if at all possible?

  18. Brian Barker

    Three Days….incredible song performed live, I remember the first Lolapalooza show here in Atlanta and that was the highlight for me….

    I’d want the vinyl….thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Mountain Song – it was the first Jane’s song that I learned to play on bass. Vinyl please.

  20. Coming down the mountain – the rhythm section is fantastic. I’d like the double lp. Thank you

  21. Jen Bernosky

    So hard to pick just one, but yeah…Ocean Size. Just an amazing song. I’ve seen them 13 times back in early 90s Hollywood. They were “it” for me and I never missed an opportunity. There was something so magical about seeing them at “home”. Every show was mind blowing. Blu-Ray please. :)

  22. Chris Clark

    Three Days.
    Who can resist a 10 minute long epic song.

  23. Chris Froeschner

    “Had a Dad” is my favorite, great lyrics about growing up and the ambiguity involved with setting out on your own and finding your new “rock” as you solidify your beliefs as an adult.

  24. Chris Froeschner

    Blue Ray preferred!

  25. Pigs In Zen. Saw them on the first tour as support for Love and Rockets in 87. Didn’t know any songs, but Pigs In Zen blew everyone away. BluRay

  26. Mountain Song has always been a favorite. I love the bass and guitar riff a lot and the lyrics are great also.

    Pigs In Zen and Three Days are favorites as well.


  27. summertime rolls – it is a mellow trip.

    vinyl please

  28. Whores. A classic.

  29. Pigs in Zen. Killer song and plus Perry gets to wax poetic.


  30. Ted – just admin it – a great song that exposes the reality of cover ups

  31. Whores – because I love them too! And I want this on vinyl!! Love JA!!Feel like I grew up with them.

  32. Jane Says- Most amazing song there is and live is unbeatable blue ray pleas

  33. Will Boyle

    Summertime Rolls still takes me on a trip

  34. I love Whores too. Such a great rock opening. Probably the best mosh pit experience I ever had was to this song at the Bill Graham Civic in SF!

  35. Woops, and I’ll take the vinyl since I don’t have a blue ray player. Thanks,

  36. Scott Vezdos

    “Mountain Song” for its pure raw aesthetic. Blu-ray, please!

  37. Jason Robinson

    Jane Says. My wife loves that song and it reminds me of her. Vinyl please.

  38. The first studio album is amazing, but after hearing the story behind Ocean Size, it’s been my favorite ever since. Just got a blu-ray player, would be a great first music addition to my collection.

  39. Ted Just Admit It…

    It sounds phenomenally spacious on a good set of headphones.

  40. three days followed by I would for you, these two have a lot of memories tied to them for me and are just damn fine songs, Blu-ray please

  41. ” 1% ” would be my first choice. It shows the angst of the young Jane’s Addiction in lyric and song. It captures the fire that Jane’s brought to the L.A. scene in the late ’80s like no other artist really could. 1% captures the power and spirit of the time. I’d wish to have the 2LP set please. Thank you so much.

  42. Kyle Laudermilt

    Pigs in Zen was the first time my jaw hit the floor from a Jane’s song. Nothing Shocking’s version with the middle breakdown has some of best lyrics I’ve ever heard! “Some people should die… That’s just unconscious knowledge!” I’d love to hear the crackle at the beginning of that live vinyl and just anticipate the experience of Jane’s world…

  43. Jeff Crowe

    I have to say Three Days. This song is like taking an audio roller coaster ride. Was my favorite of the songs I saw Live.

  44. Jeff Crowe

    Iwould like the Vinyl as I love the old sound of records

  45. Summertime Rolls – it takes me back to my youth and good times.

  46. Summertime Rolls – blu ray please

  47. Probably “Three Days” because it has so many personal memories tied to it. And as someone already mention-killer bass line and epic tune! Two LP set, please!

  48. Mountain Song sets the tone as Jon Cryer chases Lee Ving in one of my all time favorite movies… “Dudes”. Vinyl please …

  49. Ray Shackleford

    Trip Away was the first Jane’s Addiction song I ever heard and it changed me forever. I actually wish this set had more of their new stuff…

    BlueRay if I am lucky enough to win, it will be the kick in the ass I need to finally get a blue ray player.

  50. 3 days! Takes me back to high school, good times & memories & friends in bands learning the base line on their guitars! <3 the lyrics!
    Blu-ray please!
    Love Jane's Addiction!

  51. Steve Parker

    3 days is classic.would prefer the record as i dont have a blue ray player

  52. Fred Ebersole

    I would have to say “Three Days”. The song has movements in it like classical music. Just all around great.

  53. Ocean Size: big

  54. Jane Says on Blu-ray would be amazing!!!

  55. Jane Says – the original version from the Triple X release, not the one from nothings shocking with the steel drums… that song was the anthem of my youth – i wanted to be jane… Followed closely by Trip Away – which is amazing when played on a set of road cases. vinyl

  56. so hard to pick one favourite… nearly anything from Nothing’s Shocking works depending on your mood, but I definitely have a soft spot for Summertime Rolls.

