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Paul Westerberg ropes in early ’90s sidemen for Replacements’ reunion shows

The Replacements

Photo May 14, 2013 | Via Songs For Slim

With the long-awaited reunion of The Replacements now less than 10 days away, we’ve now finally got official word of who’ll be joining Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson on stage at their three currently scheduled dates: drummer Josh Freese and guitarist David Minehan, both of whom played with Westerberg on his early ’90s solo tours.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune confirmed the band’s lineup this evening with Westerberg’s manager Darren Hill, who stressed that the ‘Mats have “no plans right now besides these three shows,” a reference to the band’s headlining status at Riot Fest shows this month and next in Toronto, Chicago and Denver.

The ‘Mats sidemen are not exactly a surprise. Freese has played with seemingly everyone, from The Vandals to Devo and A Perfect Circle. Not only has he toured with Westerberg, he also performed extensively with Stinson in Guns N’ Roses. Freese also played drums on the two new Replacements songs recorded for the 2006 best-of Don’t You Know Who I Think I Was?

As for Minehan, he has played in Boston band The Neighborhoods for more than 30 years.

As for the other two surviving members of The Replacements, guitarist Slim Dunlap continues to recover from a massive stroke he suffered last year, and Stinson has said they didn’t even bother to invite former drummer Chris Mars because they knew he’d say no.

Below, check out the ‘Mats tour dates and a couple short clips of the 2013 edition of the band rehearsing “Alex Chilton” and “Favorite Thing” last month.


The Replacements tour dates:

Aug. 25: Riot Fest, Toronto, ON
Sept. 15: Riot Fest, Chicago, IL
Sept. 21: Riot Fest, Denver, CO


The Replacements, ‘Alex Chilton’ — rehearsal June 27, 2013


The Replacements, ‘Favorite Thing’ — rehearsal July 3, 2013






  1. AWESOME!!! Was hoping for Josh–and we get David, too. Both were smokin’ on the 14 Songs Tour in ’93. Was able to meet Paul after the SF show, and I was shaking like a leaf!!! He was as cool as heck, of course, giving me his autograph along with a “Tell me about Raggedy Ann” message. Classic Paul.

    Again, great news and thanks–as always–for sharing, Matt! Dang, you have to be counting the days till your Denver show!
    Rock on, ‘Mats and Matt!!!

  2. Patrick Quinn

    Wow, the cynic in me wants to say F### off, ya old farts. That was then, this is now. BUT the optomist in me says, bring it boys!

  3. Scott Stalcup

    Please guys, do some more dates beyond RIOT Fest. R.E.M.’s gone. Mozzer and Marr have made it clear The Smiths are never going to get back together. You’re the last gang in town, even down by half.

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