Reunions, Tour Dates — February 26, 2014 at 6:00 am

Steve Kilbey reuniting with ex-Church drummer Richard Ploog on Australian tour

Richard Ploog and Steve Kilbey

The Church’s Steve Kilbey will perform with former bandmate Richard Ploog for the first time in nearly 25 years next month when the drummer — who left after 1990’s Gold Afternoon Fix — joins Kilbey and Mark Gable of The Choirboys for a “one-off special tour” called “Discover Australia: A Stumble Through Australian Pop History.”

The four-date trek will find Kilbey and Gable “stagger, sing, crash and stumble through every decade of the greatest pop and rock music that helped shape these two Aussie icons,” performing music by Ronnie Burns, Paul Kelly, the Bee Gees and more — including music by The Church and The Choirboys.

Ploog joined The Church in 1981, replacing founding drummer Nick Ward, and played with the band through the recording of Gold Afternoon Fix. He reportedly left over personal and musical differences.

This past month, Kilbey has been recording a new album with The Church — but without founding guitarist Marty Willson-Piper, whom Kilbey has said couldn’t make the sessions, and has suggested is out of the band for good.  In a recent email newsletter to fans, The Church reports: “February sees The Church still working on their new album in Botany, doing vocals, guitars and drum overdubs. The band have approximately 18 new songs, could it be a double album?”

See full dates and a promo video for the Kilbey/Gable tour below:


Tour dates: Steve Kilbey and Mark Gable

March 6: Lizotte’s, Central Coast, Australia
March 8: Lizotte’s, Newcastle, Australia
March 9: Lizotte’s, Dee Why, Australia
March 15: Smiths Alternative, Canberra, Australia







  1. Very cool!

  2. Moon Meister

    The Church without Marty Willson-Piper isn’t the church. MWP and SK “are The Church”…should call the band something else. What a shame MWP is no longer in the band. A Terrible Loss! All over money issues…geez

  3. Okay. Call Marty. Tour “Heyday”.

  4. Joe Mac Pherson

    Years ago, in 1984 I believe, I saw The Church perform their very first North American concert at a tiny club out on the West Coast, called Malibu Trancas. There was a cold torrential downpour outside, absolutely sheets of rain and truly, the faithful showed up at this out of the way club. Hoping to meet the band after the show, I brought every Australian import 7 inch, 12 inch single and all albums released at the time with me. All were heavily protected from the elements outside. I most most fortunate to meet Steve Kilbey, Richard Ploog and Marty Willson-Piper and they were gracious to sign everything. Mr. Ploog was an absolute gentleman, exhuberantly enthusiastic about playing in North America, so very happy to be part of The Church. Kilby had dry wit; Willson-Piper was wonderful. I didn’t get to meet Peter Koppes, but the other 3 gents gave my night a permanent memory. I’m so happy to see Kilbey and Ploog reunited! Old friends, comrades in music, and I wish them all well!

  5. Come to the Uk or I’ll have to come to Oz.

  6. Darth Kilbey

    Kilbey you are one washed up rocker. Keep dreaming about success, because you done smoked it all! The washed up rocker dude you played in that play is you! No doubts. Perfect fit. Enough of comebacks, just retire, that is, if you have enough left over from the 90’s drug escapade? As for the new lineup, the new album is appropriately named “Further Deeper Up In The Hole!” MWP will be missed. You posers quit comparing Koppes to MWP, no comparison, just listen to Spirit Level vs. Koppes solo dribble will make you cry in comparison. MWP one of the greatest lost in Rock History!

  7. Stuart mcleary

    Bit harsh there Darth. Washed up, no way, for mine Steven just gets better with age and has probably one of the greatest catalogues of songs there is. Enough said. Dyd

  8. Christopher Roberts

    I cant believe Marty is no longer by Steve’s side, my favourite band since i was 19 y.o. Thats 33 years … The Church is no longer… I love you guy’s steve, peter, marty and richard for all you have given me. Best song ever “a different man”

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