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The Jesus and Mary Chain’s 11LP ‘Complete Vinyl Collection’ to feature live album, rarities

The Jesus and Mary Chain

Demon Music Group will mark the 30th anniversary of the formation of The Jesus and Mary Chain with the release this December of The Complete Vinyl Collection, a deluxe box set featuring 11 LPs that includes all six of the band’s studio albums, plus a 2LP set of BBC sessions, a live album and a “fan-selected B-sides and rarities LP.”

Due out Dec. 2, the vinyl box set was announced on YouTube by Demon Music Group (watch below). It will be sold via the page is not yet live.

According to the promotional video and its text description, the 11 LP box set includes:

  • The Mary Chain’s original studio albums — 1985’s Psychocandy, 1987’s Darklands, 1989’s Automatic, 1992’s Honey’s Dead, 1994’s Stoned & Dethroned and 1998’s Munki — each remastered at half speed from the original tapes and pressed to heavyweight vinyl
  • A BBC live compilation, which appears, based on cover art, to be the 2003 release Live in Concert — recorded in 1992 and 1995 — possibly spread over two LPs, although it’s not specified
  • A collection of “all” of the band’s BBC studio sessions “housed together on vinyl for the first time” over two LPs, which appears, based on the cover art seen in the promotional video, to be different than the 2000 CD release The Complete John Peel Sessions
  • A “fan-selected” LP filled with B-sides and rarities
  • A 32-page hardback book with interviews and photographs

No tracklist has yet been revealed for the new box set, but you can watch the promotional video below.

Demon Music Group in recent years has reissued each of the Mary Chain’s albums in expanded CD/DVD editions, and also compiled the two-disc Upside Down best-of compilation.

UPDATE 10/7/13: The site has gone live, and a nearly full tracklist is presented below. The set is priced at £130, or about $209 — except that it apparently can’t be ordered from the U.S. However, if this is anything like the Suede vinyl box set put out by the same label, then it’s likely to appear on Amazon UK in the future — where it will be much cheaper to buy and have shipped to America.


The Jesus and Mary Chain ‘The Complete Vinyl Collection’ teaser


Tracklist: The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Complete Vinyl Collection

LP 1: Psychocandy (1985)
A1 “Just Like Honey”
A2 “The Living End”
A3 “Taste The Floor”
A4 “The Hardest Walk”
A5 “Cut Dead”
A6 “In A Hole”
A7 “Taste Of Cindy”
B1 “Never Understand”
B2 “Inside Me”
B3 “Sowing Seeds”
B4 “My Little Underground”
B5 “You Trip Me Up”
B6 “Something’s Wrong”
B7 “It’s So Hard”

LP 2: Darklands (1987)
A1 “Darklands”
A2 “Deep One Perfect Morning”
A3 “Happy When It Rains”
A4 “Down On Me”
A5 “Nine Million Rainy Days”
B1 “April Skies”
B2 “Fall”
B3 “Cherry Came Too”
B4 “On The Wall”
B5 “About You”

LP 3: Automatic (1989)
A1 “Here Comes Alice”
A2 “Coast To Coast”
A3 “Blues From A Gun”
A4 “Between Planets”
A5 “UV Ray”
B1 “Her Way Of Praying”
B2 “Head On”
B3 “Take It”
B4 “Half Way To Crazy”
B5 “Gimme Hell”

LP 4 Honey’s Dead (1992):
A1 “Reverence”
A2 “Teenage Lust”
A3 “Far Gone And Out”
A4 “Almost Gold”
A5 “Sugar Ray”
A6 “Tumbledown”
B1 “Catchfire”
B2 “Good For My Soul”
B3 “Rollercoaster”
B4 “I Can’t Get Enough”
B5 “Sundown”
B6 “Frequency”

LP 5: Stoned & Dethroned (1994)
A1 “Dirty Water”
A2 “Bullet Lovers”
A3 “Sometimes Always”
A4 “Come On”
A5 “Between Us”
A6 “Hole”
A7 “Never Saw It Coming”
A8 “She”
B1 “Wish I Could”
B2 “Save Me”
B3 “Till It Shines”
B4 “God Help Me”
B5 “Girlfriend”
B6 “Everybody I Know”
B7 “You’ve Been A Friend”
B8 “These Days”
B9 “Feeling Lucky”

