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The Mission teases fans with ‘The Brightest Light’ album sampler — stream now

The Mission circa 2013

Following the announcement this week that The Mission will release its new studio album The Brightest Light this September, the band today has shared a streaming sampler to let fans get short tastes of the album’s 11 songs. The new album, due out Sept. 17 in North America, marks the first time original band members Wayne Hussey, Simon Hinkler and Craig Adams have recorded together since the sessions for 1990′s Carved In Sand.

Check out the full sampler and tracklist below:



Tracklist: The Mission, The Brightest Light

1. “Black Cat Bone”
2. “Everything But The Squeal”
3. “Sometimes The Brightest Light Comes From The Darkest Place”
4. “Born Under A Good Sign”
5. “The Girl In The Furskin Rug”
6. “When The Trap Clicks Shut Behind Us”
7. “Ain’t No Prayer In The Bible Can Save Me Now”
8. “Just Another Pawn In Your Game”
9. “From The Oyster Comes The Pearl”
10. “Swan Song”
11. “Litany For The Faithful”






  1. I love the Mission, but this drummer really sucks and the Album sounds a little too much like God is a Bullet. So with the new tour a guess I’ll have to put up with that or not show up at all. Too bad.

  2. Batshiz Crazay

    I agree with it sounding like God is a Bullet. Some flashes of brilliance with hints of the old Mish but there’s much to much old fart Hussey on the majority of the songs. And the mixing i’m not terribly fond of either.

  3. The new record seemed promising, but these clips are definitely underwhelming. Hopefully, the full version sounds better. With Craig, Mick and David M. Allen, there was such potential. I was hoping for something more like Neverland or Aura, but this is not impressive from the sound samples. Shame.

  4. I love The Mission…”God’s Own Medicine” and “Children” are two of the most incredibly formative and important albums to me ever. I understand what Wayne Hussey says about too many fans “living in the past” and putting unrealistic expectations on the band to churn out a “God’s Own Medicine II” etc…I get it. But these songs just sound so bollock-achingly terrible…meat and potatoes RAWK with absolutely no substance or finesse. Utterly awful.

  5. This is bloody awful, Mr Huss needs to be hit over the head with a hardback edition of ‘The Mists of Avalon’ to restore him to his senses.

  6. As a follower and musician influenced by The Mission, this album and almost all the latest releases are very poor, the music is the average music when a hard rock band is jamming in the studio, no great music at all.

  7. The spirit is gone…(but was already with Dum Dum Bullet)

  8. No no no, such names, such potential and it sounds like shit … I wanna “Carved in sand” sound back …

  9. Mission fans have never been easy to please. I’ve listened to many of them complain ever since Masque and I have to wonder why they keep coming back. I, for one, love where the Mission have gone over the years. The reason few goth bands survived (SoM, FotN, Rosetta Stone)is because they failed to adapt (sure SoM and FotN still play live and there was Mourning Sun, but…). I’ve heard tBL in it’s whole and I think it’s very well done. A little weak in the middle, but it has some great material, especially the title track and Swan Song. But an album sounding like Blue meets Aura with a splash of GiaB was bound to piss off the goth fans, but the days of Severina and Wasteland are long gone. Evolve or diminish, the Mission have come a long way and the few who have stayed with them will definitely be happy with this album.

  10. A lot of negativity here! It’s a good album. If you want rehashes of the past, skip it, but this is a progressive Mission album and is nothing like Blue or God is a Bullet. The opening track is a prog-rock tour-de-force with mysterious atmospherics (Like the soundtrack to an Italian horror movie) and changes of key and pace – when the acoustic guitar kicks in during the middle, it’s a brilliant entrance that works superbly. Drag is a cracking blues based rock tune, rather like 70s rock, and the next track opens with a glam rock beat. It’s eclectic and the band are playing on top form – I still have reservations about the lyrics and the singing, but this is a hugely enjoyable album!

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