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Spiritualized’s ‘Fucked Up Inside’ live album to be reissued on 180-gram vinyl


This summer, Plain Recordings will reissue Spiritualized’s 1993 live album Fucked Up Inside — originally released as a 1,000-copy mail-order edition — on 180-gram vinyl in a reproduction of the original silver foil-embossed sleeve. The new edition of the seven-track live album will be limited to 3,000 copies, the label announced this morning.

Fucked Up Inside, the first live record from Jason Pierce’s ongoing post-Spacemen 3 concern, was recorded in November 1992 at the Palladium in Los Angeles and the Warfield in San Francisco during the tour in support of the band’s debut that year, Lazer Guided Melodies.


Tracklist: Spiritualized, Fucked Up Inside

1. “Take Good Care Of It”
2. “I Want You”
3. “Medication”
4. “Angel Sigh”
5. “Walking With Jesus”
6. “Shine A Light”
7. “Smiles”




  1. Was this recorded on the Mary Chain’s “roller coaster” tour?

  2. This is likely cd sourced. I would pass.

    • Just because this is a Plain Recordings reissue doesn’t mean it’s a complete shit pressing…It means there is a 99.9% chance that its a complete shit pressing!

  3. Medicine, Curve, spirituized with JAMC headlining. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

  4. steinomite

    Kevin Shields said it best in a Pitchfork interview in 2012…

    “Ownership and control is important, because if you don’t own what you do, all sorts of stupid stuff happens to it, and people spend good money on garbage. For example, in America, Warner Bros. licensed Loveless and Isn’t Anything to Plain Records, and they basically just ripped [the audio] off the CD and put it on vinyl [in 2003]. They did an awful, terrible job. It was done without my permission, and the sound quality was 100% wrong. It was a rip off to anyone who bought it. But I didn’t know anything about it until they were in the shops. We actually got an injunction against it being imported into the UK at the time because it was technically a bootleg but, in America, Warners operate under their own law, so it might have been slightly legal in the United States.”

  5. Tim Barlow

    Well I missed this first time around, so am grateful for another chance. Hopefully Jason is aware of Plain’s track record and will ensure they have a decent original to press from. At least it wasn’t originally issued on CD, so there’s no chance of the Kevin Shields scenario mentioned above.
    Keep us posted on the release date when it’s announced, eh, slicingupeyeballs…

  6. Plain Records? Definite pass.

  7. “limited” to 3000 copies.

    It was originally available as a CD as well as vinyl.

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