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The Church’s Steve Kilbey, Greg Dulli of Afghan Whigs double up in L.A. (Setlist, Video)

Greg Dulli and Steve Kilbey

Photo via rynda on Instagram

Steve Kilbey of The Church and The Afghan Whigs’ Greg Dulli — who have been writing new music together over the past year — made their live debut together Wednesday night with an intimate show in Los Angeles, where they performed selections from each other’s projects and premiered at least one new song they’d written together.

According to Rolling Stone’s account of the show, Kilbey —  who opened the 75-minute concert alone, then was joined by Dulli and additional musicians —  told the crowd, “Greg came to Australia for three weeks and we wrote one song. At this rate, I’ll be 70 before our album comes out.”

The duo plays one more show, in San Francisco, tonight.

Below, check out a partial setlist a fan posted to the Whitgs’ Facebook page, plus some video.


Setlist : Steve Kilbey and Greg Dulli, The Echo, Los Angeles, CA, 10/9/13

1. “Providence” (Steve Kilbey solo)
2. “Almost With You” (Steve Kilbey solo)
3. “Under the Milky Way” (Steve Kilbey solo)
4. “Wolfe” (Steve Kilbey solo)
5. ???
6. “Tristesse”
7. “Papillon”
8. “One Day”
9. “Already Yesterday”
10. “Step Into the Light”
11. “Tear it All Away”
12. “Teenage Wristband”
13. “Metropolis”
14. “Bonnie Brae”

15. ???
16. “Golden Boy”
17. New song written by Kilbey/Dulli


Steve Kilbey, “Under the Milky Way” — The Echo, 10/9/13


Steve Kilbey and Greg Dulli, “One Day” — The Echo, 10/9/13


Steve Kilbey and Greg Dulli, “Papillon” — The Echo, 10/9/13


Steve Kilbey and Greg Dulli, “Bonnie Brae” — The Echo, 10/9/13





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