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Orange Juice’s 4 original studio albums to be reissued on CD, vinyl next year

Orange Juice

Following last April’s vinyl-only Record Store Day releases, Domino Records next year will reissue all four original albums from Edwyn Collins’ acclaimed Scottish indie-pop act Orange JuiceYou Can’t Hide Your Love Forever (1982), Rip It Up (1982), Texas Fever (1984) and The Orange Juice (1984) — on CD, as digital downloads and, once again, on vinyl.

When the label announced the Record Store Day vinyl reissues earlier this year, it noted that now that its 2010 box set …Coals to Newcastle — which contained all four albums — is “way out-of-print,” the vinyl editions would “represent the only existing physical version of the albums available at this juncture.”

On Feb. 3, though, Domino will re-press the sold-out vinyl reissues, and release CD and digital versions as well. All four records are remastered and include original lyric sheets and printed inner sleeves, except for Texas Fever, which never had one. The vinyl reissues once again come with a free digital download, too.

The reissues feature the original tracklists, without the bonus material that was included when the records were reissued in the late ’90s. Below, check out the full tracklistings:


Tracklist: Orange Juice, You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever

1. “Falling And Laughing”
2. “Untitled Melody”
3. “Wan Light”
4. “Tender Object”
5. “Dying Day”
6. “L.O.V.E. (Love)”
7. “Intuition Told Me (Part 1)”
8. “Upwards And Onwards”
9. “Satellite City”
10. “Three Cheers For Our Side”
11. “Consolation Prize”
12. “Felicity”
13. “In A Nutshell”


Tracklist: Orange Juice, Rip It Up

1. “Rip It Up”
2. “A Million Pleading Faces”
3. “Mud In Your Eye”
4. “Turn Away”
5. “Breakfast Time”
6. “I Can’t Help Myself”
7. “Flesh Of My Flesh”
8. “Louise Louise”
9. “Hokoyo”
10. “Tenter Hook”


Tracklist: Orange Juice, Texas Fever

1. “Bridge”
2. “Craziest Feeling”
3. “Punch Drunk”
4. “The Day I Went Down To Texas”
5. “A Place In My Heart”
6. “A Sad Lament”


Tracklist: Orange Juice, The Orange Juice

1. “Lean Period”
2. “I Guess I’m Just A Little Too Sensitive”
3. “Burning Desire”
4. “Scaremonger”
5. “The Artisans”
6. “What Presence?!”
7. “Out For The Count”
8. “Get While The Gettings Good”
9. “All That Ever Mattered”
10. “Salmon Fishing In New York”






  1. “What Presence?!” was on just about every other mix tape I made back then. “Rip It Up,” used to be played on KSPC in Claremont, Ca. That song helped to get me through a terrible summer.

  2. I would love to see a remastered Rip It Up. Flesh of My Flesh is a favorite.

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