Contests — January 10, 2014 at 7:50 am

Contest: Win Morrissey’s new ‘Satellite of Love’ single on 7-inch or 12-inch vinyl

Morrissey, 'Satellite of Love' (Live)

Late last year, Morrissey paid tribute to the life and legacy of Lou Reed by releasing a live cover of the late icon’s “Satellite of Love” as a digital single. Now comes the release of that 2011 performance, recorded in Las Vegas, on 7-inch and 12-inch vinyl — and Rhino Records is hooking us up with five copies of each to give away to lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

Both are due out Jan. 28. The 7-inch picture disc includes, as B-sides, Your Arsenal opener “You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side” and a previously unreleased live version of “You Say You Don’t Love Me” recorded in London’s Hyde Park on July 4, 2008. The 12-inch, on 180-gram vinyl, features “You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side” plus two more previously unreleased live recordings from the Hyde Park concert: “Vicar in a Tutu” and “All You Need is Me.”

TO ENTER: In the comment section below, please name your favorite cover version of all time — any artist, covering any other artist — and, if you’re inclined, spend a few words explaining just why you think it’s tops. And, if you’ve got a preference, specify whether you’d like to win a 7-inch or 12-inch. Finally, if you’re using the Slicing Up Eyeballs app, please email your entry to with the subject line “Gimme that sweet, sweet Morrissey vinyl.”

RULES: Contest is limited to U.S. residents only (sorry, those are the record label’s rules). We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EST Thursday, Jan. 23. After that point, we’ll select 10 winners at random and contact them via their provided e-mail addresses. Winners will have one week (7 days) to claim their prize; if unclaimed after a week, a new winner will be drawn. One entry per person.


Tracklist: Morrissey, “Satellite of Love” (12″ heavyweight vinyl single)

A1. “Satellite Of Love (Live)”
A2. “You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side”

B1. “Vicar In A Tutu (Live)” *
B2. “All You Need Is Me (Live)” *

*Previously unreleased, recorded live in Hyde Park on July 4, 2008


Tracklist: Morrissey, “Satellite of Love” (7″ picture disc)

A1. “Satellite Of Love (Live)”

B1. 1.”You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side”
B2. “You Say You Don’t Love Me (Live)” *

* Previously unreleased, recorded live in Hyde Park on July 4, 2008



  1. Rick Bristol

    I love the Eurythmics version.

  2. james morris

    everyday is like sunday..10,000 maniacs
    one of my fav Morrissey tracks
    (he and I share the same bday)

  3. Always on my mind – Pet Shop Boys

  4. EBTG – all their covers are wonderful but Downtown Train rocks.

  5. John Clexton

    Jane Siberry’s cover of ” The girl from impenema”.
    Classic song, but done in such new fashion.
    I prefere the 12inch so i can display it better in my office. Fingers crossed

  6. I would like a 12 inch. Covers are tricky, I tend to like versions that redefine the original – or cast light one the original songwriter in a way that hasn’t before. I think Johnny Cash’s cover of “I See a Darkness” (the will oldham/bonnie prince billy original is great) is a good one and a favorite for such a reason. Similarly an argument could be made for “Hurt”.

  7. Johnny Cash – ‘Hurt’ So real/raw at the end of his career. (7-inch please!)

  8. Barton Crouch

    My fave cover of all time would have to be Tracey Thorn’s cover of PSBs Kings Cross. Its not so much a cover as it was an evocation of seeing it from a very different perspective. Moz, Tracey and other 80s artists understand the POWER of a great cover and how it reflects upon their taste in music. Also, I’d prefer the 12″, but any new Moz is a good thing! Cheers!

  9. noel christy

    my favorite cover is Thee Headcoatees version of “Ça plane pour moi”

    i’d prefer the 7″ but would happily take either one.

  10. Lisa Fremont

    Bauhaus cover of Ziggy Stardust.
    Peter Murphy made it his own, while maintaining the overall feel of the story.

  11. Don Reynolds

    Patti Smith’s version of “Gloria” comes to mind first for the way she “butch-ed” it up, and for the opposite effect, David Bowie’s version of “I Can’t Explain” for the way he “tarts” it up!

  12. Jimi Hendrix “All Along The Watchtower”. Made it his own to the point that Bob Dylan now does it live like Jimi!

  13. james t alexander jr

    Alone or – The Mission UK have always loved the song takes me back to when the cover was released even before I knew it was a cover.

    I would love either disc as a prize.

  14. Girl in a Coma “Transmission” 12″

  15. It’s hard to find but out there is a cover of Prefab Sprout’s Cruel done by Elvis Costello. It sounds like it should have been his originally. Just great stuff.

    • Oh and the 12 inch would be great. I wonder if Tears for Fears will release a whole cover album since they have been throwing out some great tracks lately along those lines.

  16. Sean Murphy

    Superstar by Sonic Youth. Preferably the 12″ version .

  17. Ziggy Stardust – Bauhuas…coz it rocks :)

  18. “Across the universe” by Rufus Wainwright. I love the Beatles and I love Rufus and his voice is so amazing on that recording. 12″

  19. Ray Sackman

    Moby covering “that’s when i reach for my revolver”

  20. I loved Loquat’s cover of “There Is Light That Never Goes Out” by Morrissey. I think it was the first time I ever heard anybody else do a Moz cover and I instantly loved it, and fell in love with Loquat. If you haven’t heard it, you’ve got to. I’ll take the 12″, thanks for consideration.

  21. U2 – Satellite of Love – Live on ZOO TV Tour with Lou Reed’s vocals pre-recorded. I’d be happy with either but prefer 12″ please.

  22. David Bowie/Marianne Faithful “I Got You Babe” from The Nineteen Eighty Floor Show. Perfectly captured the exquisite nonchalance that was Sonny and Cher.
    (12″, please)

  23. I love The Boxtops’ cover of Procol Harum’s A Whiter Shade of Pale. Alex Chilton’s voice is amazing, and it just sounds so much bigger and warmer to me.

    It wouldn’t matter to me which version, it’d just be cool to win.

  24. Dain Zimmerman

    Pixies covering “Head On” by They Jesus and Mary Chain.

    I would like the 12″!

  25. Brad Zeiler

    Sublime covering the Bad Religion’s “We’re Only Gonna Die From Our Own Arrogance”. Two of my favorite bands meeting in the middle. A highlight of the 40 Oz. to Freedom album, Brad and the boys shred this one just like Greg and the boys did a decade before.

  26. Steven Cary

    Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Little Wing”

    Better than the original. Somehow.

  27. I’m sure some will say it’s blasphemy but I love the Snake River Conspiracy version of the Cure’s “Love Song”!

    I’d be thrilled with either 7″ or 12″

  28. Sarah Wolfgram

    It’s got to be Jeff Buckley’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah”. It’s haunting for obvious reasons. I’d be happy to win either, but interested in the 12″!

  29. My favorite cover is The Pixies version of JAMC’s “Head On.” It’s such a great song by two of my favorite bands!

  30. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me by Eurythmics.
    7″ please.

