Video — November 19, 2013 at 10:51 pm

Watch: Pixies blow up Joey Santiago in new music video for ‘What Goes Boom’

Pixies' Joey Santiago

The Pixies today debuted the third video off the band’s recently released four-song EP-1 collection, a desert-set clip that culminates with guitarist Joey Santiago exploding into a spray of blood, seemingly answering the question posted by the song’s title: “What Goes Boom.” Check out the full clip — which follows videos for “Indie Cindy” and “Andro Queen” — below.







  1. That’s a pretty cool video! The abrupt shifts in camera direction and focus have a real aggressive, intrusive feel, like it’s implicating the viewer inside this wide-open metaphor for the surveillance state. The hidden camera tracks its quarry and then ZAP! Or so I read it.

    Nice detail that there are already two red blotches on the landscape, as if Charles and David had already passed this way …

  2. From like 3:17 on you can see a figure wearing black walking from the far left corner of the shot, same path that Joey took, presumably Charles. Who knows which Bass player is the other red stain near Joey? First viewing of this video today, but the EP has really grown on me.

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