120 Minutes Rewind, Video — September 27, 2013 at 6:46 am

‘120 Minutes’ Rewind: PiL’s John Lydon tries to get a rise out of Kevin Seal — 1987

John Lydon

After an unintended hiatus of a couples weeks, we’re back with “120 Minutes” Rewind, this time bringing you one of John Lydon’s many infamous appearances on the program. Here’s 9 minutes of footage from a 1987 spot on “120 Minutes,” as the Public Image Ltd. frontman’s wry personality comes into sharp contrast with Kevin Seal’s absurdist take on hosting.

Check it out below via TheUtuber999:


Public Image Ltd. on “120 Minutes,” 1987






  1. Batshiz Crazay

    This is why i love Johnny Lydon. :)

  2. This should remain “lost”. It isn’t funny, clever or much of anything else but annoying.

  3. I met him once and he insulted me. I thought that was cool.

    Say what you will about Lydon, but you have to give him credit for speaking his mind. “…the amount of time you’ve given me is sparse… and the questions have been pretty damn dismal.”

    This video exemplifies everything I used to hate about that dork Kevin Seal and that poser show 120minutes.

  4. He was only responding to the material he was given

  5. Haha. I remember this. Excellent. I don’t know why some people are getting worked up about it. It’s clearly a work. Kevin and John are just feeding off one another to create quite a few funny segments. Great stuff.

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