  31. Morrissey covering Patti Smith’s Redondo Beach. My favorite artist covering my other favorite artist. Or Patti Smith covering Velvet Underground’s Heroin, which she performed on NYE. Patti and Lou, 2 of the greatest artists ever.

  32. Christopher Nixon

    My favorite is one I heard very recently. I really like the band Snow Patrol and just the end of December they covered REM – Nightswimming. I’m a long time REM fan and especially this particular song. Gary Lightbody’s treatment of the haunting song really paid homage to the genius of Michael Stipe. The horns throughout were a truly enjoyable addition. I have played it for several other REM junkies who were equally impressed. I’m hoping by sharing my thoughts in this great version, that you would grace me with Morrissey’s new 7″! I have followed his career for decades and would love to add it to my collection!

  33. Cyndi Lauper’s version of “When You Were Mine” by Prince.

    That she didn’t change the gender (“I know, that you’re going with some other guy…”) just gave the song an added dimension of intrigue that was just genius. And her plaintive vocals helped further set it apart from the Prince version. So good.

    (12″ pretty please!)

  34. So many great covers, right? Just for variety, I’ll say Pulp’s video “cover” of their own song, “Bad Cover Version”. That’s fun! Oh, and I do prefer the 12″ :)

  35. xiu xiu feat. michael gira – under pressure

  36. Suspicious Minds, as covered by Fine Young Cannibals. I’d like the 12″, please

  37. It’s not much of a stretch as far as making it “his own,” but I must admit that I LOVE Chris Isaak’s version of Neil Diamond’s “Solitary Man.”

  38. Siouxsie and the banshees cover of dear prudence…passenger is great too! 12″ please!!

  39. Craig Waits

    For me I would have to give it to The Sundays version of Wild Horses.

  40. Dinosaur Jr. “Just Like Heaven”

  41. Mike on South Street

    R.E.M.’s version (on Document) of Wire’s “Strange”. I love how it takes the very deliberate, edgy, hesitant-sounding original and turns it into this rollicking, danceable rocker. (And the way he changes “Joey’s nervous” to “Michael’s nervous”.)


  42. I don’t know if it’s necessarily my favorite (too many to name or choose just one), but I love the Bassholes’ version of Joy Division’s “Interzone.” They turn the stark tune into a shambolic blues send-up.

  43. Have to say Placebo’s cover of “Running Up That Hill”. Moloko’s vocals and the instrument approach just keep me wanting to replay.

  44. The Clash’s version of Junior Murvin’s “Police and Thieves.”

    12″ please.

  45. Brian Adams

    So many good ones already listed. But, Placebo’s version of Running up that hill. Fantastic remake

  46. I would say a great cover is Heart’s cover of “stairway to heaven “

  47. Thomas Matthews

    The Replacements doing Lost Highway on Songs for Slim. Only the ‘mats could give that song the grit it deserves.

  48. My favorite cover song is My Bloody Valentine’s Map Ref w 41°n 93°w

    (7″ please)

    Thanks for all the good music news

  49. Listen to the David Sylvian-song ‘Ghosts’ as performed by (the Dutch) Mathilde Santing on the 2008 album ‘Forty Nine’ (on Deezer and Spotify). I’d like the 12″ if that’s ok with you.

  50. The Fall’s cover of The Kink’s ”Victoria.” True to the original, but fits Mark’s vision so well.

  51. Tears for Fears cover of Hot Chip’s “Boy from school”

    I would prefer the 12″

  52. “Roll Over Beethoven” –The Beatles.
    I love George’s vocals and guitar solo. One of the first songs that I heard as a child that made me love rock and roll for a lifetime!

  53. Devo’s cover of “Satisfaction” is a great reworking of a classic rock song.

  54. Had to say “favorite” but I have always loved the REDD KROSS cover of “Deuce” by KISS 12″ please

  55. Siouxsie and the Banshees’ version of The Beatles’ “Dear Prudence”. I love the video too! I prefer the 12″ versio

  56. Ring of Fire – Social Distortion
    Everlasting Love – U2
    12 inch, pls.

  57. I love Elbow covering The The’s August and September. I love both bands and Elbow’s cover may have surpassed the great original.

  58. Terence Concannon

    Camper Van Beethoven’s cover of Sonic Youth’s ‘Love Her All the Time’ because it is nothing like the original but is just as strong.

  59. Giselle Gazda

    My favorite cover of all-time is No Doubt’s rendition of “It’s My Life”. If I were to win Moz’s vinyl, I’d definitely want the 12 inch..more to love and all. :)

  60. Oh, this is impossible. I LOVE good covers, and a couple of my all-time favorite bands, REM and Luna, could (and did) take pretty much anyone’s song and make it their own. I could name a dozen great covers by one and a couple dozen by the other. That’s the thing about a successful cover: it takes a good band with their own sound, plus impeccable taste.

    As one-offs I could easily vote for Trespassers William’s desolate take on U2’s “Love is Blindness,” the Church’s loopily ecstatic “Hounds of Love” (Kate Bush), or MBV’s noisily perfect “Map Ref. 41” (Wire). And on and on.

    ….But I have to vote for TMC’s sublime interpretation of Tim Buckley’s “Song to the Siren” with Elizabeth Fraser on vocals. That’s pretty much the gold standard against which all covers should be measured.

  61. My favorite cover is the Ocean Blue doing There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and “12 of course!

  62. Jack Watters

    The Czar’s cover of “I Fall To Pieces”, originally done by Patsy Cline. Retains the simplicity of the original, yet the haunting voice of John Grant, even though it is male, makes it even more desperate.

    12″ if I ma lucky enough to win.

  63. Charlie Rowell

    Dishwalla – it’s Going To Take Some Time (The Carpenters). I don’t own anything by this band aside from If I Were A Carpenter (the greatest tribute album ever) but their track beefs up the song 10 fold and I sing along at top volume every time I listen.

  64. Moz’s cover of The Jam’s “That’s Entertainment,” particularly from the Live In Dallas show. The sheer aggression of that performance.. The perfect lineup of Boz, Alain, Gary, Spencer.. Unmatched!


  65. Kent Vanden Oever

    Many moons ago, Graham Parker covered “I Want You Back” (first recorded by the Jackson 5, Michael on the lead, written by the Corporation) – brilliantly. I think the reason Parker’s version speaks to me is that it is so much more believable. The song is about the longing and regret you feel when you see your ex- has moved on. But when Michael sang it, he was 11 years old! Don’t get me wrong – the Jackson’s version is terrific. I just can’t picture an 11-year old Michael being so distraught. The raspy, cigarette-voiced Graham Parker, on the other hand, sounds like he’s been through it a number of times. He sounds hurt and full of longing. My two cents… (12-inch, please).

  66. Christopher

    Dream academy-please please let me get what I want.Highlight of Ferris Bueller.
    I take either

  67. Really tough call on the cover, but I guess I’ll got with The Clash cover of “I Fought the Law”.

    12″ would be great, but I wouldn’t turn down the 7″.

  68. David Bowie “China Girl” (Iggy Pop cover)

    It’s Bowie doing Iggy – nuff’ said!

