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Contest: Win tickets to see The Cult at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

The Cult Las Vegas

The Cult are back on the road this spring, forgoing the Electric-based set they toured last year for a broader career overview — and we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky Slicing Up Eyeballs reader to see Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy live on April 19 at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas.

TO ENTER: Just drop a comment below naming your favorite Cult song, and offer up a few words as to why it’s so great. If you’re using the Slicing Up Eyeballs app, please email your entry to with the subject line “The Cult in Vegas? Count me in.”

RULES: We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EDT Friday, April 11. After that point, we’ll select the winner at random and contact him or her via their provided e-mail addresses. One entry per person.

TICKETS: If you want to just go ahead and secure those tickets, they’re on sale now.




  1. Mark Holmes

    “LOVE” is my favorite song, because it reminds me of my best friends!

  2. She Sells Sanctuary . The best song in rock music ever

  3. Robert Alcala

    Favorite Cult song: Love Removal Machine. Tons of energy, solid guitar, and cool tempo changes. Still holds up 27yrs later

  4. Favorite song: Nirvana. The Cult is more than music. The Cult is the essence of life.

  5. She Sells Sanctuary. One of the best intro’s ever.

  6. My preference changes with the mood or stage of life I’m in. but “Wolf Child’s blues” always give me shivers. To me its about wanting the good times after the bad times, the circle of life…..

  7. Brian Biggerstaff

    “Big Neon Glitter”

  8. She sells sanctuary. Even though i thought ian was singing “i’m sure in hell you’ll find sanctuary”

  9. Glory2Babalon

    She Sells Sanctuary FTW!

  10. Nirvana – great song.

  11. Robert Owens

    Firewoman. So much power in the delivery.

  12. Love – First Cult song I heard

  13. Rick Kirkendall

    My Favorite song from THE CULT, is RAIN. Billy Duffy’s guitar on this song is amazing.

  14. I think more than any other song of theirs, I’ve always liked “Rise”. It’s just a great, soaring rocker, and served as my re-introduction to this awesome band.

  15. Dustin Lane

    “Little Face” has always been a favorite. “Bone Bag” and “Wolf Child’s Blues” are up there as well.

  16. I adore every track on “Love,” but Brother Wolf, Sister Moon is my favorite — a powerful, moving song.

  17. Alan Richey

    She Sells Sanctuary. Reminds me of going out and being with my friends back in the 80’s!

  18. Analy Berumen

    Love Removal Machine… First song I heard, the only song that would make me want to Dance in Tijuana clubs in the early 80’s&90’s, fell in Love & married the guy who always danced too, and now even more because its our sons favorite song & band. Ian even pointed him out rocking out at the Del Mar racetrack show a few yrs ago. 😊

  19. She Sells Sanctuary – first Cult song I heard and it melted my face. It has been on the radio several times during big moments in my life which makes it even more special to me.

  20. Chris Old

    Bleeding Heart Graffitti. Ian’s voice is so powerful and moving on this one. It is near impossible not to have a tear in your eye during this magnificent performance.

  21. Love Removal Machine because it reminds of driving around with the stereo cranked up as loud as I could stand and singing along with the windows down.

  22. Tony Rodriguez

    The Snake! Billy’s guitar was so good and innovative that they even have problems replicating it live. Nigel’s drums were absolutely mesmerizing and combined with Jaime’s bass, made for the best rythme section of the mid- 80’s. Throw Ian’s trance like vocals on top of all that and you have perfection!!!!

  23. Caroline Reynolds

    “Love Trooper.” My husband says that before we married he would drive around and listen to this song, thinking about me. Very sweet.

  24. Dean Kendrick


  25. Love Removal Machine – because Mike Miller and I used to smash our frat house metal folding chairs to it. Self-gratification through damage!

  26. El Arreglardo

    Seriously? Love Removal Machine. Nothing else comes close. “Having trouble with my direction
    Upside-down, psychotic reaction…”

  27. Just one song??? “She Sells Sanctuary.” This song takes me back to an era of my life that was perfectly youthful.

  28. Colleen Conchelos

    Favorite song is either Love or Edit ( ciao baby )

  29. Edward Frias

    She Sells Sanctuary. This song is power and beauty all at once.

  30. Rain. The song held my attention so intensely I often needed the silence from the cassette stopping before flipping it over to Side B.

