120 Minutes Rewind, Video — August 9, 2013 at 7:08 am

‘120 Minutes’ Rewind: Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie in first U.S. TV interview — 1994

Cocteau Twins' Robin Guthrie

For this week’s “120 Minutes” Rewind, we present this quite awkward interview of Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins during a 1994 appearance to promote the release of Four-Calendar Cafe. Guthrie admits to host Lewis Largent that it’s his first-ever U.S. television appearance, and discusses the band’s origins, fatherhood and Elizabeth Fraser’s indecipherable lyrics.

Check out the full 8-minute clip below (via Raymi paralisisnyc):


Robin Guthrie on “120 Minutes,” 1994






  1. Bless his heart, he was harder to understand than LIz!

  2. I’m simply surprised that Lewis Largent-era 120 Minutes acknowledged the Cocteau Twins

    • I don’t really remember what 120 Minutes was paying attention to in those days, but I think 1994 was kind of the high-water mark for the Cocteaus’ visibility in the U.S. The album had a domestic release on Capitol, they did a couple of cool videos for the singles, and they toured the states with Luna opening. That was a good double bill!

  3. They also had some visibility on The Tonight Show around the time of that 120 interview.


    Someone commented that this performance was taped on the day Kurt Cobain was found dead, which is a bit harrowing.

  4. I love Robin Guthrie. That said, I’ve interviewed hundreds of musicians over the years and he was the ABSOLUTE worst by a country mile. Rude, condescending, and a complete pain in the ass. I didn’t think I had too bad of an array of questions, but at one point he stopped me and said, “Have you even HEARD any of my music?” (For what its worth, I’m a completist who owns practically everything he’s ever had a hand in.) Maybe my questions were awful, or maybe I caught him on a really bad day, who knows… but that experience has forever tainted my opinion of a guy I once called my favorite musician of all time.

  5. Guthrie was about how I expected him to be. But this guy interviewing him is pretty much a putz. I can almost never understand how they can find such clueless people for these shows. I guess all they need is the right “look”.

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