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The The’s 1983 debut ‘Soul Mining’ to be reissued in deluxe 2LP 180-gram vinyl set

The The, Soul Mining

The indelible 1983 debut album from The The — Soul Mining, featuring the singles “Uncertain Smile” and “This is the Day” — will receive a slightly belated 30th anniversary reissue this summer in the former of a deluxe 2LP set that will include the newly remastered album on one 180-gram vinyl platter and six remixes and B-sides on the other.

Due out June 30 in the U.K. and July 1 the U.S. via Sony, the reissue also includes what’s being described as a “news poster” that will contain liner notes written by The The mastermind Matt Johnson discussing the making of the record.

According to an email sent to fans today:

“Featuring a host of talented musicians, including JG Thirwell (aka Foetus, Manorexia and Steroid Maximus), Zeke Manyika (Orange Juice), electronic DIY pioneer Thomas Leer and Jools Holland, Johnson set out with a clear vision in mind – to produce an album that felt cinematic; a record of width, depth and texture and one which avoided the mundane line-up of the day of two guitars, bass and drums.”

The 7-song album was remastered at Abbey Road Studios by Johnson, audio that “also been dubbed from original vinyl pressings recorded from Matt’s original 1982 Thorens TD-147 gramophone player using patent ‘Dubbed-From-Disc’ technology” to be downloaded via a code included with purchase of the vinyl set.

The reissue features the original U.K. tracklist, omitting the single “Perfect” that was tacked on to U.S. editions; that song does appear, however, on the bonus record.

The album was released in October 1983, two years after Johnson made his debut with Burning Blue Soul, an album originally released under his own name, but rechristened, in 1993, as a The The album.

Check out the full tracklist below.

The reissue is now available to pre-order via and, and it’s worth nothing that it’s currently significantly cheaper to buy it from and have it shipped to the U.S. than to buy directly from (roughly $50 plus shipping from the U.K. vs. $88).

Additionally, The The will release a limited 12-inch vinyl single on Record Store Day called “GIANT2FACED 12 INCH,” a double A-side single featuring Soul Mining’s “Giant” on one side and DJ Food’s 2011 remix of the song on the other. The Record Store Day release, according to the email to fans, “marks the beginning of a new exploration of The The’s timeless catalog.”


Tracklist: The The, Soul Mining: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

LP1: Soul Mining
1. “I’ve Been Waitin’ For Tomorrow (All Of My Life)”
2. “This Is The Day”
3. “The Sinking Feeling”
4. “Uncertain Smile”
5. “The Twilight Hour”
6. “Soul Mining”
7. “Giant”

LP2: Soul Mining Recollected
1. “Uncertain Smile” (New York 12” version)
2. “Perfect” (New York 12” version)
3. “This Is The Day” (12” version)
4. “Fruit Of The Heart”
5. “Perfect” (London 12” version)
6. “I’ve Been Waitin’ For Tomorrow (All My Life)” (12” mix)





  1. mark williamson

    Holy shit! Awesome. Genius record.

  2. I’m there! I can still remember sitting in my dorm room at USF and listening to KFOG on the radio. The DJ came on, said, “Happy Birthday” to someone named Ida, and then that great synth intro to This Is The Day came through the speakers.

  3. Pre-interent, I remember always trying to find Uncertain Smile. It was a favorite of mine growing up. But I could never find it bc I always figured it was called “I got you under my skin” and I never saw that on any The The discs. Anyway, of course, I put it together (strong detective like skills, no doubt). To this day, I believe it is one of the top 20 songs from the decade. Too bad I was too stupid to get the right name for so long!!!

  4. Brilliant album – Matt never quite managed to hit these heights again. It was a whole new sound and the B sides/remixes are fantastic as well.

    Not sure what to think of the download digital recorded from a rather mid-fi turntable from the early 80’s. At least it was belt drive, but the tonearm was awful. Is it the original cartridge too? Yikes! Guess we’ll see how that one “plays” out!

  5. I just checked out that 2011 remix by DJ Food of Giant mentioned in the article. I missed it at the time but its pretty good, a subtle change. There’s no way I will be able to get the vinyl so will have to settle for a download of it. I hope the extras from that expanded LP will be made available digitally/cd.

  6. I’m hopeful for a digital release of same. Actually just listening to the singles collection today. Great stuff!

  7. Will definitely get this but I have never understood why Perfect was left off of the re-mastered CD from a few years back and here as well, yet they included the extended mixes. Truly baffling.

  8. Bit stingy on the b-sides, but i do hope this gets a cd version, along with all the other albums.

  9. Cool, but when do we get The Pornography of Despair? Burning Blue Soul is so amazing and Soul Mining is a little overproduced. I have been dying to hear the record in between for ages. I think that most of the Soul Mining b-sides were from the abandoned record, right? They are much more experimental than the record itself.

  10. Andrew – there never was actually a “Pornography of Despair” per se… Matt had recorded songs and demos with the intention of releasing them as P.O.D. but ended-up scrapping it before there was ever any physical pressings or release.
    The songs he had compiled for P.O.D. mostly ended-up as b-sides to “Soul Mining” era-singles (ie. “Fruit of the Heart”, “Three Orange Kisses”, “Nature of Virtue”, “Leap Into The Wind”, “Waitin’ For The Upturn” etc etc etc.) so they can be found, although what specific order they would find themselves as an actual LP remains a mystery to this day.
    Whenever Matt would mention P.O.D. in an interview as a “strictly limited release” or something similar, it’s all bull.
    I, too, would heartily welcome a polished (or even unpolised!) re-release of all the b-sides from that era. Cheers.

  11. Does anyone know what the difference is between the New York and London versions of “Perfect” (on the bonus LP)? I agree with others that there should be more B-sides!

    • The “London” Version is the same as the US CD/Album version that was missing on the Original the UK Presses. The “NY” version is the “Extended Version” of the “Original Version” (both found on 45RPM…)

  12. While this is an incredibly beautiful set,
    Sadly, after making a big deal about the digital transfer from Matt’s turntable it was then reduced to MP3. WHY? They do not provide a lossless download, seems pointless.

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