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Video: The Cure at Lollapalooza 2013 — watch full webcast of band’s 2-hour headlining set

The Cure

The Cure wrapped up its short “Great Circle Tour” with a headlining performance at the Lollapalzooza festival in Chicago on Sunday night, delivering a 2-hour, 26-song set — and for Robert Smith and Co., that’s a pretty gig — heavy on the band’s more poppy material. Below, you can check out the full webcast via Julio Cesar Fernandes.

The band will return to North American to play the Austin City Limits Music Festival on consecutive weekends this October and at least one concert — in Mexico — in between those headlining slots.

UPDATE: We’ve got better-quality video now. Much, much better.

Check out the full Lolla webcast and setlist below:



Setlist: The Cure, Lollapalooza 2013, Chicago, IL, 8/4/13

1. “Plainsong”
2. “Pictures of You”
3. “Lullaby”
4. “High”
5. “The End of the World”
6. “Lovesong”
7. “In Between Days”
8. “Just Like Heaven”
9. “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”
10. “The Walk”
11. “Mint Car”
12. “Friday I’m in Love”
13. “Doing the Unstuck”
14. “Trust”
15. “Want”
16. “Fascination Street”
17. “The Hungry Ghost”
18. “Wrong Number”
19. “One Hundred Years”
20. “Disintegration”

21. “The Lovecats”
22. “The Caterpillar”
23. “Close to Me”
24, “Let’s Go to Bed”
25. “Why Can’t I Be You?”
26. “Boys Don’t Cry”






  1. googoomuck

    Sound blows.

  2. Terry Dean

    Video looks great. but is it just me or is the audio lacking any bass? So Tinny.

  3. I do love this band but Robert Smith is really looking like a woman you would see on “People of Walmart.”

    • That 80's Guy

      At this point, I really don’t know why he doesn’t just shave his head and stop wearing makeup. Nobody gives a shit anymore about how he looks and no one actually emulates RS anymore like we did in the 80’s. It’s kind of goofy.

      He still sounds great and plays better than ever – it’s time for RS to drop the image.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more. Most of the bands we all grew up with in the 80’s that are still together have aged well and haven’t really tried to keep up “the look”. Depeche, OMD, Jesus & Mary Chain, Human League, etc… they all look pretty good. Give up the ghost Robert. Hell, even Simon Gallup isn’t trying to keep the 80’s Cure image alive. He looks pretty good too. Watching this I can imagine a 70 year old Robert Smith on stage with haystack hair looking like a melting candle.

      • Delta-Mode

        Actually there is still a small percentage of fans who still emulate the “look”, i know two guys in particular who are in their early 40s and they still walk around everyday with big Cure hair and messily applied lipstick, big massive sneakers. One is married with kids the other is single. I have to admit they look ridiculous at this point and i do honestly think its more about the image for them than the music but hey, they’re happy ;)

      • NO WAY! He created that image and it’s great!
        I like the fact that Mr. Smith is pretty much the only musician who is like a safety net you can go back to, not in any nostalgia sense but in his appearance, hair and all…. well, how shall I say, it’s kinda like coming home to mother :)

        He’s playing better than ever, the shows are well worth your cash, the set list is constantly changing, and he actually gives a shit about his fans! A LOT of musicians could learn a thing or two from Robert Smith (not just hair and make-up tips)

  4. bass is non existent

  5. Kind of a shame about the audio. i watched it live last night and the sound was perfect. Maybe a better copy will show up on youtube…

  6. googoomuck

    Sounds much better! Thanks!!!

  7. The bass was very previlant during the concert . Simon was really showcased on fasinacion street

  8. The; Cynic, in me, ” Goes to fact these dudes are Laughing all the way to the, ” Zurich bank, but the nostalgic ” Goth” Romantic, thinks ‘ sure they; have rehearsed, the Drone outa ” This!” set, yet; do the moments infused with, the Caustic Smoke, ” Icy Chilled Stage Atmosphere, the ‘what is it.” Thousands,” ” of Silver, red, and of course ” BLACK” dressed Stick, Ums, Swooning Graceful and Hypnotic, bring a Stark yet terrifying, realization, ” Man – We are Still, The Bomb!”

  9. Thanks for posting this link.
    I have the program “Airfoil” and an Apple Airport Express and am currently listening to this on my home stereo.

    Airfoil and Airport Express about a $125 investment … well worth it if you want to listen to your computer music on your home stereo.

  10. Carla Martina

    El bajo tiene un polvo.

