Video — February 19, 2014 at 7:39 am

Video: Bruce Springsteen covers INXS’ classic 1982 single ‘Don’t Change’ in Sydney


Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band — featuring Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello — performed Wednesday night in Sydney, Australia, and, as the band has been known to do, added a bit of local flavor to its set, performing, for the first time ever, a cover of INXS’ classic 1982 single “Don’t Change” to what appears to be a very appreciative crowd of Aussies.

Check out partial video below via dfisher74.





  1. Koodoos for the Boss. Stepping up his game on a clasic tune.

  2. Yeah! Go Bruce!

  3. I love Don’t Change!!!

  4. Scott Stalcup

    “I Wanna Be Sedated”
    “London Calling”
    and now “Don’t Change”

    Dear Mr. Springsteen,
    I’m asking nicely. Please stop.

    Before you get to “Velouria,” “Just Lust,” or (actually more likely since Bob #2 and Alan died and BROOOOOOOCE seems to like covering dead folks) “Gates of Steel.” Authorities WILL have to seek the death penalty for such an act.

    Seriously. Please. Stop.

    • You must hate Moe’s Southwestern Grill since they only play the music of dead people in their restaurants.

      • Scott Stalcup

        You missed my point, Gary. Springsteen feels the need every time an icon of punk or postpunk dies to cover one of their songs. Badly. We don’t need to hear his constipated warbling on a classic that didn’t get played on radio stations too busy trundling out “Atlantic City” or “Glory Days” for the Nth time that week.

        • Forest Murmurs

          You know, I’ll bet that right now Bruce is somewhere reading your comments, realizing what a goddamn fool he’s been, and is frantically scrambling to revise this evening’s setlist.

          • One can only hope. What a frightening thought it would be if the next time he hit Chicago he decided to do a version of “Dark Rooms” given Lorna Donley’s passing in December.

  5. I miss Michael Hutchinson and INXS! They were an amazing band to see live. Thanks to ‘the boss’ for keeping the dream alive!

  6. Springsteen has sucked ever since he kissed up to Reagan with “Born in the U.S.A.”

    How much brainless jingoism has *that* song generated?

    • That song was the opposite of kissing up. I have a hard time blaming Springsteen that folks don’t pay attention to the lyrics and jump to conclusions.

      That being said, I much prefer his stuff from before that album.

  7. I’m a Springsteen fan but that INXS cover was hard to listen to. Bruce’s overwrought vocals ruin it. Not EVERY song has to be sung with the intensity turned up to 11! And yes, Reagan wrongly assumed “Born In The USA” was some kind of patriotic anthem without understanding what it was truly about.

  8. Randall Reid

    Wow y’all don’t get Bruce at all and Born in the USA is the most misunderstood song ever hell I was 14 when I first heard it and got it and plz stop living in the land of the offended I love that Bruce pays homage to fellow acts and he does it with respect and dignity but he’s not for everyone and we Bruce fans get that that’s why he does it for us happy new year to all may it be a great one

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