  69. The The doing Hank Williams Sr.’s “I’m A Long Gone Daddy”
    In addition to standing on it’s own as a great, rocking song,
    It also does everything a good cover should do not the least of which is inspiring you to seek out the original thereby opening a new door of musical exploration for people new to a great songwriter like Hank Williams
    I’d like a 7″

  70. Johnny Lima

    Favorite cover would be Morrissey covering Frankie Valli’s “To Give(The Reason I Live) such amazing vocal sounds like he put alot of emotion in it

  71. Spacemen 3’s cover of 13th Floor Elevators “Rollercoaster” — 7″ though I wouldn’t turn down the 12″!

  72. Bruce Springsteen’s version of his co-written tune with Patti Smith “Because The Night” is one of my favorites. Something about The Boss channeling his own energy into that song is full of raw emotion in my honest opinion.

    I would prefer the 12″ but I would be happy with either version. Moz’s cover of Lou Reed’s tune is superb.

  73. Sandie Shaw – Hand in Glove! I’d take the 12″ please!

  74. Depeche Mode’s “Route 66” was fantastic when I heard it a couple years after its release as a junior higher. Same time I first heard Strangeways Here We Come.

  75. Love Vigilantes by The Oyster Band. A brilliant folk rendition of a wonderful New Order song. They made the song their own which is so hard to do.

  76. Hurt – Original by NIN, covered by Johnny Cash.
    Such a badass version!

  77. Richard Evans

    Gimme that sweet, sweet Morrissey vinyl

    I just want something free.

  78. Jane’s Addiction – Ripple

  79. Pixies cover of “Head On”. Trumps the energy of the original

  80. Beautiful South “Dream a Little Dream”

  81. Bauhaus version of Ziggy Stardust. No other words necessary.

  82. Richard Evans

    My personnal favoritive cover is Kills doing Four Winds.

  83. Alberto Gama

    Esta Luz Nunca Se Apagara by Mikel Erentxun

  84. I had too much to dream last night – Wayne County and the Electric Chairs (Original by the Electric Prunes)

  85. The White Stripes cover of Bob Dylan’s “One More Cup of Coffee”.

    12″ please

  86. The Breeders covering the Beatles ‘Happiness is a Warm Gun.’ Its one of 2 Beatles covers that can stand up to the original.

    Would prefer the 12″

  87. Steven Uhles

    I’ve always loved Superchunk’s version of Devo’s ‘Girl U Want’. It’s a great reminded that at its core, Devo is still a killer rock band.

    12″ please.

  88. One of my tops is Black Flag’s cover of Louie Louie! Great track, original or not.

  89. Here are some favorites:

    Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah (great song but Cohen’s original isn’t very well done at all)
    Nick Cave – Helpless
    Daniel Ash – Day Tripper
    Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower
    Siouxsie & The Banshees – The Passenger
    The Church – The Endless Sea
    Lambchop – Art Lover
    Fountains Of Wayne – Better Things
    Bauhaus – Third Uncle

    I always remember a favorite after I post one of these lists. 7″.

  90. My favorite cover is Failure’s version of “Enjoy the Silence” from the Depeche Mode tribute album in ’98 (For the Masses). It’s a song that they were able to rock out in their typical style, and the drum fill leading into the meat of the song after the intro is one of my favorite fills ever.

    I would be thrilled to get a hold of that 7″ picture disc.

  91. Jacob Harris

    David Bowie’s cover of The McCoys “Sorrow” …absolutely incredibly, Bowie made it his own with with his distinct voice and added saxophone; cuts like a knife

    12″ please

  92. i think Soft Cell’s tainted love .. we are talking about greatest covers not greatest songs .. still everybody knows that one .. btw 12″ :3

  93. Richard Byington

    Perfect Day by Duran Duran. Great version of a great song.

    Either would be fine.

  94. Faith no More’s version of War pigs is excellent. 12 inch version sounds preferable.

  95. Ray Aguilera

    Tainted Love, by Soft Cell. Because I loved it, THEN I discovered that it is a cover version, and I love the Gloria Jones original even more.

  96. Tears for Fears’ “Mad world” & Johnny Cash'”Ring of fire” both by Adam Lambert live on AI. He did a great job.
    Any size vinyl will be fine with me.

  97. Jennifer Loa

    HIM’s version of “Don’t fear the Reaper ” by blue oyster cult, surprisingly good for a lacking cowbells.

  98. tom isenbarger

    Cat Power covering Naked if I Want To by Moby Grape. It is gorgeous and is the most difficult track I have found to take off repeat.

  99. The Ramones covering “I Don’t Want To Grow Up” by Tom Waits, 12″ preferable but either would be great

  100. i think jimi hendrix’s all along the watchtower is probably my favorite cover of a bob dylan song. it’s closely followed by the band’s i shall be released.

  101. Craig Nelson

    Jane’s Addiction’s version of Rock and Roll. Super raw and very melodic

  102. My favorite cover version which comes to mind right now is Too Many People (Paul McCartney) by the Finn Brothers.

  103. Early in the Morning by The Gap Band and covered by Robert Palmer


  104. Baker Street by Foo Fighters, close to the original but with a bit more edge.

  105. william shatner’s version of pulp’s common people. so funny!
    it makes me smile everytime… it also bought more attention to how great of a band pulp is!
    i love moz, so i’d be happy to win either record but the 12″ would be great!

  106. Bauhaus’ cover of Brian Eno’s Third Uncle.

    12″ please :)

  107. My favorite cover version is I Don’t Want To Talk About It by Everything But The Girl. Gets me teary all the time.

  108. U2’s cover of Helter Skelter.

  109. Rock and Roll (Lou Reed) -> Sympathy for the Devil (Rolling Stones) Covered by Jane’s Addiction on the self titled Live album they die. My Brother turned me on the Jane’s Addiction but those two covers turned me on to everything else. Still get chills when I hear it.

  110. Destiny Snyder

    One of my favorite covers is another Morrissey cover. His cover of Magazine’s “Song from Under The Floorboards”
    In the event that I won this lovely contest I would prefer the 12″

  111. Peter Murphy” Pere Ubu classic, “Final Solution”. It has the same raw energy as ‘haus’ “Ziggy”. I seldomly hear it these days, so it’s a nice surprise when I do. The live NIN + Murphy version performed during the “With Teeth” Tour is the best.

  112. The Fall – ‘Victoria’


  113. Pixies cover of JAMC’s “Head On”. It was pretty brave since the song had only been out for a few years and got radio AirPlay. Still Pixies made a version that stays true to the original yet sounds like the Pixies! 12incher!

  114. Ziggy Stardust (Bauhaus covering David Bowie)
    If I were to win, I would prefer the 12 inch. Thanks!

  115. Morrissey singing Suede’s “My Insatiable One” I would love the 12″ Thank you!

  116. I love The Birthday Party’s cover of Gene Vincent’s “Cat Man”. It’s so raw and scary.

    12″ would be great!

  117. Nick Cave covering Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man”
    Although there have been many (many) Cohen covers, Cave’s takes a wonderfully silly love song and turn it into a groping melody fit for a Murder Ballad.

