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Throwing Muses announce handful of U.S. dates — including 2 with Tanya Donelly

Throwing Muses

The Throwing Muses have announced a select number of U.S. dates on both the East and West coasts in late February and early March in support of the band’s newly released book/album combo Purgatory/Paradise — including a pair of shows that will feature opening sets by band co-founder and former member Tanya Donelly.

So far, the band has announced dates in Seattle, Portland, Ore., and San Francisco in February, followed by shows in March in Cambridge, Mass., and New York City.

The latter two date find the Muses supported by Donelly, who co-founded the band with stepsister Kristin Hersh in 1983, but left in 1991 to play with The Breeders and later pursue a solo career. She returned to the fold, briefly, to provide backing vocals on 2003’s Throwing Muses album.

Hersh, on her website, addresses fans who are requesting shows in their cities, noting there are not currently plans for a Los Angeles concert “during this run of dates.”

She adds:

just a quick word on requests for us to play places…please know that we want to play everywhere, always. it’s just that promoters have to invite us…and to invite us, they have to believe that they’ll make money on our show. if we’re not playing in some town, that’s why. we don’t say “no” to any city.

See full dates below:


Throwing Muses tour dates:

Feb. 26: Triple Door, Seattle, WA
Feb. 27: TBA, Portland, OR
Feb. 28: Jewish Community Center, San Francisco, CA
March 7: The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA (w/ Tanya Donelly)
March 8: Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY (w/ Tanya Donelly)






  1. Yay, Seattle! Many good memories of Muses shows here over the years. (Ditto Portland, where I saw them several times as well.)

    Looking forward to seeing the band for the first time in ages, and the Triple Door is Seattle’s best venue.

  2. Glory2Babalon

    So the promoters view Seattle as bigger draw than LA ?

    • I interpret her comments to mean that a promoter in Seattle believes the band will draw a good crowd here, but that no promoter has yet stepped forward with the same conviction in LA. It is kind of weird when you think of the relative populations of the two cities, but there you are. It’s probably not uncommon for a band to have intense, “localized” pockets of fans in particular cities.

  3. darn….hoping 50 foot wave was the band touring…not much of a Muses fan….I’m sure someone will rake me over the coals for that…I also prefer solo Frank Black and never liked the Pixies.

    Being between SF and Portland….many bands just drive through town. It’s a bummer because I know a lot of Muses fans would like to see them here and not have to travel. No promoter has stepped up to the plate around here…seems about right.

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