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Video: Pixies perform new songs ‘Bagboy,’ ‘Indie Cindy’ on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’


The new Pixies lineup got its national television debut last night as the band appeared on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” in advance of its four-night run in New York City, performing new single “Bagboy” on air and then sticking around to play “Indie Cindy,” off the just released EP-1, as a web exclusive. See video of both below.

The band — featuring new bassist new bassist Kim Shattuck of The Muffs — opens its New York run tonight, then heads to Europe for two months of shows (see full dates).








  1. That was super fantastic! The Pixies are most definitely back, or did they really leave? The live version of Bagboy really brings the song out…and one more time in case no one has got the memo, Kim Deal left the band, it was SHE who left the band! How many songs did she actually write with her tenure with the Pixes? I mean, she did do a lot of backups, and no doubt was integral to their sound but come on people, the Pixies are Joey and Charles, and heck, even David, but mostly Joey and Charles, they are the ones that started it in their dorm room…Kim Deal is great, I love the Breeders, but the Pixies are still the Pixies, no doubt…Syd Barret was in Pink Floyd, and he left and they kept the name Pink Floyd…remember, KIM DEAL left the band.
    And on that note, Kim Shattuck is great, I love her enthusiasm and attitude, it really shows…I’M SUPER SUPER EXCITED about this “new” Pixies!

  2. 1) Please refrain from ever mentioning the Pixies and Syd Barrett in the same sentence (I understood your need for comparison but still)

    2) Let’s just suppose that this were a fairly new group on the scene debuting their new single on Fallon’s TV…
    you’d seriously consider “Bagboy” a good tune?

    3) One can’t deny that Kim apparently really does add a lot to this band! Good choice!

  3. haha…I very much can put Syd Barrett and the Pixies in the same sentence, why the heck not? oh, and yes, I would like the song even if it wasn’t the Pixies, but seriously here, that’s a really ridiculous game to play and ridiculous question to answer.

    • The Pixies would have been as cool as the Smiths had they not reunited. Playing greatest hits and then ten years later they finally put out new but IMHO subpar material.
      As cool as it is that there is new stuff, it just doesn’t jive (and it looks like they’re still learning how to play “Bagboy” live).

      • So Pixies are supposed to just retire to protect their legacy? I’ll respectfully disagree with that. I respect them waaaayyyy more than the Smiths for giving it another go.

        The new EP is pretty good, BTW. That hack at P4K who said it doesn’t sound like Pixies is a fool. The song ‘Andro Queen’ could sit comfortably amongst the ‘Bossanova’ B-sides, and ‘What Goes Boom’ is totally ‘Trompe Le Monde.’ They were even produced by Gil Norton!

        The sound is there, and so are the songs, IMO. Give it a few spins and you might find yourself humming along too.

  4. Agreed Lotus…the sound is definitely there, and I honestly think their new stuff is just as good as their old stuff, I really do. Yeh, the songs are longer and there are some differences, but still, the sound is there, and it’s undeniably the Pixies…rememeber, the Pixies only have four albums and one EP before this, so oddly enough, after a 22 year record release hiatus, they’re still “evolving” to some degree. Anyways, I’ll be eagerly awaiting what they do next.

  5. This song is almost unlistenable. I live in Chicago and went to Riot Fest Sunday just to see the Pixies and the Replacements back to back. A dream come true. Two of my favorite bands of all time. I’ve seen Charles/Black Francis/Frank Black in every incarnation including the perpetual Pixies reunion of the past ten years. Their performance on Sunday was mailed in and completely uninspired. They were sloppy and had several false starts. I’m not one of those old farts that expects Doolittle again but seriously? Andro Queen sounds more like the Pet Shop Boys than the Pixies. What Goes Boom is ok, I guess. I watched this video to see if Sunday was just an off night. It doesn’t seem like it. This song sounded just as bad on Fallon as it did in Chicago the night before. At least the guy who sings on the studio version of this song sounds enough like Kim to fool you into thinking this is the Pixies. I was soooo disappointed. Maybe EP2 will be better.

    On the bright side, the ‘Mats were unbelievable. One of the best sets of rock n roll I’ve ever seen. I never saw them back in the day, but Sunday was truly special. I hope they find a way to continue.

  6. I loved how David Lovering used the sythn drum pad in the beginning of the song. Cool to see that he’s keeping with the times, and not taking the cheesy way out by using backing tracks. Reminds me of the excellent drummer from Little Dragon.

    I was a little shocked to see Kim Shattuck having to look at her fingers to play the bass line. It caused her to move away from the mic during her vocals. It sounded amateurish. She’s a force on guitar, but bass must be challenging for her.

    The BEST part of the Bagboy performance was when Black Francis crazy-screamed “Bagboy!”. He still has a resevoir of rocket sauce!

  7. Batshiz Crazay

    Shattuck sadly can’t sing anywhere to the level as Deal, but i always have much respect for any bassist that plays a Moog Taurus pedal.

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