    7″ would be lovely

  118. The Sundays cover of wild horses was pretty good. Moz does a great cover of That’s Entertainment
    And Depeche’s cover of Never Let Me Down which I think is a Bowie cover (I could be wrong).

  119. El Arreglardo

    Can’t believe I’m the first to say Social Distortion’s cover of the The Rolling Stones “Under My Thumb”. Although they haven’t played it during recent tours, it remains their most rocking live song. That says a lot. 12″ preferable but either would be great!

  120. Moon River

  121. Johnny Cash covers NIN song Hurt and DM song Personal Jesus. Lots of great covers out there so really hard to pick a favorite.

  122. “Crazy In Love” by The Magic Numbers is the cover song – Indie Band covers Beyoncé and brings a fairly recent hit to an entirely new audience. A great song is a great song.

  123. Michael Ghaffary

    Placebo’s cover of “Where is My Mind?” They are able to make a Pixies song listenable.

  124. 7 Seconds doing 99 Red Balloons – I was impacted by both versions in my youth!

    I have a preference for the 12″.

  125. The Ramones – Needles and Pins…I just love Joey’s faux english accent.
    would like either 7 or 12 inch vinyl

  126. William Dublin

    Youve got to hide your love a way.. eddie vedder…cover of the beatles

  127. Steven Joyce

    Love Morrissey’s music. I still play vinyl so would love to win this one.

  128. Steven Joyce

    Forgot my cover version. Mercury Blues by Steve Miller Band

  129. I still get a kick out of Mojo Nixon’s cover of “Girlfriend in a Coma”, but for more serious and rockin’ cover, I have always loved Bauhaus’ take on “Ziggy Stardust”.

    (I prefer the 7″, but would also welcome the 12″!)

  130. omar delgado

    My favourite cover of all time is 1969 by sisters of mercy….. Cheers!

  131. Jeff Buckley’s live cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah with the added The Smiths I Know It’s Over interlude. DEFINITVE!

    7 inch please!

  132. Off the top of my head, I’d mention either Spacemen 3’s cover of Mudhoney’s “When Tomorrow Hits”, which, when it hits, is absolutely HUGE, or St. Etienne’s version of Neil Young’s “Only Love Can Break Your Heart,” which is just sublime.

    I would prefer the 12″ if I win, thanks!

  133. There are so many great covers…here’s a few of my faves:

    Duncan Sheik – The Ghost In You
    Heartbreaking version sung with so much emotion, so beautiful that it puts a lump in your throat every time.

    Dubstar – St Swithins Day
    Soft Cell – Tainted Love
    Naked Eyes – Always Something There To Remind Me
    Sandie Shaw – Hand In Glove
    Peter Murphy – The Light Pours Out Of Me
    Bob Marley & The Wailers – I Shot The Sheriff

    I’d love the 12″ version please…thanks!

  134. creeping coastline of lights – mark lanegan covering the leaving trains. mark lanegan’s deep baritone, the haunting sadness, and how he totally remakes this song into his own.

  135. Add to my entry above…Catherine Wheel put out a killer version of That’s When I Reach For My Revolver.

  136. I love Devo’s cover of Satisfaction. This is a great example of a band making a cover sound like something completely new.

    (I prefer the 7″, but if I wind up with the 12″ that is cool too.)

  137. bud follett

    a nearly impossible task however what comes to mind is Primal Scream’s version of Some Velvet Morning (originally by Lee Hazelwood/Nancy Sinatra). 12″ please!!

  138. I have to say Elvis Costello covering George Jones’s “Good Year For The Roses.” Amazingly done as are most of the tracks on Almost Blue. 12 inch.

  139. Karen O with Trent Reznor, “Immigrant Song” (Led Zeppelin)

  140. I’m a huge fan of covers, great versions of average songs, horrible covers of bad songs and everything in between. Lately I’ve been enjoying the Jesus & Mary Chain’s version of Surfin’ USA.
    (7″ please)

  141. Also a fan of Ministry doing “The Light Pours Out of Me.”

  142. The Parenthetical Girls – Handsome Devil. this cover is absolutely phenomenal; they add to this song in ways few covers dream of

  143. Duran Duran’s cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax” (medley with Wild Boys!) on their last tour (as captured on A Diamond In the Mind) is absolutely fantastic. It’s an 80s on 80s musical orgy sprouting a ridiculous, beautiful love child. Bloody brilliant. How could you not love it?! Add to: The Sundays’ cover of “Wild Horses” crushes the original, as does Trent’s / NIN’s cover of “Get Down Make Love”. A 7″ or 12″ Moz does a body right – appreciated either way. Your site rocks!

  144. Brian Dowdle

    Favorite cover of all time is Luna covering “Ride Into The Sun” from The Velvet Underground.

  145. Cat Power – “Wonderwall” (Oasis)

  146. The Moog Cookbook: Basket Case.

    Cheez whiz never tasted so good.

  147. Jimmy English

    Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix) by Miles Mosley

  148. Definitely has to be Devo doing Satisfaction. It’s so strange and every Rolling Stones fan hates it, but it’s lovely to me. I don’t have a preference of 7″ or 12″, either or!

  149. Stevie Ray Vaughan’s cover of Little Wing.
    7″ please

  150. david zientak

    Another girl another planet by the Replacements

  151. kendra susan

    santa covering duran duran’s rio on south park while playing a gig with jesus in south park.

    i’d like the 12′ because I have always loved “vicar.”

  152. Ring of Fire – Social Distortion

  153. Dolly Parton’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” Hey, it wasn’t limited to alternative, and I love that Dolly had the nerve to ask Robert Plant if she could add/change some of the words to what is generally heralded as the greatest rock song of all time.

  154. Ballboy’s acoustic cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” is impeccable – the song sounds far less like a burst of patriotic pride and far more like a political lament, as was intended:

    I’d LOVE the “12, but I think it should go to the person who listed Wayne County’s cover of “I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night” as their favorite cover. Who knew that existed? Brilliant!

  155. ian christensen

    Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds cover of “Helpless” by Neil Young.

  156. SO many possibilities, but for me, Nirvana’s live take on Bowie’s “Man Who Sold The World” was pretty compelling. A great band interpreting a classic from a true innovator, doesn’t get much better than that! 7 or 12 inch would be great, thanks.

  157. A very tough decision, but I’d probably have to go with The Residents cover of Hank Williams’ Jambalaya. Haunting, beautiful and moody. The way I like it!

  158. Bauhaus covering Ziggy Stardust

  159. For me, it’s got to be Radiohead’s cover of “The Headmaster Ritual”. It’s a close game between that and their cover of Ceremony, though. 7 or 12 inch is fine, but 12 if I had a choice!

  160. Mark Dominesey

    “The Safety Dance” from Men Without Hats covered by the Echoing Green on their self titled first release. They also covered several other great new wave songs – Here is the House; Voices Carry, New Gold Dream; In My Head, Ceremony. You won’t be disappointed after checking them out.

