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Robert Smith not terribly keen on The Cure’s ‘new’ album — or more ‘Trilogy’ shows in 2014

The Cure's Robert Smith circa 2012

Back in February, The Cure announced ambitious plans for 2014, including the release of a new album — the long-delayed companion to 2008′s 4:13 Dream — as well as a third round of “Trilogy” shows worldwide, which would find the band performing The Top, The Head on the Door and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me in their entireties each night. 

In a totally characteristic turn of events, however, Smith already is backtracking a bit, revealing in an interview with London’s XFM — recorded after the band’s epic Royal Albert Hall performances this weekend — that he’s not terribly keen on putting out an album “made by a band that no longer exists,” and said that while he expects the “Trilogy” shows to happen, he’s not sure they’ll get around to them this year after all.

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In the XFM interview, Smith confirmed the album, provisionally titled 4:14 Scream, is done:

“I’ve finished singing and mixing an album that was made by a band that no longer exists… So I’m trying to be convinced that I should release what is the second half of an album that effectively came out in 2008.  It’s a bit of a sore point, really, to be honest, amongst this current lineup. But I think it will get released. … I don’t feel such a strong urge, really, to beat people over the head with new stuff. It will just come out and people who want to hear it will hear it and those who don’t, won’t, and they’ll just keep dancing to ‘Close to Me.'”

The album likely will come out during the “dead period” this summer, Smith said.

Below: Stream the full 8-minute XFM interivew

Smith’s claim of a “band that no longer exists,” however, is really only a reference to guitarist Porl Thompson, who rejoined in 2005 and left in 2010. Bassist Simon Gallup and drummer Jason Cooper remain in The Cure, which is now augmented, once again, by keyboardist Roger O’Donnell, as well more recent addition Reeves Gabrels, the guitarist who came on board in 2012.

Working in the studio as a live band similar to the 4:13 Dream sessions, Smith says the current lineup also is recording new music: “This band is trying to make an album… an album I’m tempted to make that’s really different than anything else we’ve ever done.”

Following this weekend’s marathon 45-song sets at Royal Albert Hall, Smith and Co. are next slated to take the stage at the BottleRock Festival in Napa Valley, Calif., on May 30. After that, Smith said, The Cure is not likely to perform again until late September.

He said the “Trilogy” tour is still in the cards, but maybe not before 2015:

“It will happen. I don’t know whether it will happen this year. I quite like what we’re doing, I like dipping into the history of the band, playing shows that are just really big shows. I’m so enthralled by digging out songs that we’ve never played. They’re essentially new songs… they’re new songs to me, I know the songs less well than if I was singing an actual new song.”

Fans of The Cure, of course, know not to put too much stock in what Smith says the band will be doing. And, in wrapping up the interview, Smith acknowledged as much:

“Having said all that, I have no idea… I really don’t. I’m really bad at planning long-term stuff.”

Below, listen to the full 8-minute interview (via Chain of Flowers):







  1. Glory2Babalon

    Cue the negative comments…..

  2. i actually would just as soon they not release the “sequel” to 4:13 dream, for reasons totally aligned with what he said here–that it would be weird putting out a new record as a ‘statement’, if you will, from a band that isn’t really there anymore..and i understand the qualification that SUE made here about pearl (porl) being the only one who’s left since ’08–though roger and reeves have since re-joined/been officially added–but even one member entering or exiting can effectively change the entire dynamic of a band as a collective unit.

    all that said, i’d still like to hear ‘4.14’–but as a sort of curio, not the official ‘new record’..i’d rather the current lineup make a new record together. as much as people look at robert as a dictator or sorts, the rest of the band usually does have a very significant role in the creating of the cure’s music.

    as far as the next ‘trilogy’-type tour, it didn’t really sound here like robert wasn’t ‘keen on it’–he stated that he really enjoys delving deep into the band’s catalog and doing big, epic shows. so the fact that such a huge undertaking may happen in 2015 instead of 2014 is not a sign to me that he isn’t into it. he seemed to have a really good time doing reflections in 2011.

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  4. At least he is keen on his IMDB page.

  5. Probably a good thing if they wait until 2015 as I’ve just spent all my money on Kate Bush…

    • Yes and some of us have not spent money on Kate Bush because our favorite album is Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me…which was a painful decision.



  7. I want to hear it. Porl is a million times more interesting than that wanker Reeves. These are also supposed to be the slower, darker songs from the sessions, so it will probably be better than the mediocre 4:13 Dream.

    A new album with this current line-up would probably be the worst of their career, and everything since Wish (except Bloodflowers) has been very hit or miss.

  8. Great interview. What he says makes sense to me.

  9. I read in another interview done around the same time that although he’s unhappy about the album it is coming out this Summer 2014.
    This other album that the new lineup is recording could take another 10 years so I’ll take what I can get!

  10. Richard Rider

    I’m sure he’ll fire Roger at least one more time before the album drops, and then re-hire him for the next round of shows.

    Like death and taxes, the only other sure thing in this life, is that Robert Smith will continue to fire Roger O’Donnell, only to bring him back for ‘one more go’.

  11. Robert Smith does one thing really good; playing super long concerts and digging out rarities.

    Everything else is a complete farce.

    One thing I have learned as a Cure fan over the past 30 years is that RS is a pathological liar to the fans and unless you see a product on the shelves or have a ticket to a show; Don’t Believe a Word! as the song goes…

    Honestly, the last two records were garbage, the last decent Cure album was ‘Bloodflowers’ in 2000 so it’s been 14 years since RS has put out anything of value. I’d rather The Cure just keep playing these epic shows and work through all the bsides, etc not yet played live.

  12. I just hope whatever he eventually releases is good. Just not a fan of anything post Bloodflowers. I really wanted to like them and listened intently over long periods but to no avail. I really think the constant lineup changes over the last few years has been the culprit though. His best writing years in this band were either his darkest (Pornography, The Top) or when the band was tight (Head through Wish). Since I don’t wish him a new drug habit I hope the band solidifies for a while.

  13. release the remasters and bonuses of WISH already, dammit!

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