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Watch Peter Hook and The Roots jam out Joy Division, New Order classics on ‘Fallon’

Peter Hook and The Roots

As advertised, Peter Hook was featured on Thursday night’s episode of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” where he sat in with The Roots, playing Joy Division and New Order classics — with Captain Kirk Douglas handling vocals — as the show went to and from commercial. Hook and Co. managed to belt out pieces of “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” “Blue Monday,” “Bizarre Love Triangle” and “True Faith” — all of which you can watch below, thanks to fgdhg.

Hook currently is on tour in the U.S. performing New Order’s first two albums, 1981′s Movement and 1983′s Power, Corruptions & Lies, with his band The Light.







  1. Well, that was…interesting.

    Sort of.

  2. what the funk is hooky smoking?

  3. Kinda awkward. Kinda awful. Ugh.

  4. wow….what a disgrace to Ian’s and Bernard’s singing…no soul involved…..

  5. Little by little the Joy Division/New Order legacy gets diluted and tarnished. This was hard to watch.

  6. Oh dear!

  7. Reminds me of when The Jesus and Mary Chain were on Letterman playing with the Schaefer band. It’s funny, it’s awkward, it’s fawkward.

  8. Gaggin' Em Gabe

    Hey look, it’s the one man travelling wanker.

  9. When I heard Hook would be sitting in, I was interested to at least see what The Roots would bring to their interpretation of those songs. The answer appears to be: not a lot. For example, as dynamic and inventive a drummer as he is, Questlove elected to use essentially the same beat for every selection, as far as I can tell. Maybe they should have tried some versions with office supplies like they did with Christina Aguilera…now THAT was something.

  10. Wow! Time for new management at least. That’s really bad.

  11. I’m with Ken. Management must be making a buck off of this because no one in their right mind would let someone embarrass themselves like that. Shame to see him go out like that but he is on the downhill anyway.

  12. Agree with all the comments posted. The Roots look and sound like they really don’t want to tackle such influential material that is JD/NO. And Hooky, well for fuck’s sake mate – give it up.

  13. Everyone admits how bad this stuff is, yet people still pay money and go to his shows. I have no idea what they are thinking. The guy is an idiot- he always has been, from blocking the release of Lost Sirens and faking Ian’s signature on JD records to make a profit from fans. Meanwhile New Order currently tours and do great shows, so people- STOP paying this t#*t money. He’s tried several times to launch his own projects and they have all been terrible, so instead he milks the legacy that he obviously only played a small part in (and don’t say he’s a great bass player because his non-NO/JD material contains none of that, so obviously someone else wrote those parts for him)

    • Have you seen him live on this (Movement + PC&L) tour – very impressive. I really enjoyed the NO show I saw in July but this Hooky tour is better by far and I’m no great fan of his, just telling it how it is.

    • Ok, I won’t deny Hooky is a bit of a prick but Barney doesn’t have much better of a reputation. The fact is, the magic show really consists of both of ’em. Say what you will, but these guys together are a gestalt- the sum is greater than the parts. Each without the other is just meh. Together they are EPIC. They need to put aside their egos and be New Order for the good of themselves and for their fans.

  14. You people are nuts. Tarnish their image–are you 11? Give me back my ball, wah! Peter Hook stole my lunch money!

    Plus, the Roots play EVERY freakin’ night with new people–you really think they’re going to put together new arrangements for the 3-4 second play-outs?

  15. That 80's Guy

    Hook really is making a mess of NO/JD.

  16. Saw the Movement/PCL tour. Hooky + The Light
    do a better job at NO than JD. Very impressed with the show!! That being said, Hooky & New Order are both milking their legacies.

  17. Ugh… Hooky without Barney. It breaks a lifelong New Order/Joy Division fan’s heart! Why these two ego maniacal assholes can’t put their selfish shit aside to keep making musical magic is beyond comprehension. If Lennon and McCartney can do… oh wait.

  18. embarrassing

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