  161. Nothing beats a good cover. Have to say the Jeff Buckley cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is the best of all time. How could anyone argue?

  162. The Sundays covering “Wild Horses” by the Rolling Stones…

    timeless & classic.

    Would certainly prefer a 12″, but I would be ecstatic with either. Thanks for doing this great contest for us!

  163. The Beatles’ version of “Twist and Shout” is my fave. One of the best vocals in rock history. Thanks, John Lennon!

    PS I prefer the 12″ but either is awesome.

  164. Royce Epstein

    Ooooh so many amazing covers, where to start? The Jam doing So Sad About Us, The Dum Dum girls doing There is a Light, Bow Wow Wow with I Want Candy, Nirvana with The Man Who Sold the World, REM with Femme Fatale, the Pretenders with Stop Your Sobbing, Sid Vicious with My Way, the Clash with Pressure Drop, I could go on and on. But my all time fav? probably Do you Wanna Dance by the Ramones. Any inch is fine with me thanks!

  165. jim connell

    Erasure’s Rapture from Blondie. I thought Vince and Andy did an excellent job with that particular song. Great production and vocals. Seven inch sounds awesome to me.

  166. RevCo’s “Do You Think I’m Sexy?”
    It’s completely different, and much dirtier.

    12 inch, please.

  167. Quite simply…Ziggy Stardust by Bauhaus, 1982.

    Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars is a classic album but the band that would be forever chided for being Bowie-copyists took the title track and gave it the umph and polish that the song justly deserves. 31 years later and Bauhaus’ version is still nothing short of awesome.

    12 inch please if I may?


  168. The Clash’s cover of Willie Williams’ “Armagideon Time”!

    (Would love the 7″)

  169. Richard Lawson

    New Pornographers frontman A.C. Newman definitely deserves lifetime free cappuccinos for the Starbucks Valentines Day comp cover of a-ha’s “Take On Me”. Also, gotta echo the positive opinion on the recent Tears For Fears covers – brilliant stuff! Love ya Moz…(well, ya don’t need to look so pleased)!

  170. Bauhaus doing Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust.

    12 inch.

  171. Robert Rackley

    I love Dinosaur Jr’s cover of “Just Like Heaven.”
    Rob Sheffield said it best – “When J sings ‘Must’ve been asleep for days,’ you really believe him.”

  172. Van Morrison singing Don’t Look Back.

  173. Jayson Messner

    Leatherette by Grace Jones
    Raw, powerful, hard

  174. EBTG, Pet Shop Boys and Pretenders are three of my favorite artists when it comes to covers. But I’m going with another band who also did great covers – Gene’s version of REM’s “Nightswimming”.

    Would prefer the 12″ but would of course take either format.

  175. David Vasquez

    Pete Townshend covering The Beat Save it for Later on Deep End Live.

  176. Mark Dominesey

    I forgot to mention Johnny Cash’s cover of DM’s Personal Jesus. Check it out on YouTube

  177. Here are a few of my favorites:

    1) Tom Waits “Somewhere” from Westside Story
    2) Love & Rockets “Ball of Confusion” – The Temptations
    3) Johnny Cash “Hurt” – Nine Inch Nails
    4) Echo & The Bunnymen “People are Strange” – The Doors
    5) Skeye’s “Paranoid Android” – Radiohead

    12″ is my preference, but would be thrilled with either version!

  178. Bob Thompson

    X – “Soul Kitchen”

  179. Perhaps the Afghan Whig’s “My World is Empty Without You” as it has the smooth and swinging pop-soul of the original along with the added menace that’s only implied in the original.

  180. While it may seem cliché, my favorite cover is Bob Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower covered by Jimi Hendrix. His amazing guitar playing and just the overall sound and feel of the song is amazing, and became the definitive version of the song.

  181. Rik Van Horn

    Police and Thieves by The Clash. It’s the only cover that matters.

  182. I’d say Jeff Buckley’s cover of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen is my favorite cover…It is absolutely chilling…And I would like the Morrissey 12 inch, please and thank you…

  183. Duran Duran’s cover of Fame by David Bowie. Sad, but I just love it. I’d prefer the 12 inch for Vicar in a Tutu, but hey, who wouldn’t take a 7 inch picture disk.

  184. hmmmm, so many good ones already posted. For the 12″, I’d say Peter Murphy doing Bowie’s “Space Oddity”…one of my favorite singers doing an iconic song by the first musician I ever liked in a style that would’ve fit perfectly on his Dust album.

  185. Morrissey’s version of “To Give (The Reason I Live)”

    12″ please.

  186. The Clash’s version of “I fought the law” is great. I’d like the 12″ please.

  187. Fiona Apple doing Pure Imagination is one of the greatest things I have ever heard.

  188. Kristin Hersh-When the Levee Breaks
    U2-Night and Day

    Would prefer a 7″ single!

  189. Joyanne Redington

    Cosmic Dancer- Morrissey

  190. Murphy's Law

    The Clash – Police and Thieves

    one of the finest examples of making a song your own without losing the spirit of the original.

  191. Luis Miranda

    U2-Satellite of Love. Great song. Great band. Great cover!

  192. My favorite cover is Morrissey’s cover of The Jam’s “That’s Entertainment”. The original is fantastic and there is something magical about Morrissey’s version!

  193. And to continue above commit…. if I am lucky to be a random pick I would like the 12-inch single. Thank you :-)

  194. Personal Jesus, Johnny Cash.
    Great song, great cover’

    I don’t have a vinyl preference, would just love to win it!

  195. Bauhaus v. Bowie, and Jesus and Mary Chain v. Pixies.

  196. Paul Blanchard

    Emma – The Sisters Of Mercy. Converting Cheesy 70s pop into Gothic Chic

  197. The Damned – Alone Again Or
    It is both beautiful and powerful at the same time.
    12 inch.

  198. Blondie covering The Nerves “Hanging on the Telephone”

  199. The Gourds’ version of Snoop Dogg’s “GIN AND JUICE” because it’s a completely original take and it’s really fun to dance to when you’ve got a room full of drunk people to play it for. 12″ thanks!

  200. Gilberto Guajardo

    Jeff Buckley hallelujah
    Also his cover of I know it’s over by the smiths

  201. Morrissey’s version of Redondo Beach by Patti Smith.
    Morrissey pushes and stretches parts of his vocal range to deliver a different level of empathetic pain. There is progressive story to the lyrics with a despondent conclusion.

  202. Even though I’m not a huge fan of them I do enjoy U2’s cover of Dancing Barefoot by Patti Smith. 12″

  203. Smashing Pumpkins’ cover of Landslide. I love it because the emotion can really be felt.

  204. The Cure’s version of Purple Haze is outstanding

  205. Roger caceres

    Hurt/johnny cash

  206. Hurt by Johnny Cash

  207. Love The Cramps cover of Ronnie Cook’s “Goo Goo Muck”
    7″ please!

  208. Mark Dominesey

    808 States cover of “One in Ten” by UB40. Robin Campbell even guested to sing the vocals. Lets not forget that one of UB40’s most recognizable songs, Red Red Wine, is itself a cover of Neil Diamond.

