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Contest: Win a copy of Peter Hook’s ‘The Haçienda: How Not To Run a Club’

Peter Hook

On the heels of the success of his recent Joy Division memoir, bassist Peter Hook’s first book — 2009’s ‘The Haçienda: How Not To Run a Club” — was just published in the U.S. for the first time this week, and we’ve got copies of the brand-new paperback to award to two very lucky, U.S.-based Slicing Up Eyeballs readers.

The 368-page memoir, published by It Books, finds Hook recounting the story of New Order’s infamous Manchester club, where acts including The Stone Roses, Bauhaus, Grandmaster Flash, The Smiths, Run DMC and Happy Mondays all took the stage, and where rock and dance met as the Madchester scene was born in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

In the book’s publicity materials, Hook says: “We once worked out that, from the time it opened in 1982 to when it closed in 1997, each punter through the door cost us £10. We wasted that much through bad management and sheer stupidity. As far as we were concerned it was history we were making, not money.”

TO ENTER: In the comments section below, please name your absolute favorite Peter Hook bassline — Joy Division, New Order, anything . If you’re using the Slicing Up Eyeballs app, please email your entry to with the subject line “I’d love to know how not to run a club.”

RULES: Contest is open only to U.S. residents. Sorry, publisher’s rules. We’ll take entries until 5 p.m. EDT Friday, May 2. After that point, we’ll select two winners at random and contact them via their provided e-mail addresses. One entry per person.

UPDATE: OK, contest is now closed. Thank you all for entering and sharing your favorite basslines. The two winners have been emailed.




  1. Amy Kinard

    “She’s Lost Control” Joy Division

  2. Mike Stanik


  3. Michael Linder

    Age of Consent

  4. Run

    simple, beautiful

  5. I’m going with Ceremony.

  6. I love Peter Hook’s basslines in “Perfect Kiss.” More specifically, the final minutes of the 12” version.

  7. Brian Lumauig

    Joy Division’s “Heart and Soul”

  8. Dennis Anderson

    Regret, powerful stuff.

  9. Transmission

  10. Diane Iafrate

    New Order – Perfect Kiss

  11. Age of Consent!

  12. Tom Westphal

    “She’s Lost Control”

  13. Joel Bailey

    Probably have to say “Regret” still love it.

  14. JD – “Isolation”

  15. Mr. Disco

  16. Claudia O'Keefe

    “She’s Lost Control” – JD

  17. alan spindel

    age of consent

  18. Love the bassline in Perfect Kiss. (And the frogs.)

  19. New Order – Touched by the Hand of God

  20. Komakino

  21. “Leave Me Alone” – New Order. Absolutely brilliant.

  22. Regret

  23. Shadowplay for sure!

  24. Christopher Calhoon

    I always loved “Leave Me Alone” from Power Corruption and Lies.

  25. Ed MacDaniel


  26. This is super hard, but I gotta go with the first one I fell in love with… Shadowplay!

  27. Margret Caulton

    Age of Consent. Also, “What Do You Want From Me” by Monaco.

  28. angela vasquez

    new order- hurt

  29. Richie Corelli

    Twenty Four Hours – Joy Division

  30. Def Perfect Kiss!

  31. angela vasquez

    i just want to add that this was really tough to pick just one..

  32. Alina Sabirianova

    “Isolation” by Joy Division

  33. Ceremony = bliss.

  34. Age of Consent.

  35. David Connolly

    Off the top of my head, Regret comes to mind. But also Everything’s Gone Green.

  36. Jacob DeHart

    Joy Division – Transmission

  37. Ceremony… Hands down.

  38. Pete Brown


  39. Mark Holmes

    Blue Monday

  40. Ken Tretler

    “Lonesome Tonight” – simple, yet wonderful.

  41. Alec Jokubaitis

    It’s hard to choose, but I’m going to say “Round and Round” from Technique

  42. Must be Age of Consent

  43. Jason Baldock


  44. Vernon Harmon


  45. Joe Harmison

    I’d have to say “Blue Monday” just because when stripped down it isn’t in sync, but when layered is masterful.

  46. Playing the wild card. How about the electronic drum pads on Blue Monday live?

  47. My favorite bassline is Leave Me Alone by New Order!

  48. Ariel Hernandez

    Heart and soul

  49. Sunrise

  50. Age of Consent

  51. New Order “60 Miles and Hour”

  52. Glory2Babalon

    Tough call, but ill go with ceremony.

