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Camper Van Beethoven’s ‘Sweetheart,’ ‘Key Lime Pie’ due for expanded reissues

Camper Van Beethoven

Omnivore Recordings next month will reissue seminal college-rock act Camper Van Beethoven’s two major-label albums — 1988’s Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart, featuring “Eye of Fatima,” and 1989’s Key Lime Pie, with its hit cover of Status Quo’s “Pictures of Matchstick Men” — in expanded CD versions and on 180-gram vinyl.

Due out Feb. 11, the new CD editions of CVB’s Virgin Records releases are stocked with bonus tracks.

The CD reissue of Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart features 11 additional tracks, including a half-dozen live cuts. Key Lime Pie features nine extra tracks, including demos and live versions, including an in-concert take on the classic “Take the Skinheads Bowling.”

While Sweetheart’s vinyl release features no bonus material, the Key Lime Pie pressing is split across two LPs for the first time, with a bonus track, “Closing Theme (Guitar Hero),” appearing on Side 4, which is a 45 rpm side that plays from the inner groove out.

See full tracklists below; pre-orders are now being taken via Omnivore.

Camper Van Beethoven last year released a brand-new studio album, La Costa Perdida.


Camper Van sweetheart

Tracklist: Camper Van Beethoven, Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart

CD version
1. “Eye Of Fatima (Pt. 1)”
2. “Eye Of Fatima (Pt. 2)”
3. “O Death”
4. “She Divines Water”
5. “Devil Song”
6. “One Of These Days”
7. “Turquoise Jewelry”
8. “Waka”
9. “Change Your Mind”
10. “My Path Belated”
11. “Never Go Back”
12. “The Fool”
13. “Tania”
14. “Life Is Grand”
Bonus tracks:
15. “Love Is A Weed”
16. “Harmony In My Head”
17. “Wade In The Water”
18. “Eye Of Fatima Pts. 1 & 2” (Edit)
19. “The Day That Lassie Went To The Moon” (Live)
20. “One Of These Days” (Live)
21. “Smash It Up” (Live)
22. “Seven Languages” (Live)
23. “Kodachrome” (Live)
24. “Hanging Around” (Live)
25. “Pope Festival”

180-gram vinyl version
Side 1:
1. “Eye Of Fatima (Pt. 1)”
2. “Eye Of Fatima (Pt. 2)”
3. “O Death”
4. “She Divines Water”
5. “Devil Song”
6. “One Of These Days”
7. “Turquoise Jewelry”
Side 2:
1. “Waka”
2. “Change Your Mind”
3. “My Path Belated”
4. “Never Go Back”
5. “The Fool”
6. “Tania”
7. “Life Is Grand”


Camper Van pie

Tracklist: Camper Van Beethoven, Key Lime Pie

CD version
1. “Opening Theme”
2. “Jack Ruby”
3. “Sweethearts”
4. “When I Win The Lottery”
5. “(I Was Born In A) Laundromat”
6. “Borderline”
7. “The Light From A Cake”
8. “June”
9. “All Her Favorite Fruit”
10. “Interlude”
11. “Flowers”
12. “The Humid Press Of Days”
13. “Pictures Of Matchstick Men”
14. “Come On Darkness”
Bonus tracks:
15. “Closing Theme (aka Guitar Hero)”
16. “(I Was Born In A) Laundromat” (Edit)
17. “Country 2” (Demo)
18. “Good Guys & Bad Guys” (Live)
19. “Wasted” (Live)
20. “Take The Skinheads Bowling” (Live)
21. “Before I Met You” (Live)
22. “L’aguardiente” (Soho Natural Session)
23. “(I Don’t Wanna Go To The) Lincoln Shrine” (Soho Natural Session)

180-gram vinyl version
Side 1:
1. “Opening Theme”
2. “Jack Ruby”
3. “Sweethearts”
4. “When I Win The Lottery”
Side 2:
1. “(I Was Born In A) Laundromat”
2. “Borderline”
3. “The Light From A Cake”
4. “June”
5. “All Her Favorite Fruit”
Side 3:
1. “Interlude”
2. “Flowers”
3. “The Humid Press Of Days”
4. “Pictures Of Matchstick Men”
5. “Come On Darkness”
Side 4:
1. “Closing Theme (aka Guitar Hero)” *

* 45 rpm (“Plays from the center groove out, so be sure to put the needle in the right place!”)






  1. “(I Was Born In A) Laundromat” is such a cool song! So glad the major label issues were worked out to reissue these finally!

  2. key lime pie is pretty timeless. it holds up extremely well today.

    when i win the lottery ftw.

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