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Watch footballer John Barnes reprise his rap from New Order’s ‘World in Motion’ 24 years later

New Order

Back in 1990, New Order scored its one and only U.K. No. 1 single with “World in Motion,” the theme to England’s 1990 World Cup campaign, a track that also featured members of the team — most notably John Barnes, who performs the rap toward the end of the song (“You’ve got to hold and give, but do it at the right time…”).

Flash forward 24 years, and a fan of the song encountered Barnes sunning himself on a beach in Dubai last week — and asked him if he could perform the rap for her boyfriend. As you can see from the video that the boyfriend’s father posted to Facebook (see full video below), he not only remembered the words, he performed the whole thing for them on-camera. And nailed it.

Check it out — along with New Order’s original music video for the song:



Video: New Order, “World in Motion”




  1. The best Football song ever, totally leftfield and out of nowhere. Many have tried since but the original is the best ( honourable mention goes to Black Grape with England’s Irie .. a close second).

  2. I find it quite cringe-worthy myself. And New Model Army’s recent Beautiful Game, while not outstanding, is far better.

    • Sorry have to disagree, just checked out that New Model Army song…all misty eyed sentiment, stirring drums….total cliché. The New Order track was totally post modern…the most Indie of indie bands recording the Official England song was genuinely jaw dropping at the time. There have been countless attempts at funny, cool, inspiring, ironic tracks since BUT they can never have the cultural impact of this track.

  3. This is the best-slash-worst thing ever. Oh New Order.

  4. Well said, Valerie. Well said.

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