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Listen to Replacements’ first concert in 22 years — stream full 75-minute Riot Fest set

The Replacements

Well, that certainly didn’t take long: The Replacements Live Archive Project — a tremendous resource for ‘Mats fans — already has shared a full recording of last night’s historic set by The Replacements at Riot Fest in Toronto, the band’s first in 22 years. Now, while it is an audience recording, it’s actually surprisingly good for tapings of such nature.

The Live Archive has made the set available for download, but you can also stream it below.

And if you haven’t seen our collection of video and photos from last night, by all means, check it out.







  1. Not what I would call a greatest hits set list… still, good to hear the boys back together

  2. Thank you, Matt!!!

  3. incredible…. that was awesome!

  4. Is that a snippet of “Stay” at the end of “Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out”?

  5. bass heavy recording, too much kick drum not enough guitar

  6. What a sweet set!

  7. @Finn13 it’s an audience recording. Sorry you don’t like it. Should we call the waaaaambulance?

  8. Bloody Brilliant!

  9. CarrollGardener

    Fine set, but I never would have imagined back in the day that we’d ever here the audience singing along like a Springsteen show. Not sure this is for the better.

  10. That cover of Borstal Breakout is about one-third the requisite speed. For our American listeners, Borstal is a young offenders institution in the UK. It wouldn’t scan so well, but perhaps the ‘Mats should’ve re-titled it Retirement Home Breakout!

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