  53. Christine Miller

    Transmission – Joy Division

  54. “Leave Me Alone” New Order

  55. Marc Hough

    Dreams Never End

  56. Joy Division– Transmission

  57. Leaders of men. All the way!

  58. oh so many choices, but I would have to say “Shadowplay”

  59. “Black Rain” – Monaco

  60. Robert Alcala

    Transmission-Joy Division

  61. “She’s Lost Control”

  62. Eduardo Preciado

    Warsaw, ~The Drawback~. Joy Division, ~Love Will Tear Us Apart~. New Order, ~Blue Monday~.!!!

  63. Blue Monday

  64. The bassline in “Perfect Kiss” is amazing!!!

  65. Transmission.

  66. kernaonet aymeric

    disorder – joy division

  67. Twenty-Four Hours

  68. Jesse Buehler

    Ceremony. The baseline through the entire song gives me goosebumps every time.

  69. Transmission – joy division

  70. Regret- absolutely

  71. The Perfect Kiss- New Order
    12″ version gives me chills, one of the most powerful songs ever.

  72. James Naugler

    Joy Division’s “Digital”.

  73. Transmission

  74. the bass in ”Interzone” kills it , hmmm …

  75. Transmission definitely

  76. Tim parnell


  77. Age of Consent

  78. Every little counts

  79. I think it’s got to be “Sunrise.”

    That bassline IS the song.

    And it’s an angry song. And Hooky seems really angry these days. So, feels appropriate.

  80. Joy Division’s “Digital.”

  81. David Lloyd

    She’s Lost Control

  82. Love will tear us apart.

  83. Age of Consent. Very hard to beat that one.

  84. Catherine Robotis


  85. william allmond

    24 hours

  86. Shadowplay

  87. Kevin Beekman


  88. Nina Mulligan

    Love Vigilantes.

  89. “She’s Lost Control” Joy Division

  90. Age of Consent

  91. Yeah, I’ll have to go with Ceremony as well.

  92. Ian Christensen

    Really tough call. Think ill go with “Procession”.

  93. Michael Baldwin

    JD – “Isolation”

  94. New Dawn Fades

  95. Socorro Carlos

    Love Will Tear Us Apart

  96. Dean Vaccaro

    “The Perfect Kiss” (12″) – New Order

  97. Disorder

  98. Jorge Carrillo


    Not only smokin’ on that Yamaha, but ALSO SIMMONS DRUMS to boot!

  99. “Transmission” by Joy Division

  100. Carolyn Kilgus

    Age of Consent- though near impossible to pick just one

  101. Yeah, Age of Consent wins out in a long list of greats. Weirdo comes in second, followed by New Dawn Fades.

  102. She’s Lost Control

  103. New Order – Round and Round

  104. joe sweeney

    Love the bassline from transmission.


  106. What do you want from me? by Monaco.

  107. Thomas Ross

    She’s Lost Control — JD

  108. Perfect Kiss!

  109. Disorder

  110. “Perfect Kiss”, especially the 12 inch or the video version

  111. ‘ceremony ‘

  112. Justin Kukuruzovic

    New Order’s “Age of Consent”.

  113. Age of Consent (again)

  114. Age of Consent…

  115. ruben francisco miranda

    DIGITAL – joy division…. go listen this one again and again… enjoy!

  116. Disorder

  117. Andrew Ferris


  118. Brett Chappell


  119. “Ceremony” New Order.
    Although there are lots of others, this one comes to mind because it’s been imitated by so many bassists in the shoegaze and goth genres. Good stuff.

  120. Ceremony.

  121. Everything’s Gone Green. So he knows it’s me when I call it’s my personal ringtone on my bosses cell phone…

  122. Atmosphere

  123. Ceremony or Disorder. I really can’t pick just one.

  124. Michelle Williams

    Temptation. Hooky completes this song with his brilliant bass! The present New Order just does not have that sound without Hooky.
    Requested this book for my birthday, as I am finishing up Unknown Pleasures-Inside Joy Division.

  125. Blue Monday

  126. William Watters

    “Decades” by Joy Division

  127. Age of consent

  128. Vanishing Point

  129. Disorder – Joy Division

  130. Jack Woolsey

    Favorite Joy Division bass line is Disorder, and my favorite New Order bassline is the entire 9 minutes on The Perfect Kiss

  131. She’s Lost Control- Joy Division

  132. Harris Toser

    Blue Monday (kind of cliche but what a great song)

  133. William Connolly

    “Everything’s Gone Green”.

  134. So hard……..The Kill …Joy Division!

  135. 24 Hours!

  136. Timm Davison

    Dreams Never End.

  137. Transmission

  138. Bizarre Love Triangle (Album mix when his bass comes in at 3.25 mark)

  139. Andy McNelly

    She’s Lost Control and Ceremony.

