The Sisters of Mercy

Andrew Eldritch is rolling out The Sisters of Mercy for at least one performance so far in 2014, with the band confirmed to play the metal/hard-rock heavy Sonisphere festival at Knebworth Park, England, on July 5 in what appears to be the goth-rock legends’ first performance since wrapping up 30th anniversary dates in the summer of 2012.

The Sisters will join headliners The Prodigy, Iron Maiden and Metallica, as well as Limp Bizkit, Alice in Chains and Slayer, at the festival, which takes place July 4-6. Tickets are now on sale.

Eldtritch, Doktor Avalanche and whoever else is in the group these days were fairly active in 2011 and 2012, playing a number of anniversary dates across Europe, Japan, Australia, South America and Mexico.

It’s not clear what the band’s 2014 touring plans entail; the Sisters’ extremely rudimentary website only lists the Sonisphere date.






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