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The Darling Buds reunite for special one-off concert in London next April

The Darling Buds

Long-defunct U.K. indie-pop outfit The Darling Buds will reunite for the second time in 20 years next spring for a one-off concert in London that’s being billed as “Pop Said… Again,” a reference to the group’s 1988 debut Pop Said…, which featured the singles “Shame On You,” “Burst” and “Hit the Ground.”

The concert is set for April 19 at London’s Borderline, and finds frontwoman Andrea Lewis joined by original bassist Chris McDonogh and Matt Gray, who played guitar on 1992’s Erotica album. According to the show’s promoter, the Borderline performance “truly is planned as a one-off gig” and that there are no further touring plans for the band.

Since the band’s breakup in 1993, Lewis previously only has reunited the group once, performing a pair of shows in 2010.

Tickets for the Boderline concert are on sale now.

Below, check out the video for the Darling Buds’ “Burst.”


The Darling Buds, ‘Burst’




  1. I love her. That debut is perfect. Literally perfect. Wish I lived closer than 4000 miles from London!

  2. Maurice O'Connell

    Very excited bout this!.Love them,used to know them when the stayed at a Hotel in Euston,London,I worked there and they were in London a lot in the early 90’s,on promo tours,TOTP appereances,photo shoots.They were all lovely people.I wonder if they would remember me?!!.Will be at Borderline in April 14,God willing.

  3. lyndon mac

    loved the darling buds since the late 1980s. i recall an excellent post-gig night back at the columbia hotel courtesy of the record label. andrea is a belle- can’t believe i missed the recent le pub gig! it’s a long way/time since richmond road!

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