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The Mission to release new 5-song ‘Different Colours’ EP — plus new best-of

The Mission

The Mission is following up last year’s reunion album The Brightest Light with a brand-new EP that will feature four new songs that each are sung by a different member of the band — plus, for those who purchase the digital version, a bonus fifth track in the form of a newly recorded cover of Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower.”

Due out June 2 in Europe, the Different Colours EP will be released as a limited-edition double 7-inch that comes with a free poster and lyric sheet as well as a digital download.

The EP features frontman Wayne Hussey singing “Atomic Heart” (and “All Along the Watchtower,” bassist Craig Adams singing “Carnival,” guitarist Simon Hinkler singing “Judgement Day” and drummer Mike Kelly singing “Never Leave Well Enough Alone.” Below, check out a sampler of the EP’s songs.

Also this week, the band will release a new European greatest-hits collection, Serpent’s Kiss: The Very Best Of, that features 14 songs from across the band’s catalog, including “Swan Song from last year’s The Brightest Light. See full tracklist below.


The Mission, 'Different Colours' EP

Tracklist: The Mission, Different Colours EP

1. “Atomic Heart”
2. “Carnival” (Edit)
3. “Judgement Day” (Edit)
4. “Never Leave Well Enough Alone” (Edit)

1. “Atomic Heart”
2. “Carnival” (Full Length)
3. “Judgement Day” (Full Length)
4. “Never Leave Well Enough Alone” (Full Length)
5. “All Along The Watchtower”


Stream: The Mission Different Colours EP teaser



The Mission

Tracklist: The Mission, Serpent’s Kiss: The Very Best Of

1. “Wasteland”
2. “Serpent’s Kiss”
3. “Severina”
4. “Like A Hurricane”
5. “Naked And Savage”
6. “Garden Of Delight”
7. “Love Me To Death”
8. “Heaven On Earth”
9. “Tower Of Strength”
10. “Kingdom Come”
11. “Butterfly On A Wheel”
12. “Deliverance”
13. “Like A Child Again”
14. “Swan Song”





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