Album News — February 23, 2014 at 9:34 am

Echo & The Bunnymen reveal title, artwork for new album ‘Meteorites’

Echo & The Bunnymen

Full details aren’t promised until Wednesday, but Echo & The Bunnymen today “dropp(ed) the veil slightly” on the band’s forthcoming 12th studio album, revealing the title — Meteorites — and artwork for the project via the group’s Facebook page. A full tracklist and release dates presumably will follow later this week.

The Bunnymen previously had announced that a full European tour is booked, with U.S. dates planned to follow that. According to the band’s Facebook page, “some” tour details will be announced tomorrow.

The album, produced by Killing Joke bassist Youth, will be the band’s first since 2009′s The Fountain.






  1. It can only go up from the low point that was The Fountain.

  2. Team Julain here

  3. I really want this to be GREAT.

  4. Agreed. The Fountain was so mediocre, it was painful. That record was light and forgettable from start to finish. Flowers and most of Evergreen (the second half!) and What are You Going to Do with your Life were good records though. Siberia has some great tracks as well.

  5. Siberia is great, start to finish.

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