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Public Image Ltd. preps 3 vinyl reissues as part of Virgin Records’ 40th anniversary

Public Image Ltd.

Virgin Records is celebrating its 40th anniversary this fall, a milestone the label will mark, in part, with a series of vinyl reissues from Public Image Ltd., including a new 180-gram picture disc of 1986’s Album, a limited-edition 7-inch picture disc of “This Is Not a Love Song” and a double A-sided 12-inch singe featuring “Rise” and “Warrior.”

First up is the Album reissue, which will arrive on 180-gram audiophile vinyl on Oct. 21 and will include a download code and, the band notes on its website, will keep the original tracklisting and artwork style.

On Oct. 28 comes the 7-inch of “This Is Not a Love Song,” featuring the 1983 12-inch version of the song backed by 1989’s “USLS 1” (the “rarer” Eric ET Thorngren mix off the original “Warrior” 7-inch). That single features the black PiL logo on one side (from the original “This Is Not a Love Song” single) and, on the other side, the “eye” image from the back of the “Warrior” 7-inch.

Finally, on Nov. 4, the band will release a double A-sided 12-inch single with the original 1986 12-inch version of “Rise” on one side and the 1989 12-inch extended remix of “Warrior” on the other, with a sleeve featuring the original artwork from those singles on each side.

According to PiL, the band also will be included in a number of yet-to-be detailed Virgin 40th anniversary projects, including compilation CDs, a book and an exhibition.






  1. Ugh.. picture discs? Every picture disc I have ever heard sounds like crap.

    Also, you can find some really good pressings of Album. The RHINO from a few years ago sounds really good but so does my UK pressing. Unless these are cut from original master tapes by someone who knows what they are doing (Chris Bellman, Hoffman or Gray, Grundman, etc…) and pressed at somewhere decent (RTI, PALLAS, Quality, Furnace, etc.. ) then I say pass.

    • Picture discs never sounded good and really were only for collecting, at least in the past they were. I don’t know if the manufacturing and pressing process is better now. It could be.

      • Trust me Scott, they are still terrible. A friend is a huge Maiden fan and bought a bunch of their recent picture disc remasters. They sound terrible, he returned the one’ she hadn’t opened yet.

  2. Shouldn’t “Album”, at least in its digital form, be called “Download”?


    • No, it should be called “Mp3” or “Flac” etc., depending on the format. Technically it’s still an “Album” even on “Compact Disc”

  3. Picture discs are utter crap. I had my money ready to go on the Album reissue till I read the dreaded phrase ‘picture disc’. Only thing they’re good for is hanging on your wall…or playing frisbee.

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