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Video: Johnny Marr plays gorgeous ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’ on Fallon

Johnny Marr on Fallon

Back in the U.S. for his second tour in support of The Messenger this year, Johnny Marr made a return visit to “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” last night, performing “Generate! Generate!” off the new album for broadcast, but then treating the studio audience to a gorgeous, web-only performance of The Smiths’ classic “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want.”

Below, you can watch both clips.

Marr’s tour continues with a performance tonight in New York City — which raises the question: Will Andy Rourke show up again to jam with his old bandmate?


Johnny Marr, “Generate! Generate!”


Johnny Marr, “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want”






  1. Just wonderful! Saw him in Indianapolis this past week — flawless musicianship and a down-to-earth fellow. I hope this album does very well, it’s sooooo good!

  2. Now if the Scrooge Morrissey would swallow his pride, get together with his fellow Smiths bandmates and tour for one last time…

    that is how you grow up.

    • A Smiths reunion would be as disappointing as the Pixies reunion.
      The Smiths are LONG GONE folks.
      Better to have the fans grow up.

  3. I love The Smiths, but I agree I don’t need to see a Smiths reunion.
    And after reading Morrissey’s autobiography you’ll realise why this will NEVER happen.
    He was betrayed in a huge way by members of the band.
    Of the three, I think Morissey & Marr are on the best terms with each other.
    They were the heart of the Smiths and I wouldn’t rule out them collaborating again at some point?
    But I doubt you’d ever see the four of them in a room together ever again, let alone a stage…

  4. Who needs Moz, this is beautiful. Saw him live in Vegas with New Order, it was amazing.

  5. “He was betrayed in a huge way by members of the band.”

    They other three (and the Judge) disagree.

  6. Be great to have an mp3 of this… anyone?

  7. okay Smiths fans…Marr and Moz playing in separate venues in town on the same night…who you got ?

    Saw Moz last year and it was really something once again, much better than 1992…but at this point, I gotta go Marr.

  8. Yaaaawn, what a bore. Saw him last week at fun fun fun fest in austin tx. Almost fell asleep. No substitute for the real thing

  9. I sit here seething over the fact that NBC took this video offline. I wrote the Fallon show at one point and got nothing. One of the best versions I’d ever heard

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