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Vintage Video: Watch The Cult’s ‘Live at the Lyceum’ out-of-print 1984 concert film

The Cult Live at Lyceum

After a few weeks off, we’re back with a new installment of what’s supposed to be the weekly Vintage Video feature, this time presenting the The Cult’s long-out-of-print, VHS-only concert film “Dreamtime: Live at the Lyceum,” filmed May 20, 1984, at the London venue and released later that year between the band’s Dreamtime and Love albums.

Below, check out the full 50-minute concert film (via Novastik):



Tracklist: The Cult, “Dreamtime: Live at the Lyceum”

1. “83rd Dream”
2. “Gods Zoo”
3. “A Flower In The Desert”
4. “Go West (Crazy Spinning Circles)”
5. “Butterflies”
6. “Dreamtime”
7. “Christians”
8. “Spiritwalker”
9. “Horse Nation”
10. “Bone Bag”
11. “Ghost Dance”
12. “Brothers Grimm”
13. “Moya”






  1. Oh yes, The Cult/Death Cult were amazing. It all went downhill from here, although I do like Love and the 1994 album. This period, however, is incredible. They actually had drumming and bass lines that didn’t sound programmed.

  2. Basically all the drive and creativity of SDC/Death Cult with superior musical chops, a well recorded concert. To my mind, the best snapshot of this band. All the songs are great and avoid the later “excessively metal” layer. With ‘She Sells Sactuary’, this would be absolutley perfect!

  3. Man, they had such a killer sound during this period. Awesome stuff.

    Did Ian’s mic cut out during “Spiritwalker”?

  4. Totally agree with Andrew.The Cult at their best, Nigel Preston and Jamie Stewart are an awesome rhythm section – love it when Ian has a go at the crowd and what a voice! Although I still love some of the songs from the later harder rock periods, I still think they went in the wrong direction after Love – The Witch and Red Jesus are lesser known gems.

  5. Eye Mœba

    good to see this again. this is kind of the last phase for death cult before they broke through with sanctuary and eventually went metal. arguably them at their best.

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