    And if I’m the lucky winner, blu-ray for me please!

  57. 3-days, as it will always be about hot sex with moody tattooed girls in college.

    vinyl, natch.

  58. Joe Brown

    Three Days was always my favorite Janes song … One word … Epic!

  59. Three Days is my favorite jam. It’s so epic & beautiful. It drives like a razor’s edge experience…

  60. Trevor Ayer

    eye am gonna say Kettle Whistle to be different. This is a song that was played best opening the 88 tour seguing into Obvious (another stand out track)but had many incarnations, beginning in Perry’s pre Janes band Psi-Com, played acoustically in 87 with Janes, then full on rawk mode in 88, dropped in 89-91, recorded with Flea for the Kettle Whistle rarities comp, and performed with Porno For Pyros bassist on the Jane’s Addiction Jubilee tour with the iconic parachute pants that perry wore on that tour. It was the stand out track of the tour. Sure 3 days Ted, Classic Girl, Whores, I Would For You are all hands down amazing. It baffles me that classic rawk radio will play poison, motley crue, gnr, and other horrible shit, but won’t play 3 days, which is basically Stairway to Heaven with better lyrics. Pigs in Zen including the PFP Blood Rag breakdown in the middle would be a close second in my book. But Kettle Whistle has the most history. I am unfortunately not a fan of the Strays TGEA era Janes, but I would certainly enjoy the double vinyl live. Could care less for Blue Ray 3D crap. I saw Janes 3 times in the original line up pre 91 years. Can’t touch that memory, but I would enjoy the Vinyl alongside my other Janes bootleg Vinyl.

  61. Daniel Pepera

    mountain song……. reminds me when a large bonfire was ablaze on the lawn section at Pine Knob in Clarkston Michigan, years ago. Fuckin wild……. 60—–80 maybe more all running around this of a sloping hillside falling all over and feeling fantastic. Loved that song!!!! Any vinyl would be awesome, thanks Daniel.

  62. “Of Course”

  63. Joseph Kaye

    I really love “Classic Girl.” Maybe not their best song, but it’s the one still listen to most often. I saw Jane’s play this at an outdoor venue, and they played this around dusk – had to be there, I guess.

  64. Summertime Rolls – perfect bass and buildup

    Albums please

  65. Mountain Song- the 1st Jane’s song I ever heard and it blew me away. Simple, direct and pummeling…. Yet very open and melodic. That combined w/ the video and I was hooked! 2-Lp set pleeze

  66. I know I am in the minority but I think their last 2 albums (strays & great escape) are by far better than their earlier discs!

    I love curiosity kills & irresistible force off the new cd!

    oh, and I’d be happy with either blu ray or vinyl!

  67. So tough!! Mountain Song? Ain’t no Right? But I have to go w/Three Days ONLY because, it’s like an epic Homer tale! When it’s over, your sweaty, exhausted, AND enlightened! Like you’ve been on an Odyssey! You need a smoke! ;)

  68. “Just Because” – best guitar intro for a perfect walk-out song.
    Blu Ray or vinyl would be fantastic, thanks!

  69. ted contreras

    standing in the shower thinking. That’s what I do every morning.

  70. Madcircle

    OCEAN SIZE. As a long time fan (1988)this song has always resounded in my head as an anthem. 25 years later, its still the same.
    “wish I was Ocean Size,
    No moves me, man
    No one tries!”

    epic. LP please. Wink and nod.

  71. Adam Boyd

    “True Nature” from “Strays.” For having been away for so long, they came out swinging on that track and proved they still had some piss an vinegar left in them.

  72. I’m gonna go with “Up the Beach” — it’s the bass, man, that bass. I’d like the Blu-Ray, please, should I be the lucky one.

  73. Jane Says – just ’cause it brings back memories of college! I heart vinyl.

  74. Stop! – it just rocks.

  75. Henry Bemis

    “Summertime Rolls.” Because radio never ruined it! Cool song. I’ll take the 2 LPs.

  76. I love many JA songs so I guess I would say Stop as that was the first song I heard from them. I would prefer bluray but would also love to hear it on vinyl.


  77. Heather Ward

    Summertime Rolls is my favorite song. It is so sublime and amazing. It puts me in a trance and transports me to another time, a time of young love, fun and passion. It’s so peaceful and powerful. It was written and performed perfectly. I’d like to win because I love JA, and they bring about so many memories for me.

  78. Three Days- It’s one of the few songs that bring a smile to my face and make me sing along with it. Just love it.

    Vinyl please, never had anything on vinyl and my dad recently gave me his record player. And what better way to start a collection.