  209. “Femme Fatale” by Duran Duran.

  210. Morrissey’s version of Subway Train by New York Dolls. He has only done the first few lines and it is absolutely beautiful.
    7″ please

  211. The Mekons covering “Lost Highway” -the straightish but showing the woof and warp of life under Thatcher and Reagan.

  212. “Nothing Compares to You” by Prince

  213. Definitely! David Bowie covering Morrissey’s wonderful ”I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday” It draws you in, & he sings with such passion to this song! 12″ inch please
    Thank you slicingupeyeballs!

  214. Mike Nierenhausen

    Manic Street Preachers “Umbrella.” It just plain rocks! Nothing else to say about it, I can listen to it back to back to back…
    The 12″ would be great!

  215. Manuel Romero

    For me, NIN’s redo of Queen’s “Get Down, Make Love” is tops. :)

  216. The Revolting Cocks doing “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”

  217. Skrewdrivers cover of “Sweet home Alabama” is pretty amazing!

  218. LCD Soundsystem has a cover of Joy Division’s “No Love Lost” that is simply amazing. High on my list would also involve LCD – Tokyo Police Club’s cover of “All My Friends”.

  219. John Melandro

    So many to choose from, I’ll go with Siouxsie and the Banshees cover of “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us”….such a great song!

  220. SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. I will go with the Ryan Adams cover of Wonderwall. Great reinvention of the song. 12″ MORRISSEY!

  221. Route 66 by Depeche Mode

  222. Placebo – 20th Century Boy

  223. Red House Painters covering the cars, “all mixed up”
    best most beautiful cover ever
    12″ is my preference

  224. Crystal Castles (with Robert Smith) – Not In Love

  225. Erasure – River Deep Mountain High. Incredible cover! Also Mary j Blige cover of One. Love it!!

  226. Dramarama doing “Candidate” by David Bowie. They are one of the few bands/artists (Elliott Smith being one of the real great ones also) that really do such a great job with cover songs that I actually enjoyed their covers as much as their original songs. Most bands, I get kind of bored with covers but not Dramarama. I’ll take a 12″ if I win but either would really be fine. Thanks!

  227. I was never a big fan of Jellyfish or Jason Falkner really, but his version of Magazine’s ‘A Song from Under the Floorboards’ is probably my favorite cover song. It’s on a promo CD-Single I have called Follow Me (not sure if it’s on the commercial disc or not). Anyway, it’s a wonderful, warm, lo-fi analogue rendition and fills me with great joy!

    I’m up for either 7″ or 12″ – hopefully with a picture sleeve!

  228. James beltran

    Morrissey’s “i know it’s going to happen” by the great David Bowie. I really love this version DB gives it his style of singing. 12″ inch vinyl please. Thank you.

  229. Husker Du- Eight Miles High.

  230. Olivia Flak

    The Mighty Mighty Bosstones cover of Simmer Down by The Wailers. A mellow upbeat song is the original, but Bosstones due it justice by still sticking to ska and adding some punk.

  231. My favorite cover is Bauhaus playing Bowie’s “Ziggy Stardust”. From the opening chord (with appropriate power that the Bowie version never had) to the very end with someone in the studio yelling “That’s the one!”, it reaches the grand heights that do the subject matter and Bowie’s personas justice. Bowie’s version sounds to me like a nice pared-down version of the Bauhaus version. (If I win, 7″ please. :)

  232. So many great ones already mentioned. I love it when my Ipod lands on Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Born to Run or Bow Wow Wow – I Started Something… 12″

  233. Fred Ebersole

    I’m a fan of Nirvana covering The Wipers “D-7″ 12” please.

  234. Kyle Douglas

    Morrissey covering the Buzzcocks is awesome! Either record would be cool- Thanks:)

  235. Too many to choose from, but here’s a handful:
    Ministry covering “Lay Lady Lay” (B. Dylan)
    Pantera – “Planet Caravan” (Black Sabbath)
    Bauhaus – “Third Uncle” (B. Eno)
    Lush – “Mannequin” (Wire)
    Fischerspooner – “The 15th” (C. Newman)

  236. Many thanks to you & Rhino for this great giveaway!

    My fave covers include:

    Jeff Buckley’s version of “Hallelujah”
    Fiona Apple’s “Across the Universe”
    The Sundays’ “Wild Horses”
    Thom Yorke’s live version of “Nobody Does It Better”
    The Cardigans’ “Iron Man”
    Cibo Matto’s “About a Girl”

    I have no preference as to the 7″ or 12″

  237. Tough one, but I’m going with Gossip’s cover of “Careless Whisper.”
    Also, one of my guilty pleasures may or may not be Richard Cheese’s covers of anything…..Baby Got Back, anyone?

  238. Richard Cheese’s lounge version of Radiohead’s Airbag…

  239. Big Country ripped through Roy’s Music’s “Prairie Rose” with guitars at 11 and Tony’s fantastic subterranean bass. Completely awe-inspiring. 12″ please!

  240. Our Lips Are Sealed – The Wedding Present

  241. Dear Prudence by Siouxie and hte Banshees. Such a terrific strange cover of a great song.

    Either would be great.

  242. dashboardhula

    I have to say the best cover I have heard must be Frankie Goes to Hollywood covering “Born To Run” by The Boss. His version is so slow and hindered. Holly took it to a new level that has stood, in my opinion, stronger and taller than Bruce’s. Sorry big Guy, Frankie Say it better. 12″ btw.

  243. Siouxsie and the Banshees, Trust in Me

    You have to love that this song was taken from the 1967 Jungle Book film…

  244. Purple Haze by The Cure because I love the beat, the rocking guitar rifts and how the bass blends in with the song. I think the band did a great job covering this song. It is also cool how they put Jimi Hendrix’s voice in the song.

  245. I would like the 7″ please. Sorry I forgot to put it into the comment above.

  246. I Fought The Law by The Clash. Never fails to make me stop what I’m doing and join in.

    Preference would be the 12″ but I’m not fussy

  247. My favorite cover is “Band of Gold” sung by The Afghan Whigs. Obviously, the content is dark, but they add a new depth to that darkness and make the song their own.

  248. Either the 7″ or the 12″ is fine, by the by

  249. Galaxie 500 doing George Harrison’s Isn’t it a Pity. It’s so lovely and haunting.

  250. Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s cover of “War” is amazing to me. Love that singer’s voice and it seemed just as important in the 80s as it did about Vietnam.

    I’d rather the 12-inch if chosen. Of course ;)

  251. Tom Westphal

    I love Beck’s cover of The Korgis “Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime”.

    I’d prefer the 12″ version.


  252. White Flag’s cover of Wuthering Heights blows my mind–they made Kate Bush power pop!

  253. My favorite cover is Morrissey & Siouxsie’s gentle reading of Timi Yuro’s Interlude. The sweet duet that turned into a goth vs. emo meltdown and made for some good rancorous reading in both their books.

