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Peter Murphy debuts ‘Hang Up’ — pounding lead single off Youth-produced ‘Lion’

Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy today debuted the first single off his upcoming 10th solo album Lion, a record produced by bassist Youth of Killing Joke that finds the former Bauhaus frontman delving, perhaps not surprisingly, into heavier sounds than he explored on 2011′s Ninth. Below, you can experience “Hang Up” via its music video, which premiered today at The AV Club.

Lions is due out June 3, and is preceded by a limited-edition metallic-silver 7-inch single featuring a  dub mix of the song that will be released April 19 as part of Record Store Day.

Murphy also embarks on a 33-date North American tour on May 22.


Video: Peter Murphy, “Hang Up”






  1. Mavis Monroe

    Don’t want to be mean, but P.M.’s voice sounds like he’s screaming, or wailing, the lyrics on this song, other than when he speaks in it. And from the sample plate he dished out the other day with a six-song compilation, it’s all the same. And that’s where the ongoing problem lies; when he sings his solo work songs, say from DEEP/LOVE HYSTERIA, his voice is classic P.M., and when he switches to sing Bauhaus songs he has the deep, yell baritone from the edgy lyrics and sound that WAS Bauhaus. Now I don’t know if all the years of smoking has done this to his voice, but I have seen four Bauhaus shows and sixteen P.M. shows. If intermixing things up, or if the years of CONSTANT touring, and/or years of smoking has done this, I don’t know. What I do know is that I do not think this album is anything special and it’s on the level of Unshattered. Most peeps that were long-time devotees are very turned off by the same ole/same ole. Sorry, but there’s no “fire without a spark.”

  2. To tell you the truth, this song and video do not make any sense. Sorry Monsieur Murphy but you need to take a break, a nice long one, and also become friends again with your mates from Bauhaus because your solo material just isn’t what it used to be. This song, lyrics, and video are just sad because I feel like, as others who used to follow you for years (back in the day) it’s just not there anymore. But, of course, you will have your zombified fans who will worship you because they are lame and will spend the $$ to do meet and greets, get their picture taken, parents can bring their kids along and everyone can run amok; definitely not the Murphy show of an era that has long gone by. I do believe you have sold yourself out; and that’s a crying shame because you had the mysteria, but you sold that out too. Good luck on the tour. I don’t mean to put you down, but just am telling it like it is as I know, been there when you were all alone touring Should The World Fail To Fall Apart and the others that followed. That’s the real Peter Murphy, the voice, the baritone, oh, and like someone said: the “mysteria” – that’s what we were there to see. Sadly, you’ve sold out, but your hairpiece looks great and still loving your cheekbones.

  3. Sean Patrick

    Adore the song, hate the video… :( Initially I thought the vid was ok, a trippy 50’s “stop drop and roll” film put to a goth groove, but after about 2 minutes I was longing for something completely different. Sorry PM, but the vid is NOT for me….

  4. Hmm, for some reason with Youth on board this sounds an awful lot like Absolute Dissent. Not that that’s a bad thing – or a good thing either. At least from this cut you just replace Jaz with Peter and I’m not sure I can tell a difference! Could be just this one song (which I still like), but the overall effect could also start to wear thin.

  5. Love the music, hate the vocals. Video is weird but not in a good way.

  6. Burnt Toast

    Meh, not sure WTH the video has to do with the song .?. Lyrics are screaming, makes my throat hurt, video with a boy and lil girl brushing their teeth – not sure what’s going on there, or anywhere. Sorry but this is lame.

  7. The album is called “Lion” not “Lions”. You’ve done stories about the new album before so it’s surprising you can’t get the title correct….

    Anyone who has seen Peter Murphy live in recent years and isn’t doing the nostalgia trip of wanting him to remain in a vacuum and sound like he did 30 years ago, knows that neither smoking nor the years have changed Peter’s voice for the worse. It’s sad to me when “fans” just want an artist to remain exactly what they were in a time in their lives that maybe they–the “fan”–would like to relive. Most of us have moved on from the 80s, Peter Murphy included thankfully. “Back in the day” is such a sad phrase…..Peter Murphy is amazingly still continuing to create, tour, and work hard. Don’t expect him to live in the past just because you’re stuck there.

  8. And Juniper……”I don’t mean to put you down” and then the crack about the hair piece? You show your true colors there. So sorry you want him to sound like he did in 1982.

