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Aztec Camera’s ‘High Land, Hard Rain’ to receive expanded 30th anniversary reissue

Aztec Camera

Aztec Camera’s 1983 debut album High Land, Hard Rain — home to classic single “Oblivious” — will receive a (slightly) belated 30th anniversary reissue in North America in early 2014, a 2CD set that expands on last year’s European re-release with 16 bonus tracks that include B-sides, remixes, alternate versions and a host of live radio session material.

Due out Feb. 4, the Domino reissue will be available as both a 2CD set and a single LP, with the vinyl edition including downloads not just of the full album, but the second disc of bonus material as well. Additionally, the first 400 people who pre-order the vinyl pressing via Domino will receive a bonus 7-inch with four additional rarities (see full tracklists below).

Last year, Demon Music Group reissued all six of the Roddy Frame-led Scottish indie-pop act’s albums in the U.K., each featuring a varying amount of bonus material. The label’s High Land reissue featured seven bonus tracks tacked onto the end of the album, most of which appear on the upcoming 2CD set.

There’s no indication yet whether Domino plans to reissue further Aztec Camera titles.

Earlier this month, Frame performed High Land, Hard Rain at a series of U.K. shows;  you can see a performance of “Oblivious” from one of those gigs below.


Tracklist: Aztec Camera, High Land, Hard Rain

1. “Oblivious”
2. “The Boy Wonders”
3. “Walk Out to Winter”
4. “The Bugle Sounds Again”
5. “We Could Send Letters”
6. “Pillar to Post”
7. “Release”
8. “Lost Outside the Tunnel”
9. “Back on Board”
10. “Down the Dip”

CD 2/LP Download
1. “Pillar to Post” (Original Single Version)
2. “Queen’s Tattoos”
3. “Orchid Girl”
4. “Haywire”
5. “Walk Out to Winter” (Tony Mansfield 7″ Version)
6. “Set the Killing Free”
7. “Back on Board” (Live on CFNY)
8. “We Could Send Letters” (Live on CFNY)
9. “Walk Out to Winter” (Kid Jensen Session)
10. “Down the Dip” (Kid Jensen Session)
11. “Back on Board” (Kid Jensen Session)
12. “Release” (Kid Jensen Session)
13. “Walk Out to Winter” (John Brand Unreleased Single Version)
14. “Walk Out to Winter” (Tony Mansfield 12″ Version)
15. “Oblivious” (Colin Fairley Remix)
16. “Oblivious” (Langer/Winstanley Remix)


Bonus 7″ (First 400 pre-orders of vinyl edition)

A1. “The Boy Wonders” (Capital Radio Session)
A2. “Release” (Capital Radio Session)
B1. “We Could Send Letters” (C81 Version)
B2. “The Bugle Sounds Again” (Bedroom Demo)


Roddy Frame, “Oblivious,” Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 12/4/13






  1. They just remastered this a couple of years back, cash grab?

  2. Oh yeah, Chuck–you nailed him–Roddy’s a scoundrel, just raking in the ill-gotten pounds.

    What’s wrong with you, son?

    How the hell could you listen to that beautiful clip of that lovely song of our youth, and fling snot?

    Here’s some free information–you don’t want the record–don’y but the record. Cash grab? You… aww, I won’t say it. But we know whatt you are.

  3. I def won’t be buying. This was just ‘remastered’ way back in 2012 and I didn’t bite then because as we all know ‘remasters’ are inferior compressed loud abominations of the original pressings. I’ll stick with my original CD issue.

  4. That’s kind of cool, it’s like being insulted by a character from Trainspotting or something. I guess I made the comment because I bought the last set remasters and paid import prices for each one, now, a year later a new, better version comes out. So, yes, it does feel like a cash grab to me.

  5. For what it’s worth, this set is intended for US markets and will hopefully fix some glitch issues with the prior CD release (which I bought on import as well). I’m a huge fan of this particular record and I don’t have it on vinyl, so it’s a definite buy for me.

  6. I wouldn’t call this a cash grab. The Edsel releases were OK but did have some glitches that Roddy wanted to correct. The Domino release sounds terrific and even though I took the plunge on the Edsel releases, no bitterness here. While HLHR is a classic, Stray, Love and Knife are worthy companions that I hope get the Domino treatment as well. Edsel did a decent job but there is room for improvement now that many engineers are actually remastering instead of compressing and increasing the volume.

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