LP 6/7: Munki (1998)
A1 “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll”
A2 “Birthday”
A3 “Stardust Remedy”
A4 “Fizzy B1 Moe Tucker”
B2 “Perfume”
B3 “Virtually Unreal”
B4 “Degenerate”
C1 “Cracking Up”
C2 “Commercial”
C3 “Super Tramp”
C4 “Never Understood”
D1 “I Can’t Find The Time For Times”
D2 “Man On The Moon”
D3 “Black”
D4 “Dream Lover”
D5 “I Hate Rock ‘N’ Roll”

LP 8/9: The BBC Sessions
A1 “In A Hole”
A2 “You Trip Me Up”
A3 “Never Understand”
A4 “Taste The Floor”
Tracks A1 to A4 recorded 23/10/1984
A5 “The Living End”
A6 “Inside Me”
A7 “Just Like Honey”
Tracks A5 to A7 recorded 03/02/1985
B1 “Some Candy Talking”
B2 “Psycho Candy”
B3 “You Trip Me Up”
B4 “Cut Dead”
Tracks B1 to B4 recorded 29/10/1985
B5 “Darklands”
B6 “Down On Me”
B7 “Deep One Perfect Morning”
Tracks B5 to B7 recorded 23/11/1986
C1 “Fall”
C2 “In The Rain”
C3 “Happy Place”
Tracks C1 to C3 recorded 25/11/1986
C4 “Sidewalking”
C5 “Coast To Coast”
C6 “Take It”
C7 “My Girl”
Tracks C4 to C7 recorded 31/05/1988
C8 “Far Gone And Out”
C9 “Silverblade”
C10 “Here Comes Alice”
Tracks C8 to C10 recorded 26/11/1989
D1 “Come On”
D2 “God Help Me” (William Vocal)
D3 “Everybody I Know”
D4 “The Perfect Crime”
Tracks D1 to D4 recorded 06/07/1994
D5 “Reverence”
D6 “I Love Rock’n’Roll”
D7 “Degenerate”
D8 “Mo Tucker”
Tracks D5 to D8 recorded 04/1998

LP 10: Live In Concert
A1 “Catch Fire”
A2 “Blues From A Gun”
A3 “Head On”
A4 “Reverence”
A5 “Far Gone And Out”
A6 “Halfway To Crazy”
A7 “Sidewalking”
B1 “Reverence”
B2 “Snakedriver”
B3 “Come On”
B4 “Happy When It Rains”
B5 “Teenage Lust”
B6 “The Perfect Crime”
B7 “Everybody I Know”
B8 “Girlfriend”
B9 “Hole”
B10 “Head On”
B11 “Sugar Ray”
B12 “I Hate Rock ‘N’ Roll”
Tracks A1-A7 recorded 28th March, 1992 at Sheffield Arena
Tracks B1-B12 recorded 19th April 1995 at Trinity, Bristol

LP 11: Fan Selected B-Sides & Rarities
To Be Confirmed from Facebook Fan Competition






  1. myplaydirect has terrible customer service and if they are selling it you can bet it will be pricey as hell :(

  2. C’MON there’s no “Barbed Wire Kisses” !??!?! will it ever get remastered? I got the box set thinking it would take the place of this release but then got to “Just Out Of Reach” and it was NOT the version I know and love. Oh well, at least it’s on vinyl and I could care less about vinyl these days. OK I’m done thanks.

  3. Tempting!

  4. Would love a boxset just like this, but on CDs.

  5. Have these on vinyl at 33rpm and 180G and they sound great. If this included Barbed Wire Kisses and Days Of Speed I would recommend it to someone thinking of getting their vinyl releases. Without those I would just get them individually. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was done intentionally, record companies do this all the time (making key tracks on best of’s live or alternate versions, etc) just to make sure you still have to buy other releases. I will bet that the b sides comp in this box strategically has a few songs from both b sides comps out there. Such BS…

  6. Uh, how is it complete if it doesn’t include all the B-Sides? Lame.

  7. The site has no option for US buyers.

  8. This looks tempting, but I think my Power of Negative Thinking set will do the trick for now.

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