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Video: Pixies tear into new song ‘What Goes Boom’ on ‘Later… with Jools Holland’

Pixies on 'Jools Holland'

The resurgent Pixies made their second TV appearance in a week last night, this time plugging in on the BBC’s “Later… with Jools Holland” to tear through new song “What Goes Boom” off the band’s just-released EP-1 in advance of tonight’s appearance at the iTunes Festival in London. You can catch that video below via shakespeakertv.

The band — featuring new bassist Kim Shattuck of The Muffs — opens its European tour with the appearance at the iTunes Festival, which can be watched live and afterward via a special app for the festival.


Pixies, “What Goes Boom” on ‘Later… with Jools Holland”






  1. They already sound tighter than they did on Fallon — nothing like a few dates to work out the kinks. Good stuff!


  3. Scott Stalcup

    Okay, either Kim really likes that style/color of dress and has multiples or that outfit’s getting a bit whiffy at this point.

    Glad she’s aboard all the same.

  4. Joey Santiago’s guitar is buried way back in the mix on this song on the e.p. On this live version, he’s front and center, and it instantly sounds like the classic Pixies sound. It’s rad!

    I wonder why they mixed it that way on the e.p. It’s all rhythm guitar and it sounds like Weezer.

  5. You guys should check out their Sept. 25 “iTunes Festival” performance that’s currently showing on (duh) iTunes. The show is excellent, and the sound mix is stunning.

    I loved Kim No. 1 as much as the next person, but Kim No. 2 seems to bring a new energy to the proceedings. That raggedy Fallon performance has no relation to what’s going on these days, it seems.

  6. Juan Miguel

    pixies are much more than the sume of his parts. pixies without kim deal sucks. sorry.

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