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XTC launches new reissue series with expanded audiophile edition of ‘Nonsuch’

XTC, 'Nonsuch'

XTC this week launched the first of what promises to be a new series of expanded reissues, beginning with the band’s 1992 album Nonusch, which will be re-released this fall with new 5.1 Surround, stereo and high-res stereo mixes of the original record as well as “exclusive Andy Partridge home demos and Colin Moulding work tapes.”

As we first reported late last year, Partridge commissioned a new surround-sound mix of the album by Steven Wilson, the frontman for prog-rock act Porcupine Tree. On Monday, the XTC mastermind tweeted that the new edition of Nonsuch is now available for pre-order through his online store.

Partridge writes: “Steven Wilson scrubs us up beautifully.”

Due out Oct. 7, the new edition of Nonsuch — the band’s 12th album and last major-label release — is being released in CD/Blu-ray and CD/DVD-Audio packages. In both versions, the CD includes a new stereo album mix by Wilson along with a non-album bonus track, “Didn’t Hurt a Bit.”

The Blu-ray disc (Region 0, NTSC) includes:

  • 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio Surround (24bit/96khz) mixed from the original multi-track tapes
  • New stereo album mix in DTS-HD Master Audio (24bit/96khz)
  • Exclusive instrumental versions of all new mixes in DTS-HD Master Audio stereo (24bit/96khz)
  • Exclusive Andy Partridge home demos and Colin Moulding work tapes for songs written for the album and contemporaneously
  • Filmed footage of the band working on the album in Chipping Norton Studios
  • Promo films for “The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead” and “The Disappointed”

The DVD-Audio disc (Region 0, NTSC) includes:

  • 5.1 DTS Mix of the album
  • Original and new album mixes by Steven Wilson in High-Resolution stereo
  • DVD-A players and some Blu-ray players can, additionally, access a 5.1 Advanced Resolution (24bit/96khz Lossless audio) mix.

Wilson’s new mixes were produced with input from Partridge and approval of the band. The new release will be packaged in a double-disc digipack format with a slipcase and expanded booklet featuring sleevenotes by Partridge, Moulding and Dave Gregory, according to Partridge’s webstore.

While the Nonsuch reissue is being announced as “the first in a series of expanded XTC album editions,” it’s not yet known what’s next or what the release schedule will look like.






  1. Wilson’s a genius.

    Here’s hoping for massively improved mixes of “The Big Express” and “Mummer.”

  2. Sam’s right, Wilson did amazing things for Aqualung – a terrible recording from the get-go. He’s done great things with King Crimson’s already pretty decent recordings as well.

    I’ve got a Japanese edition of Nonsuch which is quite good compared to the U.S. Geffen/Virgin release – which was really no slouch.

    This promises to be a stunner. Here’s hoping Mr. Wilson goes through the entire back catalog (some of which really needs it) and gives me a chance to part with my $ once again!

  3. Looking forward to Murmer & Skylarking! I am now waiting patiently for Nonsuch!!

  4. I once read that Andy Partridge thought of his written songs as human waste and he saw no reason to ‘look back’, so to say. Why is it now, that he’s playing with his ‘shit’, editing the sound, and not excreting some new ‘shit’? Come on, Andy! There’s an entire world in need of your genius. Stop hiding in that shed! Please?

  5. I don’t use physical media any more. All of my audio is in FLAC and ALAC format on disk, processed by Audirvana on the Mac, and sent to a 24/96 DAC. Can I get the 24/96 lossless version of this in downloadable FLAC format? would be a great place to sell it.

  6. Sean McVeigh

    I find Mummer hard to listen to. A remixed version would be very welcome.

  7. Yes, The Big Express next please!

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