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The Sound to collect expanded reissues of first 3 albums, BBC live disc in new box set

The Sound

Acclaimed if overlooked U.K. postpunk act The Sound will be the subject of a new box set next month from Demon Music Group that will collect expanded editions of the band’s first three albums — 1980’s Jeopardy, 1981’s From the Lion’s Mouth and 1982’s All Fall Down — along with a fourth disc featuring two BBC live concerts recorded in 1981 and 1985.

Due out April 14, the box set collects the four CDs in a clamshell box, with the three studio albums supplemented with 26 total bonus tracks, including B-sides, entire EPs, BBC sessions and other rarities. The fourth disc, featuring two BBC live concert recordings, is the same as the second disc of the 2004 The BBC Recordings release. The set also will include a 32-page book.

The new release — which can be ordered from Brittle Heaven — was assembled with input from band co-founders Mike Dudley and Graham Bailey, plus late frontman Adrian Borland’s father.

The release comes as filmmakers are trying to raise money to fund a documentary called “Walking in the Opposite Direction” about The Sound and Borland, who committed suicide in 1999.

Check out the trailer for the filmmakers’ crowdfunding effort below.


The Sound box set

Tracklist: The Sound box set

CD 1: Jeopardy
1. “I Can’t Escape Myself”
2. “Heartland”
3. “Hour Of Need”
4. “Words Fail Me”
5. “Missiles”
6. “Heyday”
7. “Jeopardy”
8. “Night Versus Day”
9. “Resistance”
10. “Unwritten Law”
11. “Desire”
Bonus tracks:
12. “Physical World” (Physical World EP)
13. “Brute Force” (B-Side Of ‘Heyday’ Single)
14. “Heartland” (Live Instinct EP)
15. “Brute Force” (Live Instinct EP)
16. “Jeopardy” (Live Instinct EP)
17. “Coldbeat” (Live Instinct EP)
18. “Heartland” (BBC Session October 1980)
19. “Unwritten Law” (BBC Session October 1980)
20. “Jeopardy” (BBC Session October 1980)
21. “I Can’t Escape Myself” (BBC Session October 1980)

CD 2: From the Lion’s Mouth
1. “Winning”
2. “Sense Of Purpose”
3. “Contact The Fact”
4. “Skeletons”
5. “Judgement”
6. “Fatal Flaw”
7. “Possession”
8. “The Fire”
9. “Silent Air”
10. “New Dark Age”
Bonus tracks:
11. “Point Of No Return” (Single B-side)
12. “Hot House” (Single B-side)
13. “Coldbeat” (Single B-side)
14. “New Dark Age” (Live)
15. “Fatal Flaw” (BBC Session November 1981)
16. “Skeletons” (BBC Session November 1981)
17. “Hothouse” (BBC Session November 1981)
18. “New Dark Age” (BBC Session November 1981)

Disc 3: All Fall Down
1. “All Fall Down”
2. “Party Of The Mind”
3. “Monument”
4. “In Suspense”
5. “Where The Love Is”
6. “Song And Dance”
7. “Calling The New Tune”
8. “Red Paint”
9. “Glass And Smoke”
10. “We Could Go Far”
Bonus tracks:
11. “The One And A Half Minute Song” (All Fall Down Sessions)
12. “Sorry” (All Fall Down Sessions)
13. “As Feeling Dies” (All Fall Down Sessions)
14. “We Could Go Far” (unreleased original version)
15. “Plenty” (This Cover Keeps Reality Unreal EP)
16. “‘Neath Dancing Waves” (This Cover Keeps Reality Unreal EP)
17. “Amber” (This Cover Keeps Reality Unreal EP)
18. “Scapegoat In A Country Churchyard” (This Cover Keeps Reality Unreal EP)

Disc 4: BBC Live in Concert
Originally broadcast 21st November 1981
1. BBC Intro – Pete Drummond
2. “Unwritten Law”
3. “Skeletons”
4. “Fatal Flaw”
5. “Winning”
6. “Sense Of Purpose”
7. “Heartland”
8. “New Dark Age”
Originally broadcast 15th June 1985
9. BBC Intro – Pete Drummond + Intro music
10. “Golden Soldiers”
11. “Under You”
12. “Total Recall”
13. “Burning Part Of Me”
14. “Whirlpool”
15. “Missiles”


Video: Adrian Borland Documentary (Crowdfunding Trailer)




  1. ericthegardeneer

    The Sound is one of those bands that I somehow missed when they were actually around. I was aware of them but never checked them out for some reason until the last couple of years. But, oh my god, are they good! Especially the first record. Here’s hoping that this box set will get them a bit of the attention they deserve.

  2. The Sound were the best most ignored band ever. I hope this box set has been mastered from a decent source and not like the 1979 label release stuff, which is awful.

  3. Wasn’t there an also-unknown UK band, name escapes me at this moment, who also were doing a similar thing last year? Rather than individual films, I think a larger film – encompassing many of the same artists – would be cool.

  4. This is definitely my new favorite band of that era, forget Echo and the Bunnymen – The Sound was WAY better. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the attention that was well deserved here in the States so they stuck around where they were really popular – The Netherlands, of all places. After their breakup, Adrian stuck around in the Dutch country while making solo albums. RIP Adrian Borland!!
    And to BCE, maybe the band you’re thinking of was Comsat Angels? They were another critically acclaimed yet completely ignored band of the same timeframe. They even toured with The Sound during the debut of both bands! Another band to check out.

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