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‘Interactive Sound of The Smiths’: New official site streams discography via timeline

The Smiths

Warner Music UK today launched a new official website for The Smiths, an timeline dubbed “The Interactive Sound of The Smiths: 1982-1987” that lets visitors scroll through the history of the band as presented through its discography, with each single and full album available to stream via Spotify, along with sleeve art, corresponding music videos and other images.

LINK: officialsmiths.co.uk






  1. Poorly done.

  2. Pretty nice, seeing the videos again reminded me just how bloody awful most of them were. I think the best ones were ripped from Top Of The Pops. How Soon is Now is the only one that looks like some effort was put into it. Nice time line though.

    • At the time, they (Morrissey) hated videoclips. So they refused to make them, with one or two exceptions. That’s why the few clips are just from the Top of the Pops. The one that Morrissey “boycotted” by failing to lip-sync on purpose (but I don’t remember the story very well now).

    • Also, “How soon is now” video was made many years after The Smiths “death” for a videotape special.

  3. Thanks for the info Pedro, I had no idea that How Soon was an afterthought.

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