Video — March 11, 2014 at 11:59 pm

Video: Iggy Pop joins New Order to cover Joy Division classics at Tibet House benefit

Bernard Sumner and Iggy Pop

Bernard Sumner and a pair of his New Order bandmates — specifically the two who weren’t also in Joy Division — performed at New York City’s Carnegie Hall on Tuesday night as part of the 24th annual Tibet House U.S. Benefit Concert, where they were joined onstage by Iggy Pop to perform Joy Division classics “Transmission” and “Love Will Tear Us Apart.”

The ad hoc super group also performed, apparently for the first time ever, “Californian Grass,” one of the Waiting For the Sirens Call leftovers that New Order released last year on Lost Sirens.

The show, which raised money for the nonprofit group that works to preserve Tibetan culture, also featured performances by Patti Smith, Sufjan Stevens, Philip Glass and members of The National. According to the Associated Press, Smith paid tribute to Lou Reed by opening with “Perfect Day.” She later performed “People Have the Power” with Iggy, Sumner and others.

Video’s still coming in from tonight’s show, but, below, you can see some clips of the Joy Division performances. We’ll update it as better and more complete footage surfaces.

UPDATE: We’ve added some video from Presents… of the Iggy Pop/New Order performances, as well as a clip of Iggy’s own set and Patti Smith covering Lou Reed.


Iggy Pop and New Order, “Love Will Tear Us Apart”


Iggy Pop and New Order, “Californian Grass”


Iggy Pop and New Order, “Transmission”


Iggy Pop, “Nightclubbing”


Patti Smith, “Perfect Day”




  1. Hey Barney! If you play with Tom Chapman and Phil Cunningham isn’t that Bad Lieutenant and not New Order?!

  2. Interesting that Iggy was what Ian was listening to.

  3. I’d say it’s more New Order now than Bad Lieutenant…

    although it almost looks like they recruited Elvis Costello to drum for them.

  4. Love to see the whole “Transmission” performance…thanks for the other clips!!!

  5. Totally changing the topic, but who is that violinist sitting near Barney?!! WOW!! She’s gorgeous!

  6. Jeff Hitz. Is that your new DJ name Hooky?

  7. That was grrreat!

  8. Seriously? That was the worst rendition of Love Will Tear Us Apart that I’ve ever heard.

  9. I would give my left leg for a solo Iggy Pop show here in Chicago. PLEASE.

  10. The man can’t win. He plays a benefit for Tibet & gets raked over the coals by know-it-alls.

  11. John strass

    A concert of a lifetime. It was perfect. Low tech equipment,a mature visdeo… Sounds like punk all over thank you Phillip glass and new order!

  12. anyone got footage of the “St Anthony” track played at that gig?

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