  31. Man, anything off of “Love” is a winner. Gotta go with “She Sells Sanctuary,” though, for being an eternal booty-kicker AND booty-shaker. Have to give some love to “Universal You,” too, since it was lodged in my skull most of the weekend!

  32. Outlaw or Wildflower…each with dynamite riffs from Billy and powerful vocals from Ian. They always put on a great show!

  33. No 13…I Need Your Love….the song says it all!!!

  34. RAIN

    Reminds me of a perfect 80’S Night

    Sexy,not-so subtle and extreme


  35. “Aphrodisiac Jacket” simply because this number kicks out the jams!

  36. She Sells Sanctuary…brings back a time when the music was the best.

  37. Dan Bishop

    It has to be….Wildflower, it gets me fired up.when I’m driving in my car I look down and I’m always speeding HEY YOU ..WERE A WILD ..CHILD..OUT TA CONTROL …CFFC!!!!!!

  38. Wolf Child Blues—Raw, late night recording session…The Cult at it’s core.

  39. Jerrell Skinner

    ‘She Sells Sanctuary’

  40. It would be impossible to pick a favorite Cult song after being a fan since the beginning. But my favorite recording is the 1985 Live bootleg CD (the one that was finally released with the Love boxset) and the amazing performance of Phoenix on that recording. No matter what mood I’m in or where I’m at in life, this concert and that track especially push all of the ‘noise’ of life away and it becomes all about the music!

  41. Daniel Alvarez

    The Cult in Vegas? Count me in!
    Sea and sky(I can relate)
    The boats have sailed away
    I stand here on the shore
    Can’t see them anymore
    Can’t see them anymore
    Waving from afar
    To the land called home
    Can you come back soon?
    We wish we could
    We think we’ve gone too far
    On this ship of fools
    We think we’ve gone too far
    On this ship of fools

    And now I walk the shore
    Searching for my soul
    Born in sea and sky
    I was born in sea and sky

  42. She Sells Sanctuary. Duh. One of the best guitar riffs evah. AND, Ian Astbury is a better dancer than that guy in Future Islands!

  43. Love removal machine. Billy at his best!

  44. Deb Papaioanu

    She sells Sanctuary…but really all the greats from The Cult. Because it reminds me of the best days with my sister, Sue. She is moving to Vegas this weekend. What better way to reunite?

  45. karen henderson

    Rain…..because it reminds me of hanging out in London back in the day.Now i live in Vegas…

  46. A Pale Horse.
    Been listening to newer stuff lately

  47. Steve Moscahlades

    Electric Ocean is my fav CULT song cause I used to crank it loud in the summer!!!! Back in NYC you could count on me and my friend Dave pulling up Electric Ocean blaring! The cassette is worn but Iphone is cranking it in my car in Las Vegas!!!!

  48. Rain because I love the rai

  49. American Horse…why?? Because it Rocks and unlike so much of the ‘metal’ phase of The Cult, this song holds up as being both a kick butt rock song recorded but a phenomenal live song as well.!

  50. Brother Wolf, Sister Moon. Such raw power. Great build-up. My brothers and I have a great bond over this song.

  51. She sells Sanctuary- Makes me want to fly through the air while air guitaring!

  52. CULT has so many great songs… I love The Witch because it sounds somewhat different.. the video is also awesome and there’s also an extended version (with Billy’s solo).

  53. Can’t argue with most of these…LOVE is one of my favorite listens…but I will go off the beaten path and take New York City from Sonic Temple. I love Duffy’s guitar work on that one…esp the end. plus once I got in trouble for screaming it at the top of my lungs in the dorms…i blame vodka.

  54. “Peace Dog.” When Ian comes in after the solo… “Bay-buh-bay-buh-bay-bay-bay-buh-BAAAAAAAAAAABY!”

  55. Peace dog and wild flower on the album electric

  56. BrooklynBotz

    New York City. The Cult were my first concert and I got to see them on the Sonic Temple tour at the Nassau Coliseum. We were playing this song on the ride home when my friend’s mom’s car broke down right near Starret City. Fun times.

  57. I love all of their songs so I am just going to pick the last one that came on my iPod, Brother Wolf Sister Moon. All if their songs are in there.

  58. Honey Gutleben

    Definitely Fire Woman!! Wow!!! I saw The Cult 23 yrs ago in Reno Nv what an amazing Show that was. I am so excited that they are still doing it!! oh yeah and Ian is sooooo HOT!! :)

  59. She Sells Sanctuary…for the win!

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