    12″, please…

  254. Dean Martian

    Since someone already said “Gloria” I’m going with “Common People”, originally by Pulp, covered by William Shatner and Joe Jackson. The original is a good song. It’s lyrically sharp and has a good hook, but it lacks any punch. Jackson and Shatner give it so much more power and urgency. The energy really transforms it into a different song.

    I’d take the 12″.

  255. Way back in the fog that was the 90’s, there was an oddball “Tribute to Tom Petty” record that was mostly pretty forgettable. Buried near the end of the album was a version of “Southern Accent” performed by Tim Rutili (then of Red Red Meat). It was dark, sad, and not a little weird. I have never heard anything like it before or since.

  256. “Lay Lady Lay” by Ministry. Seriously elevated this tune to fan-frickin-tastic.

    I would prefer the 12″ but would of course take either format… please and thank you!

  257. Maria Vianna

    My favorite cover is Eddie Vedder/Neil Finn’s version of Hunters & Collectors’ “Throw Your Arms Around Me”.

  258. Mark Cappelletty

    The Afghan Whigs – “Come See About Me.” Better than the original.

  259. Wesley Lostaunau

    One of my most cherished covers is The Polecats’ cover of David Bowie’s, “John, I’m Only Dancing”.
    They took a classic rockin’ Bowie track and turned it into an even more rollicking and playful version of the original.
    P.S. The Kills do a killer version of Velvet Underground’s. “Pale Blue Eyes” as well!
    If I do win, any record would do. : )

  260. The Korn Unplugged cover of Creep by Radiohead. I just love that song, and Korn did Radiohead right by their version… No preference on the size of my vinyl

  261. Sydney Bladen

    I truly enjoy Shiny Toy Guns covering Major Tom (Peter Schilling). The original is amazing, the cover is amazing. I appreciate artistic/creative minds. Hence why I’m such a huge Moz fan!

  262. Brent Preston

    The Damned covering Alone Again Or from Love. Perfect song!

  263. A couple days ago I heard Aretha Franklin’s cover of “96 Tears” for the first time. I’ve listened to it a lot since then. It’s pretty amazing.

    Oh, and I’d like the 12″, please. Thanks!

  264. joanne hunter

    “Cars” by luxt. There are so many awesome covers to choose from! 7″ picture disc would be fantastic! that will go nicely with my multicolour vinyl smith’s “how soon is now”.

  265. Jonathan Andrews

    The Pet Shop Boys – “Always on My Mind.”
    Many covers try to redefine a song and make it more of a classic. Neil and Chris completely succeeded with their remake. One of things I appreciate about an artist is their ability to juxtapose a sad lyric with a happy melody or a happy lyric with a minor melody. The Beautiful South and 10,000 Maniacs were masterful at this. The boys are amazing!!

    I would love a 12″.

  266. Melissa Williams

    Hallelujah (original by Leonard Cohen) covered by Jeff Buckley. He took and amazing song and really made it his own. (no preference on 7 or 12 inch, thanks!)

  267. Alisha Ballard

    Black boys on mopeds-Chevelle it is lovely listening to it in a males voice…12 inch please! :)

  268. I like the cover of “Silver Street” by Jacobites, performed by Mercury Rev. The cover version seems more intimate and the vocals bring out the melancholia very well.

    I’d prefer the 12″ single of “Satellite” because there’s so much more you can do with those extra 5″…

  269. R.E.M.’s cover version of “First We Take Manhattan” by Leonard Cohen. Love both artists but R.E.M.’s cover possibly outdoes Cohen’s original. Would love the 12″.

  270. Teenage Fanclub’s version of Bevis Frond’s “He’d Be a Diamond” fills me with pure joy.

    7″ picture disc please!

  271. Duran Duran’s version of “Perfect Day.” It’s so good.

    I prefer the 7″, but I’m not picky. :-)

  272. I LOVE Tammy Wynette’s “Stand by Your Man” covered by Wendie O. Williams (Plasmatics) and Lemmy (Motorhead)! On the B side Lemmy and Wendie perform versions of each others songs. But “Stand by your Man” is killer!

  273. My favorite cover at the moment is Ty Segall & Fuzz covering King Crimsons 21st Century Schizoid Man it’s so fuzzy & wild & literally melts my brain! I’d love a 12″ but I’d be thrilled to win anything!

  274. The (English) Beat – Tears of a Clown
    12 inch!

  275. Joe Wroblewski

    Them “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”

  276. The Chauffeur (Duran Duran) by Deftones

  277. Sonya Slater

    Joan Jett “Crimson and Clover”, originally by Tommy James and the Shondells(1968). To me-the song is timeless and works well in just about all genres. The song has a freshness and vitality that has survived the decades. 7-inch picture disk-because it’s rare. Thank you.

  278. The Breeders’ version of “Happiness Is a Warm Gun.” Whereas the original version plods along, with each verse sloppily blending into the next, The Breeders successfully make each stanza a carefully-crafted highlight. The momentum slowly builds, leading up to the machine gun-like refrain of “Mother Superior jumped the gun” before gently closing with the titled chorus. Love it!

  279. Morrissey’s “Trash” from the Live in Dallas 1991 VHS. It was my introduction to the New York Dolls.

  280. David Bowie’s version of “I Know It’s Going to Happen Someday” is brilliant. It adds some irony to Morrissey’s original which always sounded like a Ziggy outtake to begin with.

    I would prefer the 7″ if i won. :)

  281. Katherine Shook

    I am a huge fan of the Iron and Wine cover of New Order’s “Love Vigilantes” – Beautiful!

  282. emily roberts

    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds version of King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O originally known as Frog Went A Courtin’.
    It was a B-side from single Henry Lee which was also a cover. Beautiful. Both of them!

    (12″ 7″ i dont mind!) THANK YOU!

  283. Gavin Friday doing U2’s The Fly – excellent!

    I’d love a 12″ but will settle for a 7″… ;-)

  284. Pixies cover of Neil Young’s “Winterlong”. The song had been a favorite of my Father when I was young. I discovered the cover not long after I discovered the Pixies and it is a prime example of a synchronicity between Kim Deal and Frank Black that was very rare but beautiful. The harmonies still give me chills to this very day.

  285. Joan Jett and The Blackhearts covering Tommy James & The Shondells’s “Crimson And Clover”. Classic.

  286. Oh, and a 12″ ;-)

  287. Bob Dalrymple

    Right now my favorite cover is The Meters cover of the Beatles’ “Come Together”. The Meters bring a nice funk to the Beatles’ classic.

  288. Gloria Bradley

    Would love this 12″ addition for collection. Favorite cover would have to be Janis Joplin “Me & Bobby McGee.” A true talent gone too soon

  289. Hans Specht

    Moose’s cover version of “Everybody’s Talkin”, by Fred Neil. I think Moose does a great job by layering multiple instruments on a simple song. 7″ picture disc.

  290. Elton John’s Beatles cover of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds;
    Gary Jules’ Tears for Fears cover of Mad World;
    Robert Downey Jr.’s Yes cover of Your Move

    *no preference*

  291. Ed MacDaniel

    Love Nick Cave’s take on Hallelujah. Wouldn’t mind either disc, but if I have to choose, I would pick the 12 inch disc.

