TV, Video — November 26, 2013 at 6:00 am

Watch Mazzy Star perform ‘California’ on Fallon in first TV appearance in 20 years

Mazzy Star

Mazzy Star — the reunited dream-pop duo featuring David Roback of Rain Parade and Opal plus singer Hope Sandoval — dropped by “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” last night to promote its comeback album Seasons of Your Day with its first television performance in nearly two decades. The group, shrouded in darkness, performed lead single “California,” which you can watch below.







  1. As brilliant and haunting as ever.

  2. Scott Stalcup

    Can’t decide which comment to go with, so I’ll post both.

    Serious one first:
    It’s like someone hit RESUME after hitting PAUSE in the mid-90s. BRILLIANT! I mean, yes, the albums Hope did with the Warm Inventions were fantastic, but she and Dave together? Perfection, full stop.

    And now the pisstaker: Sad.
    Even a goddess like Hope Sandoval is subject to the ravages of middle age, filling out like she has.

    Why, she must be up to two ounces now!

    Fully clothed. Soaking wet.

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