  140. New Order – Perfect Kiss

  141. michael martinez

    The Perfect Kiss

  142. Damn, this was hard, but I finally went with “Perfect Kiss”

  143. She’s Lost Control- Joy Division

  144. Julie Bilbrey

    New Order – Perfect Kiss

  145. Impossible to choose only one. Better to ask, is there any Peter Hook bassline that isn’t MONEY?! Dude’s a genius. If forced to pick one, I’d have to say Ceremony. Doesn’t everyone’s hair stand on end when hearing Peter’s opening bassline on that track?

  146. Ceremony

  147. The jam at the end of Perfect Kiss

  148. Mikal Wentz

    Love will tear us apart always give me goose bumps.

  149. “She’s Lost Control.”

  150. transmission! it’s so hard to choose.

  151. She’s lost control

  152. Ceremony (but so hard to choose)!

  153. Ceremony.


  155. Transmission!

  156. New Order – Perfect Kiss

  157. Josue Jeronimo

    My favorite baseline by Peter Hook. …That’s hard, I’ve 2, ceremony and the perfect kiss.

  158. Perfect Kiss….

  159. Heart and Soul

  160. She’s lost control.

  161. Guilty partner

  162. Temptation.

  163. JD New Dawn Fades

  164. Michelle Uthoff

    Joy Division- She’s Lost Control

  165. To me, from one of the strongest albums from the period and much more involving than many of their later works …. “The Him” from Movement.

  166. Perfect Kiss!

  167. Regret

  168. brian clary


  169. Blue Monday

  170. Ceremony…. or anything you play -“)

  171. Temptation

  172. She’s Lost Control

  173. Joe Schepis

    Blue Monday, though it’s hard to choose only one.

  174. Charles W. Miner

    Hard to choose… but today i’m going with True to Form.. really like that track and mixes.

  175. This time of night

  176. Chris Mooar

    Age of Consent

  177. Bleddyn Williams


  178. Dwayne Rothenbuehler

    This Time of Night

  179. Frank Lennon

    Age of Consent

  180. From safety to where

  181. Todd Marsee

    That is a tough one. I’m going with a more obscure one “All Day Long” from Brotherhood.

  182. Age of Consent…I learned to play bass because of that song and that bass line. Thanks Hooky!

  183. Mary Frembgen

    She’s lost control- Joy Division!

  184. Novelty

  185. She’s Lost Control

  186. The Perfect Kiss.

  187. Love Will Tear Us Apart

  188. The song BLUE MONDAY has been following me around since I was in 8th grade. It appears on the radio just when things are going well. It’s playing now in fact on a spray painted boom box in Manchester.

  189. I’ll change my mind in the next five minutes, but I’ve got to go with Age of Consent for now.

  190. New Order-Temptation
    Joy Division-Transmission

  191. Face Up

  192. Atmosphere…ethereal!

  193. Age of Consent

  194. Ian Balentine

    Perfect Kiss!

  195. Has to be ‘Ceremony’

  196. Johnny Hirschfeld

    She Lost Control – live on something else (BBC)

  197. Love Vigilantes.

  198. She’s lost control.

  199. Video version of “Perfect Kiss.” Hands down favourite!

  200. Michael Gallina

    Joy Division, “Digital”. It’s so much fun.

  201. Dead Souls

  202. Ron Cartwright

    ‘She’s lost control’

  203. So hard to pick. My favorites are Temptation and Ceremony.

  204. Leave Me Alone

  205. chadwicktron

    She’s lost control

  206. Cecilia Cleveland


  207. She’s Lost Control.

    Here’s a treat, though:
    Hooky schooling someone on how to play LWTUA. I love it.

  208. I love Ceremony because it was kind of the crossover song between Joy Division and New Order

  209. Peter Santiago

    “Twenty Four Hours”

  210. I’ll say “Soon Than You Think.” The band were so totally dialed in during that period, Hooky’s bass line is indelible, and this is one of NO’s very best, most under-appreciated songs. I’ll never get tired of it, and it will always be on my “best of NO” mix tape.

  211. The Perfect Kiss

  212. For the best bassline it has to be Joy Division – Atmosphere. Its all about the bassline and one of the best songs ever produced. So emotional.

  213. transmission

  214. Ceremony is the best.

  215. She’s Lost Control

  216. Ceremony

  217. Ceremony

  218. Everything’s Gone Green. It’s in, out, all over the place.

  219. She’s Lost Control
    Takes me back every time

  220. New Dawn Fades – Joy Division/Peter Hook

  221. New Order – The Perfect Kiss

  222. She’s Lost Control

  223. Nate Pottker


  224. Regret

  225. Gotta be Ceremony.

  226. jerry meguiar

    New Dawn Fades…Joy Division

  227. Isolation is my vote, one of Hookies best.

    Dessau did a cover of that song and although Hook did not do the base line for that particular version it still sounded awesome.