  292. My favorite cover has to be Adalita’s Burning Up from Madonna. The Madonna original is great and all, but Adalita adds a great portentous flair to a song with lyrics that shouldn’t have been touching the dance floor.

    I would like the 12 inch. It would give me extra incentive to get a new record needle, I haven’t played my turntable in over a year.

  293. Paul Gregory

    The Fall’s version of Mr Pharmacist is sooo nice and chunky…
    I would gladly accept either one , but I would prefer the 12″. Thank You.

  294. One of my favorite covers in which I know NOTHING about the original (Joe Crow?) is Compulsion by Martin Gore. His version of Sparks’ Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth is amazing as well.

  295. Visage – In the year 2525
    With those timeless synth beats, unlike the orchestra-folky original, I believe it will remain a relevant sentiment for the modern world


  296. David Bowie – The Man Who Sold The World covered by Nirvana on their unplugged album. The reason why this is tops is that led to my discovery of David Bowie.

    I prefer the 12″

  297. Tina Bojorquez

    My favorite cover is fairly recent song. But I love the way it sounds. Both songs are good.
    Beautiful Small Machines- Paper Planes originally by M.I.A. Bree Sharp voice is luminous.

  298. Bowie covering The Pixies “Cactus” … 12″ vinyl is awesome …

  299. Jason Smith

    I’ll go with Peter Gabriel’s cover version of “The Book of Love” by the Magnetic Fields. It is a bit overblown, and a little cheesy, but elegant at the same time. I’d prefer the 12″, but would certainly take either of them. Thanks!

  300. Melody Redhead

    Redondo beach by Morrissey

  301. Aaron Guerrero D.

    Faith No More’s cover version I Started A Joke.
    There’s so much drama in Patton’s voice seems to sound more intimate, that’s one of the the best covers i’ve ever heard.
    Would love the 12″, will settle for 7″

  302. astrid ennui

    XIU XIU doing a cover of Joy Division’s ‘Ceremony’

    7″ for me please!!!

  303. Deana Kneen

    Johnny Cash – Personal Jesus because having such an iconic singer like Johnny Cash do a song like this is just priceless! I would love the 7″ vinyl if I were lucky enough to win!

  304. Kristen Sohacki

    Favorite cover off all time is a tricky question. The first song that comes to mind is Jolene by the White Stripes/Dolly Parton. Jack White seems to add more pain and desperation when he sings about Jolene. It’s a sad song and Jack and Meg seem to have nailed it.

  305. “Fool Am I” by The Walker Brothers. It’s a, I believe, a Cilla Black cover. Scott is very emotive in the version, but he fumbles the lyrics so an unreleased version from their box set is all we have.

  306. david enright

    This Mortal Coil (Elisabeth Fraisure & Robin Guthrie)’s version of Tim Buckley’s “Song to a siren”. Their version both re- imagines yet stays true to the original. The vocals take the original melody further and the guitar, sparse and effective, are gorgeous. Hearing this song was what made me seek out all of Tim Buckley’s other records.

    I would be happy with either the 12″ or the 7″. thank you.

  307. Everyday is Like Sunday by Morrissey covered by Natalie Merchant (because they are both amazing)

  308. Lucinda Williams cover of Nick Drake’s “Which Will” is more deliberate and heart-wrenching than even the original. Just thinking of her quiet melodic vocals brings tears to my eyes.

  309. Kelly McElroy

    Morrissey’s version of Marc Bolan’s/T-Rex Cosmic Dancer. Sung from the heart! Any vinyl will do!

  310. Angela Oliveri

    Ball of Confusion by Love an Rockets. I’d like the 12″ but I’d be happy with either. Thank you.

  311. The Nadas ( doing The Damnwells “Kiss Catastrophe” (w/ their cover of Michelle Shocked’s “Come A Long Way” a close second!). Prefer the 12″ but would be happy w/ either! Thanks!

  312. Favorite cover: “Ziggy Stardust” by Bauhaus. My introduction to both Bauhaus and David Bowie when I was at a pretty impressionable age.

  313. Although Evan Dando has put his own unique take on many another’s tune over the years, the fact of the matter is, The Lemonheads took a seemingly simple ditty like Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson,” sped it up, and unleashed it onto a whole new generation of appreciative fans. It worked remarkably well tacked-on to the re-release of their seminal 90’s album, It’s a Shame about Ray, and that it still is in pretty consistent rotation on alternative and modern rock radio today is just further testament to the greatness of this version, and why it is still an enduring favorite (for me). And I would love to have the 12″ heavyweight vinyl version, please. And, thank you.

  314. Daniel Smith

    ABBA’s Take A Chance On Me as covered by Erasure! Great video too.

  315. Scissor Sisters cover of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb is great. It challenges, as most covers, our perspective and reveals to us a little about the artist covering it.
    I would prefer the 12″. Size DOES matter.

  316. Duran Duran covering Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.” Lou Reed was quoted saying “I gave it one listen and realized that this was the best cover version ever completed of one if my songs.”

    12″ preferred.

  317. The English Beat-“Tears of a Clown” original recording by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles.
    Classic Motown song along with Ska music = Brilliant

  318. It is a tie between Johnny Cash covering NIN’s Hurt and Soundgarden’s Rusty Cage. Johnny Cash was alternative before alternative exhisted.

  319. Devo’s cover of fellow Ohio based Nine Inch Nail’s Head Like A Hole. I’d prefer a 12″.

  320. Too hard to pick one favorite, so here’s a few:
    1. Song to the Siren (Tim Buckley) by This Mortal Coil
    2. Back to the Old House (The Smiths) by Everything but the Girl
    3. I know it’s Over (The Smiths) by Pale Sunday
    4. I Know It’s Over (The Smiths) by Trash Can Sinatras
    5. Goodbye Joe (The Monochrome Set) by Tracey Thorn
    6. Messenger (Blonde Redhead) by David Sylvian
    7. Soft Black Stars (Current 93) by Antony & the Johnsons

    Prefer 7″ of Satellite of Love

  321. I reckon last town chorus’s version of Bowies Modern Love is one of the finest cover versions you’ll ever hear. This version gives the song a whole new sound and totally different mood. Awesome :-) (if successful, i’d prefer the 12″ version for my collection thanks)

  322. Hey, Hey Helen – nice ABBA cover done by Lush
    remember them? Where are you Miki?

  323. Sorry, I would like the 12″ ep version

  324. Lulu’s – “To Sir with love” covered by 10,000 Manics. Natalie Merchant and Michael Stipe – just go well together.

  325. David McCallum

    Song to the Siren – This Mortal Coil

  326. Frente’s cover of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle.” Beautiful stripped down melancholic version.

    Prefer the 7″ disc but either is fine.

  327. “The Passenger” by Iggy Pop, covered by Siouxsie and the Banshees

  328. All right, thank you all for entering and sharing your favorite covers. Winners have been emailed

  329. Warren Zevon’s cover of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” never fails to send chills up my spine, or anyone elses for that matter, even without knowing the tragic story behind those recording sessions.

    I would prefer the 12 inch for more music, please :)

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