Auto Reverse, Mixtape — December 23, 2013 at 10:11 am

Stream/Download: Slicing Up Eyeballs Christmas Mix — 2 hours of alternative holiday cheer

Auto Reverse Christmas Mix 2013

Seeing as how we’re a bit late in delivering the December entry in the Auto Reverse mixtape series, we’re going to break format slightly and instead drop a huge Christmas mix on you — a 40-song, two-hour collection of festive fare from the likes of X, R.E.M., Cocteau Twins, Alien Sex Fiend, Iggy Pop, The Fall, XTC, Hüsker Dü, Al Jourgensen and more.

It’s actually an extended version of the 2012 mix, which has been yanked from the World Wide Web by the grinches over at Soundcloud. So if you want to get into the holiday spirit, take a spin through the mix below — you can stream the whole thing via Mixcloud, or just download a huge MP3.

Merry Christmas from Slicing Up Eyeballs.


DOWNLOAD: Auto Reverse — Slicing Up Eyeballs Mixtape (December 2013)


1, Bad Religion, “O Come All Ye Faithful”
2. Hüsker Dü, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”
3. Wayne Hussey, “White Christmas”
4. Alien Sex Fiend, “Stuff the Turkey”
5. Wall of Voodoo, “Shouldn’t Have Given Him a Gun for Christmas”
6. Squeeze, “Christmas Day”
7. Erasure, “Silver Bells”
8. X, “Jingle Bells”
9. R.E.M., “Christmas Time Is Here”
10. Ramones, “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)”
11. The Primitives, “You Trashed My Christmas”
12. The Fall, “Jingle Bell Rock” (Peel Session)
13. They Might Be Giants, “Santa’s Beard”
14. Al Jourgensen, “It’s Always Christmas Time”
15. The Smithereens, “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”
16. The Pogues f/ Kirsty MacColl, “Fairytale of New York”
17. The Pretenders, “2,000 Miles”
18. Erasure, “Silent Night”
19. R.E.M., “Silver Bells”
20. U2, “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
21. Cocteau Twins, “Frosty the Snowman”
22. The Alarm, “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”
23. X, “Santa Claus is Coming To Town”
24. Depeche Mode, “Christmas Island”
25. Throwing Muses, “Santa Claus”
26. Kate Bush, “December Will Be Magic Again”
27. Pet Shop Boys, “It Doesn’t Often Snow at Christmas” (New Version)
28. Iggy Pop, “White Christmas”
29. Miracle Legion, “Little Drummer Boy”
30. The Specials, “Holiday Fortnight”
31. Sonic Youth, “Santa Doesn’t Cope Out On Dope”
32. Cocteau Twins, “Winter Wonderland”
33. R.E.M., “Christmas Griping”
34. Three Wise Men (aka XTC), “Thanks For Christmas”
35. Book of Love, “We Three Kings”
36. Erasure, “She Won’t Be Home”
37. The Fall, “(We Wish You) A Protein Christmas”
38. The Flaming Lips, “White Christmas” (Live at WXPN)
30. Bing Crosby and David Bowie, “Little Drummer Boy”
40. Sinead O’Connor, “Silent Night”






  1. Poly Styrene “Black Christmas!”

  2. Andy Cuthbert

    Slade – “Merry Christmas Everybody”?

  3. I love that you guys put these tapes together!

  4. No Waitresses’ “Christmas Wrapping?” Or is it overused?

  5. Great mix, and thank you!! This is my type of Christmas Carols!!
    (But no Ramones Christmas??

  6. MY BAD!!! I missed it when looking down the list…it’s such a great and long one!!

  7. What, no Morrissey…oh wait.

  8. Big THANK YOU!
    And happy xmas!!

  9. I love it!

    For next year, please add “Christmas is Coming” by The Payola$.


  10. really enjoying this mix, excellent stuff

  11. Should add this one:
    Steriles – Mrs. Claus has Menopause

  12. Very good mix. Thank you!

  13. Great mix. Would have loved to see Cocteau’s “Frosty”, Sylvian/Sakamoto’s “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” and DK’s “Holiday in Cambodia”. There’s always next year. Thank-you.

  14. brett grossmann

    Thanks so much and have a happy holiday. Love streaming your mixes. Keep up the good work …

  15. How in the world could you not have THE WAITRESES “Christmas Wrapping”. !?!?!?!?!?

  16. Christmas Island by Depeche Mode? that’s a cheat. The song has nothing to do with the holiday. And where are the Cranes Happy Xmas (War is Over) or the Cure Merry Christmas Everybody (Live)?

  17. Great remix, but really should add “Santa’s Comin’ (Ho Ho Ho” by the Woggles to the mix for next year. ( )

  18. XTC : Thanks For Christmas
    XTC : Countdown To Christmas

    add ’em next time.

  19. I don’t know if the Specials Holiday Fortnight should be included on a Christmas playlist, because in England “Holiday” means “vacation”. They don’t use it (or didn’t when this song was written) as a replacement for “Christmas/Hanukah/kwanza” like we do in the United States. In fact, I have this song on one of my own summer vacation playlists. It makes me think of tropical breezes and zipping around an island on a moped.

  20. awesome mix

    (Game Theory: Linus and Lucy)

  21. Shonen Knife- Space Christmas
    Dickies- Silent Night
    Bad Manners- It’s Christmas time again
    Sloppy Seconds- Lonely Christmas
    The Kinks- Father Christmas

    And yeah, Christmas Wrapping is the best, don’t care how much the radio plays it, cool mix btw

  22. … sure, all good but a lot has happened since
    Wizard Rock- Draco and the Malfoys, “All I want for Christmas”
    Hollie-Core – Eldridge Rodriguez, “Baby I’m alone Tonight (Christmas Time)”
    Christmas-Darlings – Hands and Knees, “James Brown died on Christmas Day”

  23. Thank you so much for this awesome mix I hope you make a mix next year I don’t mind waiting 3 years inbetween mixes
    Have a great Christmas
    Thanks again
    Look up Sleater-Kinney covering Merry Christmas I don’t want to fight tonight .

  24. Suicidal Tendencies: Silent Night

  25. “Boy, Get That Stocking Out Of Your Mouth” by Peter Murphy and Tom Waits would fit nicely on the list.

  26. No longer available for download :-(

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