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Video: The Dream Syndicate live in Cleveland — watch full 100-minute reunion set

The Dream Syndicate

Steve Wynn’s reunited Dream Syndicate — featuring original drummer Dennis Duck, Medicine Show-era bassist Mark Walton and new guitarist Jason Victor — has only played a handful of dates in the U.S. since first coming together in the fall of 2012, so, for many of us, this film of the band’s full 100-minute set in Cleveland last November is a godsend.

Produced, directed and edited by Tom Weber, the film captures the 16-song set the band performed at Cleveland’s Beachland Ballroom on Nov. 22, the first standalone reunion gig in the U.S., following a set earlier in the year at Wilco’s Solid Sound festival in Massachusetts.

Check out the full video (via @anniezaleski) and setlist below:



Setlist: The Dream Syndicate, Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio, 11/22/13

1. “When You Smile”
2. “Definitely Clean”
3. “That’s What You Always Say”
4. “Daddy’s Girl”
5. “Until Lately”
6. “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean”
7. “Still Holding On To You”
8. “Burn”
9. “Then She Remembers”
10. “50 In A 25 Zone”
11. “Tell Me When It’s Over”
12. “Halloween”
13. “Boston”
14. “The Days Of Wine And Roses”
15. “Merrittville”
16. “John Coltrane Stereo Blues”






  1. Obviously HEAVILY influenced by THE CURE. I mean, look, the singer’s holding a guitar, JUST like Robert SMITH .

  2. haha LOL!

  3. Everything about this is cool, from the very first wails of feedback to the final note of the set.

    Hey Steve Wynn: Bring the band to Seattle!!!

  4. Hi, I’m the producer/director of this video. For those with home theater systems, you can download a version with full 5.1 surround audio at:

    It’s a fairly long download but worth the wait. I’ve just begun producing live concerts in HD and surround after years in the music video business. It really sounds like you’re there.

    • You picked a great band to work with. Thanks for this!

    • Hi Tom,

      Would you mind a repost of the link? It appears to be dead. BTW, that’s my big head (I’m 6’4″) blocking Steve for much of the first half of the show. Sorry folks. It was a fantastic show though, one of the best in years and definitely ranks with the best I’ve ever seen. Steve plays fairly regularly at the Beachland too with the Miracle 3 and always has a smokin’ set!

  5. bug barbeque

    tom! great work and THANK YOU for providing the awesome download! long live DS!

  6. Ken Tretler

    Any chance we could get a new link for the download, Tom? Any help would be great and thank you for posting this.

  7. I was fortunate enough to go to the show. Tom captured the buzz, the music and excitement of the show. Thanks for putting it out there .

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