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Matthew Sweet’s breakthrough album ‘Girlfriend’ to be reissued on 180-gram vinyl

Matthew Sweet

The classic third album from Matthew Sweet — 1991’s Girlfriend, featuring the twin guitar attack of Robert Quine and Television’s Richard Lloyd, plus Lloyd Cole on rhythm guitar — will be reissued on 180-gram vinyl sometime this fall by Plain Recordings in what’s being billed as the record’s first time back on 12-inch since its initial release.

Like the original vinyl release, the new reissue will feature 12 songs, not the full 15 that were included on the original CD, which features the sound of a needle lifting off vinyl after “Evangeline” and “Your Sweet Voice,” which was meant to show where the sides would end on the vinyl pressing.

Thanks in large part to the hit anime video for the title track, Girlfriend helped launch the career of alt-rocker Sweet, who had come up in the Athens, Ga, scene in the mid- to late-’80s, releasing a pair of major-label albums that didn’t fare well commercially.

Below, check out the tracklist for the vinyl reissue and the original “Girlfriend” video.


Tracklist: Matthew Sweet, Girlfriend vinyl reissue

1. “Divine Intervention”
2. “I’ve Been Waiting”
3. “Girlfriend”
4. “Looking At The Sun”
5. “Winona”
6. “Evangeline”
7. “Day For Night”
8. “Thought I Knew You”
9. “You Don’t Love Me”
10. “I Wanted To Tell You”
11. “Don’t Go”
12. “Your Sweet Voice”


Matthew Sweet, “Girlfriend”




  1. gaspar von trier

    oh man, what a waste… PLAIN RECORDINGS is crap. please don’t promote them, they don’t care about anything having to do with music.

  2. I agree yet again about Plain. They really botched the This Is Hardcore release by Pulp so it will take a listening test before I would ever trust them again. Don’t get me started on Music On Vinyl…

    But Matthew rules and this album is a masterpiece along with 100% Fun. I thought Pete Yorn would take over his mantle a number years back with his first two albums but after those he slipped into AOR never to be heard from again.

  3. I thought this was actually the SECOND reissue of the LP since any initial vinyl release at the time it was put out. I think there was one in, like, 2007?

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