New Releases — December 16, 2013 at 12:01 am

New releases: Jesus and Mary Chain, Cabaret Voltaire, Pogues, Daniel Ash, Durutti Column

The Jesus and Mary Chain

Record Rack: A round-up of the week’s new albums, expanded reissues and/or box sets, appearing each Monday on Slicing Up Eyeballs.


The Jesus and Mary ChainThe Jesus and Mary Chain

RELEASE: The Complete Vinyl Collection
BACKSTORY: The Mary Chain celebrates its 30th anniversary with this 11LP box set that includes all six of the band’s studio albums, plus a 2LP set of BBC sessions, a live album and a “fan-selected B-sides and rarities LP.”


Cabaret VoltaireCabaret Voltaire

RELEASE: #8385 (Collected Works 1983–1985)
BACKSTORY: This 8CD box set includes four of the band’s ’80s albums plus B-sides, remixes, 2 live concerts and the “Gasoline In Your Eye” video compilation, all spread across six CDs, two DVDs and four vinyl records


The PoguesThe Pogues

RELEASE: 30 Years
BACKSTORY: This new 8CD box set includes the band’s seven studio albums, plus a previously unreleased live album The Pogues With Joe Strummer Live in London that was recorded in 1991.


Daniel AshDaniel Ash

RELEASE: Anthology
BACKSTORY: This new 3CD box set includes Ash’s first two solo albums, 1991′s Coming Down and 1992′s Foolish Thing Desire, expanded with period B-sides, as well as a third disc featuring 20 rare tracks.


Durutti ColumnDurutti Column

RELEASE: The Return of the Durutti Column
BACKSTORY: Factory Benelux reissues the landmark album on vinyl with a revised version of the iconic sandpaper sleeve first issued by Factory Records in January 1980, plus a bonus 7-inch single.




  1. It really ticks me off that there are a number of remastered re-releases of work from Peter Murphy, Love & Rockets, etc. that are not yet available in the States.

    • you should try living in Australia ……

      eBay is my best friend – I just order everything from England, don’t even bother looking in shops anymore.

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