  11. Wow I love the cure but Bob is starting to look like later years Liz Taylor. Great set though love plainsong opening

  12. Delta-Mode

    I don’t want to knock this band but seriously, how many more greatest hits shows can they do? Its been over five years since they released any new material, Depeche Mode have released two full length studio albums in that time.
    As for the sound, i don’t think these streaming videos ever produce good quality audio anyway, i thought the NIN stream sounded fairly tinny also.
    Its sad to see this band become exactly what Smith never said they NEVER become – a museum.

    • That 80's Guy

      There won’t ever be another Cure record. They don’t even have a deal. My friend met RS in Montreal last week. He joked with her that when he retires he will release the 50 or so new songs they have recorded since 2008 for free as a parting gift.

      Basically RS doesn’t believe in releasing any more music ‘for sale’.

      Personally, I think he realizes almost everything since Wish has sucked.

      Depeche Mode? Give me a break, those clowns play basically the same set list tour after tour. At least RS does special shows (full albums) and normally plays 35 – 45 songs. DM can barely hack it with 20+ songs and that includes the ‘accoustic’ versions MG plays. God forbid DM ever touch anything ‘outside the box’ like a bside or something off ‘A Broken Frame’.

      And DM’s new albums? Garbage. The only thing they have done well was PTA. Everything else since SOFAD was crap.

      • Delta-Mode

        Its easier for Smith to do a 3 hour show because he doesnt move around all that much, Dave Gahan puts on a very physical performance and likes to get the crowd going, its a completely different concert to that of the Cure’s. I’ve seen the Cure live and let me tell you, i would take DM over them any day, its more entertaining. I honestly think 3 hours is too long for a gig anyway. I do respect them though. Although i do think its quite funny you refering to Depeche Mode as “clowns” when Smith has been doing his weeping clown act for 30 years now :)

      • Delta-Mode

        I think its also worth pointing out that Depeche Mode do tour longer than the Cure, they have been on tour since April i believe and will be on tour until early 2014, i dont care if they just do a 2hr or 1hr45 set, try doing what Dave Gahan does on stage every night for that length of time. Smith just stands there like a plank of wood.

  13. Delta-Mode

    What the hell did i do there? lol
    I’ll try that again – its sad to see this band become exactly what Smith said they would never become – a museum.

  14. That 80's Guy

    Setlist was predictable. All the ‘greatest’ hits, but then for a crowd like Lolapolooza you have to play for the 95% of the audience who are not the hard core fans.

    Look, Robert delivered to the hard core fans in 2011: He played the first 3 albums + bsides. And he’s going to deliver again in 2014 with the Top/Head/Kiss Me trilogy shows.

    If you are a Curehead, you know you don’t go see them at US festivals where they play 2 hours. You wait for the big shows or the special shows.

    Robert has delivered some amazing setlists for the hardcore fans many times – but this wasn’t one of them.

    The bigger issue around The Cure is will there ever be another studio record? Probably not!

  15. Delta-Mode

    I don’t see why they shouldnt release another album, i know 4:13 Dream was fairly under the radar but they are becoming a lot like the post punk version of the Rolling Stones, they need to fresgen things up.

  16. Delta-Mode


    I give up!

  17. Great show, but why does every band in music love abortion. Fucking Robert with the abortion sticker on his guitar, get a life

  18. I’m not exactly sure how someone “loses” a knack for writing uncannily catchy pop songs, a fate most seem to agree has befallen Robert at least since “Bloodflowers” (his last really great record, in my opinion). But geez, his back catalog is SO robust and rich, these occasional “hits” tours make perfect sense to me even without new material. I just wish he’d bring the band to Seattle again.

    Rock on, Robert! (And keep the look.)

  19. These songs speak for themselves. It doesn’t matter what the personnel look like after 35 plus years, or if they can still write a song as good as “Pictures of You” or “Close to Me”. The fact of the matter is that in their prime they DID write those tunes, and they can still play the shit out of em, and are still better than most crap that comes out today. Stop your complaining and enjoy. Depeche Mode are also still a great band also (but no CURE) :)

  20. It looks like the bassist has been studying Peter Hook quite a bit.

  21. Delta-Mode

    @igbystooge Yes Depeche Mode are no Cure, they are far superior ;)

    @JBytes Oh c’mon, Peter Hook is a twat, Simon Gallup is one of the coolest bass players of all time.

  22. Stacy Speas

    Incredible to hear them again after 20+ years. The band looked happy to be there and played with a lot of passion. I really enjoyed this!

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