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Friends of Devo’s Bob Casale seeking donations to help support his wife, children

Devo's Bob Casale

Friends of Devo’s Robert “Bob 2” Casale — who died unexpectedly two weeks ago from heart failure — are trying to raise $100,000 to support the late musician’s wife and children, with Casale’s brother and bandmate, Gerald Casale, noting that the 61-year-old “had no will or insurance” at the time of his death.

On Devo’s Facebook page, the band notes, “A funding page has been created to help soften the huge blow this has been to his wife, daughter, and son. All gifts will go directly to the Casale Family.” Over the weekend, Gerald Casale tweeted to fans to let them know they could donate, saying, “I have done what I can, but he had no will or insurance.”

The donation fund is being managed by Michael Pilmer, Devo’s website manager, who has worked with the band for more than a decade. To date, more than $11,000 has been raised.

LINK: Bob Casale Family Fund






  1. A teaching moment fro everyone, especially those of us over 50–buy insurance, make a will. It turns out, we don’t live forever. I’m sure, eventually, his wife & children will realize some Devo money–but w/out a will, that can take years.

  2. Christian Guenther

    Bob was cool…He gave me the thumbs up on my ‘John Wayne wearing a Devo hat ‘ t-shirt I had printed a run of as the 1st image and inspiration for my new
    art project/venture experiment..
    He loved it..He wanted one and wished me success..
    I will allocate funds for your requested need of the public/fans from any John Wayne/Devo hat shirts image sold from this posting. I can be contacted via my f.book profile here..

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