  9. I think a PM/Cruxshadows collab would sound amazing.

  10. Ga Ga Goo Goo

    To: AW, I don’t think anyone is living in the past here. Long time followers all share the same sentiment. We like Bowie for HIS sound and who he is. You’re missing the message, but then you must be one of the Murphy “zombified” fans who will gather around him at a ridiculous meet and greet with your slurpee in hand, and pimples on your face, and current tour t-shirt giving accolades on how great the show is and what a master P.M. is … You are a dork. Read the other comments and go buy yourself a new red shirt and know what you’re talking about before you talk smack as no one is saying they want the Murphy of the ’80’s you moron. We want the crazy, wild, makeup wearing, spinning out of control man we have known forever, that had a voice and could put on a show. Now, it’s a joke, like you … So Awwwwww, go cry you steaming pile of cow dung 💩.

  11. Ocean Breeze

    I listened to the video and don’t care for the lyrics, voice is scratchy and too much yelling vs. singing. And not sure what the video has to do with the song. And I don’t know what got AW all out of sorts. You’re missing the message, but I take it you’re a newbie and you are about 20 years old. Oh, yeah, and that you’re a wanker!!

  12. The slight raspiness to the voice backed with the wall of sound make it sound very Killing Joke-ish to me. Not that that’s a bad thing, but the single by itself doesn’t excite me too much. I’ll have to hear more before I decide whether to pick it up or not.

    As for the video- trippy, but I liked it. After awhile, I was sort of mesmerized by the sheer mundanity of the footage. Though the shot of the astronaut floating off into space did send a chill or two down my spine…

  13. Bitch,bitch,bitch. All the people who want Peter to sound like the earlier material or like Bauhaus,here’s a novel idea, go listen to those albums, CDs, MP3s or whatever format you so choose. No artist in his right mind does the same thing over and over again, otherwise the original sound becomes tired, and boring and then no one bothers to buy the material anymore or go see the tour.
    The sound of his voice, the production, the video all have their point and purpose and it may or may not be to your liking but it was done that way on purpose,not because Peter is losing his “edge” or voice or whatever people are complaining about isn’t there. Its there just not in the form you are used to or necessarily want.
    Telling the man that he need to rejoin his friends in Bauhaus is bullshit.They’ve done it and are tired of it. They all want to do their own thing now.That’s why bands do not last forever.Peter is the most successful out of all members.Where is Love and Rockets now? Exactly. People change. Times change.Music changes.
    His tour will be successful and the CD/MP3/LP will do just fine and when the next album comes out you’ll still be on this website or some other forum bitching. Peter is still making music and touring in the meantime and doing what he does best.
    Making comments about hair pieces,meth, and anything personal about the man himself is just wrong no to mention rude.While you’re buying/downloading the new material, get yourself some manners as well.

  14. New World Order

    Nice Photo shop job there; WOW it’s P.M. from the 80’s. Oh wait, they didn’t have Photo shop then. That’s when ALL the best music and bands were out and about with their wild hair, clothes, makeup, jewelry, etc. Oh, The Furs, Thompson Twins, Adam Ant, Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, Joy Division/New Order – I could go on forever. The 80’s – The BEST decade ever for music hands down!!

  15. I think that this is a great new song. I would rather hear Low Room than Indigo Eyes though. This is promising for the rest of the record. Nice work, Peter Murphy.

  16. Big Buddha

    The long-time fans know what they want, and if you thought Murphy was fickle than think about his fans that have followed and know him since they are the ones that stayed true to him. All this technology and ways for people to put smack out is a shame. Sometimes technology is not s good thing, like these comments and Facebook, etc. Shit, if you want to see him just get a ticket and go to his show. But having an open arena FOR ANYONE to talk smack is not fair to Murphy. If you don’t like him then so what? MOVE ON!! Yes, I know the hardcore P.M. forever fans are fickle, just like he is … After all, He is their Leader 🙏.
    *Peace To You And Yours*

  17. The guys from Love and Rockets loathe P.M. He ruined their lifetime friendship with his BIG ego tripping head, and all the shit that he spews. That’s why D.Ash kept his mouth shut as he knows a thing or two about karma. And karma paid Murphy a visit last year when he thought he was full of himself, and meth, to think he could crash into a car and just take off. All.the.while Ash and Kevin Haskins and David J. remained quiet and didn’t go on some Murphy rambling citation of what the f#*% ever.

  18. I’m liking it. Best Peter Murphy solo song yet.

  19. Fantastic! Sorry, I’m not looking for a Peter Murphy re-run which most of these comment seem to long for…has he ever really done that? Hang Up is great! Music is not about video images (unless you were born after 1975 I guess) but this is a beautiful, dark, hard song that sounds like Peter Murphy in command of his talents.

  20. This is sacred music, the most profound manifestation of the divine in popular music that I have encountered. The video is appropriate and rich in symbolism as well. The use of black and white, the “fun house,” the boy and girl, the girl at her dressing table – are all a glyph of the deity Murphy literally sings his heart out to. I refuse to forget this song.

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