  79. William nothing

    Jane Says- because it made steel drums super cool.
    Id love the double-vinyl

  80. Had A Dad!
    Blu-Ray please!

  81. shilo maggi

    The version of Mountain Song from the Dudes soundtrack. It just oozes intoxication. Thick as can be.

    2 x LP for me please!

  82. Jen Woltemade

    Been Caught Stealing – not only did it slap me across the face the first time I heard it ‘WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!’ also, my roommate’s sister’s dog Zooey bumrushed the speakers at the Double Deuce in Montreal every time the dog barked at the beginning and that’s an epic memory for the ages. Vinyl, please!

  83. morrison22

    Still Jane Say’s, as it’s one of my goddaughters favorites and that says it all!>.

  84. Jane Says, original version, no steel drums. Blu Ray please!

  85. Jane Says, just an amazing piece of rock and roll for the time.

  86. Summertime Rolls. Blu-ray. :-)

  87. Albert Rivera

    ‘Sympathy’ – better than the original (blasphemy!!) and Perry even looks a lot like the devil…. I’d prefer the vinyl, but I’ll take either..

  88. It has to be Three Days. Quite simply, if you can’t dig that song, you don’t dig rock music. Within its 10 minutes 48 seconds is the evidence that Jane’s Addiction were worth successors to Led Zeppelin in terms of how they harness both power and space in one song.

  89. PS – Blu-ray please!

  90. Jeffery Ray

    Jane says is the epitome of a Jane’s addiction song, especially the live version with the steel drums. Would love the blu ray.

  91. Yossi Barak

    Well, It’s “Stop”, Just because of the presentation in spanish and the guitar at the beginning…
    Would love to have the Vinyl 2LP.

  92. Summertime Rolls – “If you want a friend feed any animal” What a great line.. Happy summertime Mother F’ers!

    Blu Ray first, Vinyl second..

  93. My favorite JA song is Ocean Size because it makes me fell all ocean sized inside… Vinyl please.

  94. Jacob harris

    Mountain Song – because everybody has their own opinion

  95. Jacob harris

    Mountain Song – because everybody has their own opinion


  96. Ocean Size, great mix of all of their talents, Blu Ray please

  97. Dougie Fresh

    “Up The Beach” – can’t beat that intro. (Vinyl)

  98. Gloria Bradley

    Jane Says — Blu ray would be awesome

  99. Steve Luc

    “Had a Dad (Radio Tokyo Demo)” because opening a powerhouse song like that with “OOGA BOOGAH!” was just brilliant.

    Double Vinyl LP, please.

  100. Daniel Alleva

    For me, it has to be “Then She Did…”

    I love the vocal melody of the verses, and I like the atmosphere that’s created by the strings and electric violin in the mid-section.

    But most of all, it’s the lyrics. I think they’re Farrell’s best – both deeply personal and abstract at the same time. I think my favorite passage is the final few lines…

    “Would you say hello to my mom?
    Would you pay a visit to her?
    She was an artist just as you were
    Would’ve introduced you to her

    She would take me out on Sundays
    We’d go laughing through the garbage
    She’d repaired legs like a doctor
    On the kitchen chairs we sat on

    She was a unhappy just as you were
    Unhappy just as you were
    Unhappy just as you were
    Unhappy just as you were.”

    Knowing that Perry’s mother took her own life, and that’s what the song is about, those final lines – as they peak with the music – fill me up with so much powerful emotion every time I listen to it.

    And that’s why “Then She Did…” is my favorite Jane’s Addiction song.

    Blu-ray, please :-)

  101. Steve Luc

    “Had a Dad (Radio Tokyo Demo)” – because opening a powerhouse song like that with “OOGAH BOOGAH!” is just brilliant.


  102. Three Days. Ritual de lo habitual came out at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. I spent many an afternoon that fall playing guitar along to this song in my bedroom. (LP)

  103. mountain song- it reminds me of being a rowdy, obnoxious teenager! I saw Jane’s Arty 6 times in 91, good times! vinyl please

  104. Michelle H

    “Summertime Rolls” takes me right back to my senior year of high school and a very sweet boy I knew then. (Blu-Ray)

  105. Three days! Others have said what I believe, great baselines amazing guitar solos, great lyrics great drum… Blu-ray!

  106. Kathryn Kulp

    Jane Says because it reminds me of my teenage angst. If I win I would like old school LPs please.

  107. Cheryl Moritz

    Mountain Song has always been my fave. It’s the first Jane’s song i ever heard, & it’s what got me hooked on the band. Plus, nothing beats that opening riff!! Double disc, please!! :)

  108. Summertime Rolls

    It is just bliss and epic.

  109. Three Days has an epic quality about it…a calm sedation like a trip kicking in, continuing to rise into an intensely vivid peak carrying a powerful momentum of chiaroscuro adorned with Farrell’s surreal imagery through to the very end.

  110. “Had a Dad” and blu ray please

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