  228. daniel w. o'brien

    how do u pick one? I’ll say SHADOWPLAY but SHE LOST CONTROL is also great!!!!!!

  229. Michael in SoCal

    For me, it’s The Perfect Kiss. He tears that song up, especially the live video take version.

  230. New Order, “Let’s Go (Nothing for Me)”

  231. ‘Transmission’ is the best, classic propulsive Joy Division.

  232. Atmosphere.

  233. Hard to pick one, but have to go with age of consent. Even enjoyed it when it was played in Wayne’s world 2!

  234. so many to chose from….

    today I am going with Thieves Like Us.

    Hookys bass in that track always puts me on cloud 9.

  235. Patrick Ryan

    The Perfect Kiss

  236. Jason Harvey


  237. Thomas Gibson


  238. cassandra

    Blue Monday

  239. Curtis "Lego" Murray

    Ceremony or Blue Monday. Or all of them!

  240. Thieves Like Us

  241. Ceremony

  242. Kit Baty

    Don’t laugh, but I like “What Do You Want From Me?” by Monaco. That counts, right? :)

  243. Randy LaBelle

    ICB from New Order

  244. Perfect Kiss, Ceremony, Vanishing Point, Regret… too many to choose.

  245. “What Do You Want from Me” by Monaco. Was just listening to it this morning.

  246. Gerrit Feenstra

    New Order – “The Perfect Kiss”. 12″ version, obviously.

  247. Bertrand Leclercq

    Transmission (JD)

  248. Sunrise. It gets me every time. And, as others have said, this was hard. Very hard.

  249. True Faith

  250. Chris Wojcieszyn

    Perfect Kiss

  251. Bizarre Love Triangle. hands down ;]

  252. “Dead Souls” – no doubt in my mind.

  253. Bill Samson

    Age of Consent may be the nest line ever. Right up there with Tax Man

  254. Brad Scott

    “Colony”, Joy Divison. Simple. Mechanical. Powerful.

  255. Ceremony! Krafty! Love Vigilantes! Everything’s Gone Green! Damn it, I’m not going to go with just one!

  256. Alex Riese

    The Perfect Kiss

  257. Twenty Four Hours

  258. High-end on The Perfect Kiss

  259. Shaphan Marlow

    Shadow play

  260. Brit Jones

    Dead Souls

  261. Joy Division – Interzone

  262. Buddy Garrett

    Transmission-Joy Division is my favorite.

  263. Gregory Lopez

    Sunrise!!! All time Fav..

  264. Gregory Lopez


  265. Douglas Long


  266. NewOrder: The Perfect Kiss

  267. Mike Peace

    Murder – N.O.

  268. David Wingard

    My favorite Peter Hook bassline for the win is:

    The Village

  269. Transmission.

  270. Cory Ferber


  271. “Shadowplay” – Joy Division

  272. Pineapple Face

  273. Jesse Lee


  274. Kristina Korpash


  275. ‘Decades’ from Joy Divisions Closer.

    Freaking love this song.

  276. susan smoaks

    ceremony is my favorite

  277. New Order – Regret

  278. Tiffani Gulbransen

    Ceremony or She’s Lost Control

  279. It’s a threeway tie between New Order’s Age of Consent, because it’s just a fucking classic, Temptation, both for being a classic and infinitely danceable, and Love Less because its the highlight of one of the best tracks on Technique.


  281. Ceremony

  282. Leave me alone …

  283. New Order’s “Ceremony” is my favorite.

  284. Age of Consent!

  285. Joy Division’s “Transmission”

  286. Joy Division – Twenty Four Hours

  287. Perfect Kiss

  288. OK, contest is now closed. Thank you all for entering and sharing your favorite basslines. The two winners have been emailed.

  289. Age of Consent

  290. Transmission

  291. Leave Me Alone

  292. The Perfect Kiss! Not even in my top 5 New Order signs but the bassline is all time.

  293. love vigilantes

  294. Age of Consent

  295. The Perfect Kiss, no doubt. The the progressions in the final minutes are amazing, and even better heard on live recordings, where they are much more audible than the studio version.

  296. Scott Rand

    She’s Lost Control

  297. Brian Valachovic


  298. Transmission

  299. She’s lost control

  300. John Clexton


  301. Age of Consent

  302. nicole glennon

    Ceremony with New Order and Transmission with Joy Division:)

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