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Mark Burgess’ ChameleonsVox debuts video for ‘Sycophants’ — first new music in 10 years

The Chameleons' Mark Burgess

Mark Burgess this month released long-awaited new music under the ChameleonsVox banner — the latest incarnation of post-punk favorites The Chameleons, also featuring long-serving drummer John Lever — in the form of the 4-song M+D=1(8) EP, and this morning he’s treated fans to a music video for lead-off track “Sycophants,” which you can watch below.

The EP features Burgess’ first new music in a decade — original songs “Sycophants,” “Heaven” and “Feel the Need” plus a cover of The Beatles classic “Across the Universe” — and can now be ordered through the band’s online store at

The disc is a limited-edition release, the band has noted, “so when they’re gone, they’re gone.”

ChameleonsVox currently are on tour in Europe through early December.


ChameleonsVox, ‘Sycophants’






  1. If the new band name is all about stressing the it’s his voice, then why is his voice run through that ghastly filter on this track?

  2. Batshiz Crazay

    Meh. As much as i love love the Chameleons and Burgess, this sounds like it would have worked better as a B side single.

  3. That will be the first and only time I listen to that song. Very unfortunate.

  4. It is very good. Yves Altana plays guitar on this EP. Incidentally, the sound isn’t that far off from Paradyning. I cannot think of anything Burgess has done that I did not like.

  5. Surprisingly good. Well done, Bird et al.

  6. I got this EP in the mail and it is seriously great. Like the recent album by The Mission, the sound clips on computer speakers are so thin, tinny and generally shitty, but the real product is fantastic. Burgess never disappoints me. He is a genius.

  7. A little harsh if I have this energy and belief post 50 I will be a happy man had the pleasure of meeting mark on Saturday in Bristol after the gig such a humble guy just keeping it real and if you don’t hear it in this track there must be something a miss with your ears it kicks !!! As it did Saturday night x

  8. Thank you Moderator. Obviously it disappoints me when people don’t go for the new record and voice their own disappointment, but I respect their view, but I can’t respect personal insults and hateful comments directed at the peopl that I love and I’m glad that the moderator respects that too. In the records defence I’ll say this. Firstly I shredded the vocal sound that way because that’s the way I heard it in my head when I worked on it. Had that ‘rightness’ that I’ve come to recognise over the years and I have and always will adhere to it. Secondly it was never intended to be a ‘chameleons’ record but it isn’t THE Chameleons, it’s ‘ChameleonsVox’ the voice of the The Chameleons, which a sound or a style, it’s ME and I’ll use my voice in any way I choose according to what I feel is right for the piece. Thirdly if you listen to the EP you’ll find four very different songs, all of them unique to themselves and none of them typical of past work, which I’m happy about. They were released as a stand alone EP because they’re also different from the songs I’m preparing for the new album. I’ve been buying records for a lot longer than most of the audience I have. I know a great record when I hear it and Sycophants represents the kind of record that made me want to play in a band in the first place. I say that not to herald my own work but in recognition of Chris who I wrote the song with. I think it’s great. If you don’t like it sorry but it’s not going to influence what I do int he future one jot. If you DO lime it, well that’s great and on behalf of all of us thanks for your support.

  9. rain Gretzky

    Unfortunately the red “play” button on the video link looks like a fucking clowns nose mark.

  10. It sounds great, Mark. I saw the reformed Chameleons in 2000 or so when you toured the US. Hard to believe that as much time has passed between now and then as between then and when the Chameleons first broke up. Don’t let the haters get you too down, come back to the US, and please, please, keep cranking it out!

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