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The Wild Swans reissue 3rd studio LP, rarities set ‘Incandescent ‘ in deluxe vinyl editions

The Wild Swans

Earlier this year, U.K.-based label Occultation Recordings took the unusual step of surveying fans of The Wild Swans about what they’d like to see included on deluxe vinyl reissues of the band’s third album, 2011′s The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years, and a 2003 compilation of ’80s radio sessions, demos and rarities called Incandescent.

Well, the label listened, and has now reissued The Coldest Winter — which bandleader Paul Simpson, formerly of The Teardrop Explodes, released after reconstituting the band with a new lineup — in three vinyl editions, including a standard 2LP set on 180-gram vinyl with no extras, a deluxe edition with the two LPs, a CD, poster and more, and a super-deluxe edition in a custom-made box — the latter of which already has sold out. There’s a deluxe CD edition, too.

Below you can see the tracklist for the deluxe edition, which includes the original album on one LP and a second LP with all other Wild Swans material released on Occultation over the past five years, including the out-of-print Tracks in the Snow EP, and two unreleased songs that bookend the project: the first demo recorded for the album in August 2007 as well as a brand-new song recorded this past April.

As for Incandescent, Vinyl 180 is reissuing the compilation as a 2LP, 23-track set this month in a standard gatefold LP and a limited-edition hardback book with new sleeve notes and photos from Simpson. The collection brings together the band’s Zoo Records single “Revolutionary Spirit” and various BBC sessions, live recordings and demos.


Tracklist: The Wild Swans, The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years: Deluxe Edition

Side 1
A1. “Falling To Bits”
A2. “Liquid Mercury” (Album Version)
A3. “Chloroform”
A4. “In Secret”
A5. “English Electric Lightning” (Album Version)
A6. “When Time Stood Still”

Side 2
B1. “Underwater”
B2. “Intravenous”
B3. “Glow In The Dark”
B4. “My Town”
B5. “Lost At Sea”
B6. “The Bluebell Wood”

Side 3
C1. “English Electric Lightning” (Original 10″ Version)
C2. “Liquid Mercury” (Original 7″ Version)
C3. “Dark Times”
C4. “Disintegrating”
C5. “Poison”
C6. “Maybe It’s You”

Side 4
D1. “The Coldest Winter For A Hundred Years”
D2. “The Wickedest Man In The World”
D3. “Half Life”


Tracklist: Incandescent: Deluxe Edition

Side 1
A1. “The Revolutionary Spirit” (Original Single)
A2. “God Forbid” (original Single)
A3. “Flowers Of England”
A4. “The Iron Bed”
A5. “Opium”
A6. “Now You’re Perfect”

Side 2
B1. “No Bleeding”
B2. “Enchanted”
B3. “Thirst”
B4. “The Revolutionary Spirit” (US Stereo Mix)
B5. “God Forbid” (US Stereo Mix)

Side 3
C1. “Northern England”
C2. “Now And Forever”
C3. “Crowning Glory”
C4. “Holy Spear”
C5. “Broken Home” (Demo)
C6. “Infidel” (Demo)

Side 4
D1. “God Forbid”
D2. “Miracle Heart”
D3. “Now You’re Perfect”
D4. “Hour Of Need”
D5. “Fruits Of The Earth”
D6. “The Revolutionary Spirit ”



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